Yugioh Forbidden and Limited Ban List Banter March 2016, When will Sangan be free?

Before Konami slams the TCG banlist on us I thought I’d make my normal prediction/speculation post as to what will get banned, limited or semi-limited on the list (which should drop literally any day now)

First of all, I’m drawing most of my opinions from the recent OCG banlist, which you can find here.


Let’s break-up the recent OCG list hits, give them an analysis and then ask whether or not we’ll see it on the upcoming TCG list. All of this speculation is entirely my opinion, which is likely incorrect so please take everything I say with a grain of salt.


Performapal Monkeyboard: This is  a major Draco-pals hit. Monkeyboard is a 1-card Pendulum Scale and one of the best search targets for Skullcrobat Joker. We currently have Monkey board at 1, and I doubt that Konami will ban it and further shaft Pendulum players after already scraping them with the adjusted banlist.
Lavalval Chain: This card is a combo enabler that synergizes with literally any deck that can make rank 4s. It’s already banned in TCG and there’s little chance he’ll come back now.
Life Equalizer: This is hit to the Monarch FTK deck that popped up recently using the Pantheism spell card alongside Trade-in to fill your graveyard with spells for Magical Explosion. Konami has a tendency to kill consistent FTK/OTK decks so I assume we’ll see this on our list.


Newly Limited:
Sangan: With the errata Sangan isn’t overpowered. That being said we have no immediate set to get a Sangan reprint with its errata’d text so I doubt we’ll see it unbanned on the next list.
Thousand-Eyes Restrict: (Mini-rant incoming) I’d pay to see this card come back. When this card was oppressive, the best destruction we had in the game was Fissure. Today Thousand Eyes Restrict has been hopelessly power-creeped. At best people would probably use Instant Fusion to summon it, use it to eat an opponent’s monster and then blow up, which makes it only marginally more useful than Panzer Dragon. There’s no reason for it to be banned or even limited. #UnbantheEyes2016
Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss: Whelp if this happens I’ll regret buying 2 more Dantes yesterday. This will probably happen on the next list. I don’t think Konami of NA would only let us enjoy Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal for 1 event before taking away the best card in the BA deck, but then again the same thing could be said about PePe…
Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss: A harsh BA hit. Like Dante this might happen not this coming list, but on the next one. I personally think BA will die out naturally once Drifting Ghost and Winter Blossom comes out in Shining Victories. This card literally reads banish all of your opponent’s Dantes leaving them no way to fill up there graveyard or set up.
Performapal Skullcrobat Joker: A pendulum hit we already have in the TCG. RIP Magician players, but this card searches too many cards and helps complete the Pendulum Scale too easily.
Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer: The best offensive card in the Dracopal deck. Getting hit to 1 hurts the deck alot. I could see us get this hit later on, but not on the coming list.
Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer: RIP you evil animal-destroying madman. You won’t be missed except by the people who dropped $90 on you. This hit will happen on a later list.
Draco Face-Off: This card is actually dumb. It’s too strong in the Dracopals deck and deserves to be hit to 1. I could actually see this on our coming list, but like everything else next list for sure.
Wavering Eyes: Tbh this card should be banned. It’s too much of a tempo swing in the Pendulum mirror match. At three it was a defining card to both play around and hold for the right moment, but still was still the sackiest card in the format. There’s no way to promote Pendulums while having a quick-play wrath that banishes without targeting. On the plus side though Wavering to 1, means its 4th effect can never be applied xD
Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer: Already on the TCG adjusted list, oh yeah it should go without saying at this point that I assume all of the adjusted list hits are staying.
Mask Change Second: This card gives Burning Abyss access to Mask Hero Dark Law. While an interesting card in theory it just allows Dark decks to splash a very powerful HERO boss monster. We could get this hit on the coming list. Wow is that the first time I’ve actually written that? Feels like it…
Tour Guide from the Underworld: Remember when Tour Guide wasn’t at 1 in the TCG? Good because I don’t! To be fair BA is amazing in OCG due to triple Tour Guide so it’s even more likely that we won’t see any BA hits until much later.
Emergency Teleport: The first indirect hit to Kozmo (and Super Quant). Like Lonefire Blossom, this is a card that limits card design. Whenever Konami makes a Psychic monster they have to make sure that it isn’t broken with Etele. This card is what made Kozmo OTKs so easy. Also after seeing this card’s recent history with reprints (in both High Speed Riders and Premium Gold 3) I’m 100% certain it will be hit to 1 in a similar manner to Vanity’s Emptiness after its reprints in LC5Ds and The Secret Forces.
Domain of the True Monarchs: This card is floodgate, arguably one of the best floodgates ever printed since it both stunts the opponent and supports the Monarch players game plan. We won’t see this hit anytime soon, but maybe down the road.
Pantheism of the Monarchs: Now this card actually has to go. Pantheism is Destiny Draw on crack. Now what sucks is that this card is the frail hope of every Monarch players not to confirm the meme and brick. That being said it being hit to 1 is definitely healthy since this card is pretty much the culprit for the FTK deck resurfacing in the first place. Luckily for TCG monarch players though we shouldn’t see this hit for awhile.
Pendulum Call: Ok here’s some personal bias… I hate Pendulum Summoning (at the least any sort of consistent Pendulum Summoning). This card (with another card in hand is another instant Pendulum Scale. I feel like with this hit, Monkeyboard’s hit and the long ago hit to Qliphort Scout, Konami is trying to move away from instant Pendulum Scale enabling cards (which I love). Now whether or not this reaches the TCG is uncertain (since Magicians were only meta relevant for the month of January before falling completely off the map), though I could see this hit maybe next list.
Reasoning: I should just sell my Infernoid deck… Admittedly this card is degenerate as it relies on luck rather than skill whenever you use it. I’m know this personally because I’ve resolved Reasoning for 1 card and Reasoning for 20 cards before while playing Infernoids. I can attest to this card being incredibly sacky. This hit may also come as an indirect blow to Kozmo in TCG where Reasoning also sees some play. I could this card limited on the coming hit.
Monster Gate: Ha! This card is already at 1 in TCG! I don’t have to worry about this, though now I’m very curious about a format with Monster Gate/Reasoning at 3…


