Locals Winning Reflect/Refrain Aggro deck profile, Too fast too furious

This has been a very successful weekend of card games for me 😀

I got just back from my Force of Will local tournament, taking first place with my very hastily thrown together Reflect/Refrain Mono-Red aggro deck. While the errata has very nicely balanced out Reflect, I assumed (incorrectly) that it would still be a highly represented deck in the field and that the pre-errata lists would be seen. I was totally wrong, but it didn’t turn out to matter luckily.


My Deck:



  • Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon x4
  • Rukh Egg x4
  • Gareth, the Dauntless Knight x3
  • Flame Sprite x4
  • Cthugha, the Living Flame x4
  • Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword x1
  • Little Dread, the Fake Red Moon x1
  • Phoenix, the Flame of the World x1


  • Split Heaven and Earth x2
  • Demonflame x4
  • Rapid Decay x1
  • Thunder x4


  • Laevateinn, the Demon Sword x4
  • Change the World, Orb of Illusion x4

Stone Deck:

  • Fire Magic Stone x9
  • Little Red, the Pure Stone x1


Side deck:

  • Robe of the Fire Rat x3
  • Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword x3
  • Flame King’s Shout x2
  • Sign to the Future x3
  • Deathscythe, the Life Reaper x2
  • Rapid Decay x1
  • Split Heaven and Earth x2



Round 1: Vs Reflect Fairies

After being savaged by this deck for weeks (pre-errata) I knew how to fight it (namely, which fairies to kill on sight). I kept his Flame and Wind Sprites off the board until I gamed him with Split Heaven and Earth.

Game 2 I won by searching out Lancelot after my opponent made the bizzare play of not killing my onboard copy. I have to admit my win came from my opponent’s whiff on 5 separate flip the top card effects, but his deck was filled with non-fairy filler like Grand Cross and Rewriting Laws so his consistency was minuscule.

Win 2-0


Round 2: Vs Dark Alice Control

This match-up was hell. My opponent fully understood both my deck and the match-up. From experience I knew I was dead to Robe of the Fire Rat post-board so I was really soul-crushed after losing game 1 to Dark Faria’s life gain combined with Dark Alice breaking my shins (Misplay of the day I played Change the World while my opponent had Marybell out and forgot to get the counter when he broke it…).

Game 2 it became very clear my only way to win was by throwing as many Split Heaven and Earths at my opponent as possible. My opponent had Keen Sense to cancel my first Split, but caved to the second and third one (lucky topdeck there). Game 3 I got him to 20 life with 5 stones out. I cast Thunder on his end step to get him to 15. On my turn I fired off Split. He responded with Keen Sense, which I had Refrain cancel. He played another Keen Sense, but I untapped and cancelled the second one. He took 15 from Split and finally succumbed.

Win 2-1


Round 3: Vs Banzai Grimm

My opponent fell behind on cards early on as I prioritized killing him resonators to hold down Tinkerbell. I finished the game by searching out 2 Lancelots on an open board after Refrain bounced his blocker. He focused on a cool combination of Ame-no-Habakiri, but it was very susceptible to Refrain’s unsummon effect/compulsory evacuation device effect.

Game 2 I opened 3 Change the World, Rapid Decay and 1 Robe of the Fire Rat. I knew it would be a long game, but that I had an overwhelming advantage. He responded with 3 Artemis Bows’ though I answered by casting and searching copies of Garreth. It was a long grind, but 3 Garreths combined with 2 Robes (I drew into the second early on) sealed the deal pretty fast.

Win 2-0




My sidedeck was really non-optimal for this new “meta”. All of the Susanowos were useless with no dragons to be seen. I had no side for Dark Alice other than Split and the very underwhelming Deathscythe. I boarded in Sign against the Reflect Fairies, but never was in a position I needed it. Robe is very powerful though. Both from fighting against it and by winning with it, I can safely say it’s a power card in the format. I’m happy to have won, but I need to retool my deck. Certain cards like Pheonix (a meta call for Alice’s World) were dead in the new meta. That being said I’m very happy that the errata has possibly hosed the older R/R builds that largely took over the format.

Thanks for reading as always.


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