An Awkward and Funny Story at my Force of Will Locals

I preface this post by saying I have the best roommate ever.

So I went to locals today. The issue is that I forgot my deck…

I was planning to play this R/R burn deck:


As usual I threw it together half an hour before the event, but left it on my table when we left.

My roommate was looking for a Machina, the Machine Lord for his Green Ramp Val 2.0 deck. When this fell through he loaned me the deck and played R/R Knights instead. I had seen Val 2.0 alot, but this was the first time I played it. I’d played against his build so I knew the game plan (Pricia God’s Art for 4). As a result of luck, tenacity and nonsense I almost got 1st place using his deck.



Round 1: Vs Dark Alice Control

Same guy, same struggle against a million discard spells. I flipped Valentina turn 4 with a Demon Sword out and ran him down game 1. I anticipated him siding into Blazer so I cut the Sacred Beasts for Valentina’s Zealots (Mistake). He stay as Dark Alice and managed to get both of our J/Rulers killed (attack my tapped Valentina with Dark Alice + Flame of Outer World). After that Nyalathotep beat me down for game.

SOOO game 3 I should’ve lost. He sided into Blazer keeping Valentina off the table the whole game. I sided out Gwiber and added back into the 4 Sacred Beasts. He had 2 Dark Farias (+Gruebelesta) out gaining a ridiculous amount a life each turn. I sacrificed Blessed Holy Wolf + Adombrali to kill out, then outed the other with 2 Farmilars of Holy Wind. Then his Marybells started to threaten 20 damage a turn. I searched out my 2 Mary Bells and we entered into a huge chase (chain/stack) of Marybells killing each other. The score was 6 (me) vs his 80 when he went into time. It was his Dark Faria (+Gruebelesta and Little Red) vs my Gretel (useless), Chesire Cat and Bai Hu, the Light Sacred Beast. I J-activated Valentina to try to steal with Faria with Val 1.0’s God’s Art, but he Flamed her on the chase. I passed and Dark Faria killed the Cheshire, but not me. Thus, we drew.

Draw 1-1-1

I’m undeservedly proud of drawing this match. My opponent (as he’s repeatedly shown) knew exactly what he was doing. I also made mistakes mostly with my sideboard.


Round 2: Vs Crimson Girl in the Sky Evolution Beasts

After a crazy long intense match I was suddenly playing against a new player. I approve of Crimson Girl totally so I respect his idea. I got the ideal set-up both games allowing for much uneeded styling though.

Stupid highlights:

  • Used Melgis’s God Art to kill his Gretel
  • Used Val 1.0’s God Art to take his Behemoth, Eater of Words

Yeah it was savage, but the guy was a good support. We played a match for fun afterwards (because I somehow remembered to bring my bulk, but not my deck…)

Fairy Queen Alice vs Puss in Boots

We entered a long stall war due to his choosing not to attack. However, his Fairy Queen Alice was really big whereas my team while capable was not that big. The 19/21 Alice was blocked by my Gwiber, but the other flying fairies boosted by Heavenly Garden of Armala and Vivianne killed me dead.

Win 2-0, Lose 0-1


Round 3: Vs R/R Knights

Yeah this was dumb. It was really dumb. Especially since his sideboard Deathscythe was in the deck I was using. Game 1 I got him to 1000, but couldn’t close out the game after Valentina died. Games 2 and 3 I resolved the Pricia God Art for 4 and won. I gave me the win afterwards.

Win 2-1




Val 2.0 is amazing, but very hard to play. You have a lot of decision trees to consider, which is really hard for a new player. That being said it’s a lot of fun to use all the God’s Arts and have multiple angles to attack the opponent. I’m definitely going to try her out before The Moonlit Savior comes out next month.

Thanks for reading as always.

Again thanks forever to my roommate for letting me borrow his deck.



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