Newly Semi-Limited:
Super Rejuvenation: With no Dragon Rulers this card doesn’t do anything. Nuff said. If you can break it in Hieratics then more power to ya. This could come back I guess. I’m not sure anyone will notice if it’s this list or next.


Glow-Up Bulb: This card’s effect is once per duel. I don’t understand why it’s limited here or there.
Kuribandit: This card wasn’t limited in the TCG and thus cannot be unlimited.
Destiny Hero – Malicious: This card is at 3 here already.
Mermail Abyssteus: Yawn… If you want to help Mermail just unlimit Dragoons, but don’t actually do that please…
Mind Control: That’s a weird card to see come back. I have no idea what Mind Control to 3 would do though I see Ignister/Dinonister Pendulum wrecking alot of boards or becoming a nice Rank 8 Xyz if it does. Also stealing your opponent’s Rafflesia and using treacherous to wrath their board maybe? I don’t know, my gut says this card is amazing, but my head says it would only be a fringe tech.
Book of Moon: This would be amazing. Please put Book of Moon to 3. This is one of the most skillful cards in the game. It’s a neg one that doesn’t destroy your opponent’s monster, but if used correctly can completely disrupt their strategy. I would love to see Book at 3 here in the TCG, but somehow I feel we won’t see such a luxury anytime soon…
Gold Sarcophagus: Like Mind Control this seems like a fringe tech at best. Like Super Rejuvenation, this card is also beyond fair without Dragon Rulers. If you’re willing to stall for 2 turns just to get 1 card and can successfully do so in this format then you don’t just deserve a card, you deserve a metal.
Allure of Darkness: This is interesting, but terrifying with Kozmotown. I don’t think this can happen just here in the TCG just due to that disgusting interaction.
Dragon Shrine: Not sure if this synergizes with the new Blue Eyes White Dragon support, but it’s at 3 here already so it’s doesn’t matter.
Crush Card Virus: The errata made this card a fringe tech in BA and maybe Ghostricks. It can be somewhat devastating, but the free foolish burial often helps your opponent more than dropping cards in their hand hurts them.


