SCG 2HG Sealed! Can we cheese the kids and steal the big prize?! (Magic the Gathering)

So we just got back from the SCG Open. My roommate and I entered the 2HG sealed. We had the nuts pool of double Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, which put in crazy work the 2 times he hit the field.

Our Decks:

I played Green/White Allies and my roommate played Blue/Black/Colorless Eldrazi.

My rares were Stoneforge Masterwork (cut after round 1), Captain’s Claws, and Gladeheart Calvary. My roommate ran both copies of Kalitas.

Due to a combination of work, stress and exhaustion this post may come off as snarky, sarcastic and short. For this I apologize.



Our Match-Ups:

Round 1:

Vs Neckbeard Nettle Drone

Because that’s all that happened. One of our opponent’s played Nettle Drone ping, while his partner held the ground with support boosted allies. We couldn’t do anything.

Loss 0-1

Round 2

Vs Red/Green Mull to 5 and Azorious Eldrazi

As you might expect R/G was dead on arrival, mana-screwed after mulling to 5. I only saw 4 lands myself all game, but my roommate had Kalitas, which outgrinded the Eldrazi player by himself.

Win 1-0

Round 3

Vs Slaughter Drone Goof

We played a couple, which the husband was calling all the shots running a BW combat tricks. However, what stood out in this match-up was that the guy forgot the effect of Slaughter Drone twice allowing them to get blown out 2 times.

Win 1-0

Round 4

Vs Gideon

We played against another couple, this time ones we knew from Pre-release. However, 2 Kalitas can’t beat 1 Gideon. We killed him, but after getting alpha-striked for 14 it was all over from there. We managed a good struggle thanks to Kalitas though…

Loss 0-1

So we went 2-2 and got 20 points each, which are being saved for tomorrow.



Day was fun, but frustrating. We made good decks, but I got either flooded or mana-screwed every game. Kalitas is very strong.

I had originally planned to play in a Force of Will ARG today, but a combination of minimal playtesting and fear of Reflect made us favor the Open.


I did get all of the SKL rulers though. The road to getting all of the post-Valhalla J/Rulers continues.

Thanks for reading as usual.


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