People spent hundreds on Performages and Pals only for the deck to get insta-banned (Cue the Yugioh banlist salt!)

The Yugioh format got flipped upside down over the last few hours…




“So what we’re going to do is implement a new idea called the Adjusted List. The Adjusted List places additional restrictions on certain cards, but only for certain sanctioned events.”


Adjusted List events will use the posted Forbidden & Limited Cards List with the following additional restrictions:

Performage Plushfire – Forbidden
Performage Damage Juggler – Forbidden
Tellarknight Ptolemaeus – Forbidden
Performapal Skullcrobat Joker – Limited
Performapal Monkeyboard – Limited
Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer – Limited



I’m not going to mourn Pepe’s evisceration by the banlist as like every tier 1 (possibly tier 0) deck it took control of the format. Though I am very surprised that:

  • A) They’re making this new list distinction that will inevitably cause confusion among friends, stores and at semi-competitive venues, over which cards are banned where
  • B) They didn’t give Pepe a few months to run wild before the expected banning of its key cards.


Anyway, with these hits what will happen?

  • Pepe/Emem/Draco’ Pals (or whatever you call it) is crippled. I fully believe there will be people who won’t give up on the deck, but that it’s dominance on the competitive scene (or wherever the adjusted list is in effect) is likely over
  • Monarchs, Kozmo, Mermails, Infernoids, BA, Magicians will become the best decks of the format
  • Performage Variants are dead (RIP Dennis Macfield)
  • Luster Pendulum will become a key card in each pendulum mirror match where it’s played (similar to having 1 Shurit during late Nekroz format).

Still what this tells us is that Konami is willing to exercise it’s unrestricted limitation powers to alter the format at will. I seriously doubt these cards will survive the actual banlist in a month or so and that we’ll see these changes, plus Magician of Black Chaos to 1 with errata.

Anyway, that’s all I had to say. I agree with all of these hits. I just think that they came too fast and in a needlessly bizarre manner. Thanks for reading as always.


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