Wow in hindsight that was way more anti-climatic that expected. The OCG meta is different than ours so obvious most of the hits will be different. The hits I actually see us getting on the coming list are:


All of the adjusted list hits


  • Life Equalizer
  • Elder Entity Norden



  • Dark Magician of Chaos (with Errata)
  • Something to shake the format that like Snatch Steal did. My money’s on either Harpie’s Feather Duster of Heavy Storm, but don’t quote me.


And that’s all I have to say. Hopefully Konami posts the list soon to end all of this awful speculation and fake list posts. Anyway, thanks for reading as usual.

Daghatar adamantly supports Premium Gold 3

That title was so dumb, random and bizarre that I’m sure I’ll regret it when I wake up.

Also once again I should be asleep, not posting about pulls again… and yet here we are…again





So I built Daghatar EDH using the Dromoka deck as a core. It had it’s maiden voyage tonight where I got 2nd dying only to my own Relentless Punishment…

And also now I’m building Burning Abyss and Kozmo


Now I know what you’re thinking, “You quit playing ygo competitively so why build real decks?”

Well just because I quit playing at tournaments and the like, doesn’t mean I still don’t want to own the decks that once were too costly to make. I’m building both of these for the sheer hell of it.


Sleeping is a thing I should do.

Thanks for reading as usual (or just for looking at pictures because that’s cool too).


The Moonlit Savior Brain Dead Case Split Summary

I didn’t sleep last night so full disclaimer this blog post is just pictures taken during our case split of Moonlit Savior. I spent the whole night playing new FoW decks built from the new cards.

I want to post pictures of the cards I pulled while splitting a case of theset before I hopefully enter a much-needed restorative coma.

The Goods:


We got swag like mats, tote bags and promos along with…


random posters!


The First 3rd of a Box

I split a box 3 ways with 2 friends before we each opened our own.


From my first ever full Box



I traded this Kaguya for a friend’s Gill Lapis and for another friend’s Observer. My rares ca



Dank Early Builds:


Esper Angel Shion



Green Gill Control



Mono-Red Observer


Match-Ups of the Morning:

Round 1: Gill Lapis vs Dark Alice

Winner: Gill by flipping on turn 2 and being a 1400/1400

Round 2: Gill Lapis vs Dark Alice #2

Winner: Dark Alice, because Meph and Lucifer fly

Round 3: Valkyrie Alice vs Shion

Winner Shion thanks to the wall of cats

Round 4: Shion vs Kaguya

Winner: Shion thanks to flying fatties

Round 5: Observer vs Observer

Winner: Me by resolving the God’s Art second

Round 6: Observer vs Observer #2

Winner: My friend by dropping Ouroboros for a quicker Judgement

Round 7 Observer vs Observer #3

Winner: Me thanks to Pricia’s burn effect

Round 8: Observer vs Yggdrasil

Winner: Observer thanks to Demonflame

Round 9: Gill Lapis vs Yggdrasil

Winner: Gill by stealing Alice, Avatar of the 7 Lands and Excalibur X


Gill shouldn’t flip for 3, or at least his stats should not be 1400/1400. It’s just too big.

Shion is alot of fun. Observer is also very fun to play, though he’s beyond slow.

While I love the new rulers, I have a sinking feeling that Reflect/Refrain will maintain it’s dominant position in the meta. However, only time will tell.


J-Ruler Collection:


My J-Ruler collection so far. Not sure why I’m posting this now, but yeah.

