That one day I got my Bruna, Light of Alabaster signed, oh and a Magic the Gathering sealed event

We survived Day 2 of the SCG Open. After opening the broken double Kalitas yesterday today we had to play fair magic as our pool was not only short on value, but also in action.

Our Decks:


I played Green/White Allies again and my partner (roommate) played Red/Blue Control. Our best pulls (in terms of playablity) were Crush of Tentacles and Planar Outburst. Other than that we played very basic creatures.

MVPs of the day:

  • Valakut Envoker
  • Joraga Auxillary
  • Stormchaser Mage
  • Jwar Isle Avenger


Our Match-Ups:

Round 1

Vs Black/White Allies and Blue/Red Eldrazi

Our most interesting play was Ondu Rising into Crush of Tentacles to break a boardstall. However, our opponents rebuilt their board and the stall continued. The MVP was Valakut Envoker who started killing Ondu War Clerics (2) and Dimensional Infiltrator before they tossed an Isolation Zone to stop it. The Eldrazi player dropped an Eldrazi Devestator, but never attacked with it. Instead a new boardstall continued as they used Spawnbinder Mage to tap down one of our fliers. So what ended up happening was my roommate had 4 cards left in deck to the opponent’s 6 after the top 8 cards of his deck were eaten by the Infiltrator. We didn’t deck out, but also couldn’t win after going into time.

Draw 1-1

Round 2

Vs Black/Green Eldrazi and Red/White Allies

Our opponents dropped Deceiver of Forms with a full board of tokens, but all of them got swept away with Planar Outburst Awakened. In the aftermath Valakut Envoker started to get more easy kills. I don’t recall much of the rest, but we won.

Win 1-0

Round 3

Vs Mardu Allies and Sultai Eldrazi

Our opponents had the nuts aggro and eldrazi decks, also they hit us with double Dampening Pulse by turn 5. The Mardu player was very aggressive in the early game, but of course yield to the board stall as we desperately tried to make 0-5’s to block it. We were knocked down to 13 life pretty fast. Our Ondu War Cleric and Ondu Rising got us back to 26 before our eventual doom. We resolved Planar Outburst Awakened, but the Deepfathom Skulker drew the Eldrazi player a billion cards. We went into time, but died on turn 1.

Loss 0-1

Round 4

Vs Red/White Allies and Blue/Black Eldrazi

Our opponents tried to resolve Captain’s Claws, but my roommate’s killed every creature he tried to equip it to. Meanwhile our Stormchaser Mage came down turn 2 and stood unopposed for the entire match getting the beats every turn. Joraga Auxilary (who was killed on-sight round 1, and managed 1 activation before being killed round 3) was left unopposed to resolve her effect at will. I doubled Supported my roommate’s Stormchaser and Jwari Avenger allowing us to put them on a quick clock. They had a foil Bane of Bala Ged to attack with, but our opponent used up all of his mana filtering cards with Oracle of Dust until he didn’t have enough mana to cast an answer to our fliers.

Win 1-0


My Pulls:




We had no easy wins today. We played intense, difficult and hard games of Magic. It was a struggle, but a rewarding one. I gained alot as a player. My roommate and I salvaged the event (overall) by getting expeditions lands. I also got my Bruna, Light of Alabaster signed by Winona Nelson (artist who drew her)


Thanks for reading as usual. (If you’re wondering about the ygo deck, it was $8 at the local Riteaid on the way home and I said “effect veiler is $5” let’s do this).


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