How to get Remand for a quarter (The power of the Magic the Gathering bulk box!)

I went to Katsucon in Washington D.C. last weekend. I bought cards, quite a few cards (well not that many cards by my standards). Anyway, here are pictures of my pulls presented for no real compelling reason.



I opened 3 packs from the bottom of a Wing Raiders box. I resisted buying a box of this set, though I do like the staple cards reprinted in it. It’s a great set if you want to build Raid Raptors, Super Quantums or Phantom Knights. I do want to build Phantom Knights, but it’s a small side goal.


Magic the Gathering


So I’ve learned that the quarter Magic box is much better than the $1 rare box. I found a larger amount of cards that had no business in there (See Remand). However, I also thought Coiling Oracle was worth a $1 so that was a mistake on my part.


Force of Will


I want to collect all of the post-Valhalla J/Rulers. These 2 were really cheap. I know this is a ridiculous and expensive goal, but it’s been driving me of late.


I got all of these for $30. I’m honestly surprised I spent so little in the merchant’s hall (though that’s not a bad thing). I made a mistake not bringing my Vanguard deck in hindsight as many wayward people challenged me to it. It’s a thought for the next year’s convention. Anyway, this is a swag post. Nothing much else to say.


Thanks for reading as usual.


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