Thanks for browsing as there wasn’t much reading to do this time.

My 2016 Yugioh Epiphany

I’m still fighting a cold and the pain of yesterday’s soul-crushing Force of Will Pre-Release, but oddly enough the biggest item weighing on my mind is how great my last 3 days of Yugioh have been.

So I put all of the ygo decks from 2015 into plastic bags, then into “2” cardboard boxes while cleaning my apartment. I then brought 1 of said boxes to my friend’s place Saturday at 8 pm. Another friend then says “Hey, let’s all grab a random deck from the box and fight!” and so the greatest night of yugioh ensued.

As I hobbled home at 5 AM I remembered such beautiful boards as:

  • Frightfur Sabre Tiger (fused with 3 materials) vs Arcana Force 0 the Fool with its tails effect online
  • Yugi top-decking every card needed to almost deck out lightsworns (3 cards left in deck, card destruction next draw, #soclose)
  • Gem Knight Topaz vs Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger
  • Relinquished vs Armor Ninjas
  • And many more

I also mulled over my last actual ygo tournament battles.


I played the Monarch mirror round 1 two weeks ago. My opponent bricked game 1, but I couldn’t kill him before he recovered and got me. Game 2 I over sided, bricked and got wrecked game 2.


my night was saved as one of my peers brought Baby Raccoon Yosenju to the tournament. After taking a break from yugioh for easily 2 months, he fought the Adjusted list Pepe and won handily. He then scraped Dinomists in the finals, winning the tournament and becoming a meme among out group ever since.

Loss 0-2, I predicted the guy with raccoons would win so it was all worth

Then on Friday I brought Infernoids (since Monarchs are either bricks or oppressively over-powered).

Round 1 I played against Mermails (loaned by a friend to another friend). Game 1 Savged him by resolving Infernoid Tierra with a 2nd Void Imagination. Game 2 he got me with the young #11 Big Eye. Game 3 I got him with my sideboard Mischief of the Gnomes which locked him out for a turn letting me to beat him.

In the second round I played against Phantom Knight Burning Abyss, the hot new meta deck living awkwardly under the big 3. My opponent is one of the best ygo players I personally know (tops regionals regularly). I won game one since Infernoids rek BA, though I had no idea how the Phantom Knights worked. I sided in Gnomes game 2 and almost got him, but lost to nightmare shark. Game 3 we again had a great fight, but I lost lost to nightmare shark. I know I made misplays trying to read/counter cards I should’ve, but somehow never read before (even though I already traded for half of them!). I sincerely enjoyed playing against him and I had no salt after the game.

I did feel “salty” watching the finals of the tournament where my Round 2 opponent took on my friends’s monster mash deck. It was a great match (or as great as a one-sided 2-0 sweep can be), but it did not feel fair at all. Every time the monster mash would go a cool play it was countered by either the Phantom Knight’s Fog Blade, a Solemn Strike or by a Kaiju. The difference in power levels was painful.This in turn got me thinking about Yugioh.

Of all the games I play Yugioh is still my favorite. The most value of all the cards I own are in Yugioh merely by sheer volume. Despite the fact that Konami has reprinted virtually every card I own killing their prices I have so many that it really doesn’t matter. I love Yugioh, because I’m a hopeless fanboy for the anime franchise and I will poke fun at it/defend at it whenever the opportunity arrives. That love has manifested into these 60+ Yugioh decks based on characters from the show that I’ve been building  on and off since the year 2000. My dedication, love and addiction cannot be easily challenged.

Despite this it only know dawns on me the truth that I’m a casual. There’s no reason to keep trying to play competitively, because my heart is never in it. I don’t play-test, I don’t use DN or Devpro. I only play IRL with friends, some competitive many more casual (whether they want to admit to it or not). TO be clear I have no problem with casuals or being one, it’s just one of thousand things you get hated on in the ygo community for.

