Where is the Golden Darkness? Maybe in a 2nd Weiss Schwarz Box?! More Lewd, less Pain


Wait! No! I can explain!

So after getting the trial (starter/intro) deck and 1 box for this show I didn’t have enough cards to actually build a deck I wanted to play in this game. I got a great deal on a second box. After a somewhat awful afternoon thinking it got stolen (you can’t trust ebay taking apparently) I got to crack this open yesterday night.

I give the same disclaimer as last time.





These are the rares pulled from this box.


The most relevant pulls with one Golden Darkness and one Sitting Lala, which not only were absent from the first box, but are needed for the set/show specific Resonance mechanic (essentially by revealing either card in your hand you enable various bizarre effects for characters in either Red or Yellow).


These were the cards pulled in the 2nd box, but not the first. I don’t know why this was interesting enough for me to single out, but it was. Maybe Golden Dankness is a secret rare?!


 The Plan:


Now that I have a large pool of cards to mess around with I’m planning to build 3 decks:

  • Green/Yellow (Mikan, Yami and Mea)
  • Mono Red (Deviluke Sisters)
  • Green/Blue (Kotegawa and Sairenji)

As even I have limits though. I can’t justify buying Golden Darkness (as she’s a $30 card for some totally not obvious reason). So instead I ordered a playset of the card that searches “Transformation” characters in yellow (along with other cheap cards) to hopefully fill the void of expensive archetype staples. Also I’m not sure what cutthroat Weiss meta I’m planning to enter, but it will probably work out all the same.

Thanks for reading as usual.


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