I honestly was a competitive player for a few months when I built Nekroz, but all I did was crush my friends indiscriminately. The only time I had the option to use Nekroz at our local tournament I instead tried to innovate Heraldic Beasts. I stayed up until 4 AM the night before the tournament choosing every card, deciding on my techs and siding heavily for Masked Hero Dark Law! When I got to the tournament everyone was afraid of me and the other player with his full power Qliport deck. I sat down round 1 and faced the aforementioned Monster Mash player. He wiped the floor with me 2 games to 0, knocking me out of the tournament. My friend playing Qliport won the whole event off the back of Skill Drain after that. I’m not salty. In hindsight what I did was unbelievably stupid, but I don’t regret it at all. I loved Heraldic Beasts and thought that it would be more fun than full-power  Nekroz. I only other time I played Nekroz competively was at a ygo regional side event where I lost in the finals to GemKnight-Performage-StarSeraph-Traptrix. He scraped me 2-0, but my opponent was a bro, and kept playing for fun afterwards.

The moral of the last paragraph is that even when I was meta, I was still just a baby running around with a loaded rocket launcher. I never used it to make back that $300+ dollars I spent on the deck. I just did as usual and played against my friends. And no, I don’t regret it one bit. I still love the Nekroz, long after the banning of Shurit killed the deck competitively. Ever since then I moved to Infernoids (which as you might already know have a “great” magacian match-up). To build that deck I bought Psy-Framelord Omega with the plan of re-selling him. However Omega turned out to be not only overpowered, but also very fun so I kept him instead. That being said after losing badly at the January Regional I switched to Monarchs. In my short experience with Monarchs I can safely say they’re a great budget deck, but that they’re very, VERY unfun to play and play against. All I wanted to do is overlay Ether and Erebus to make Felgrand and use The Prime Monarch to make Constellar Pliades. Just setting up a Dominion lock and hoping the opponent can’t out it is no better than flipping Vanity’s 2 years ago. It’s not fun, at least not for me.

So what’s the point? Well getting back to the earlier part of this entry I had more fun Saturday playing random Kaiba Starter deck level jank against each other than any Yugioh I’ve played competitively for the last 2 years. All of my friends, who all quit Yugioh to some extent themselves seemed to enjoy playing the decks against each other as well. So here’s my premise! A plan of sorts!


I’m not entering locals anymore, I’ll still go and maybe play to fill the bracket, but never with an intention of winning

I’m not entering the regional in April, outside of maybe for the experience, again no illusions of winning

I’m selling every card I own that can’t be re-purposed for my jank decks

I’m never buying another meta ygo deck at least not while it’s meta (trust me I’m looking at you Kozmo and BA. Someday you’ll both be mine!)

This is really impulsive. It risks alot of my interpersonal relationships. I may never play certain people again. I might lose friends and acquaintances. I may end up regretting it.


I am ensuring that every time I play yugioh from now on I’ll have good old fashioned fun. There will never be a turn 2 OTK unless it’s done by a Power Bonded Cyber Twin Dragon. There will never be an FTK other than naturally opening all 5 pieces of Exodia. I will never win a battle against a meta deck again. I will willing go back to era of playing blackwings against fire fists scrambling for a win if it exists. Because I have a lot of close friends (and business partners lol) that play meta decks. In order to keep those friends I’ll keep Nekroz for sure. I’ll also power down Infernoids and do something with monarchs. I’m not sure right now, but I’ll try to keep playing with everyone who’ll play with me.

This blog post, more than any other one I’ve written reflects the manic, rushed way that I think. My heart has been racing as I write it. I’ve never been so happy to put my thoughts and feelings down as I have now. I’m not sure who will actually read this or read this far, but to that person I sincerely think that you know understand me at a deeper level.

Thanks for reading as usual. My current goal is to fund getting deck boxes for all my yugioh decks and trying to power balance the 5Ds, Zexal and Arc V era decks against the DM and GX era ones, but that’s a post for another time.


The Moonlit Savior Pre-Release (Alice Cluster Sealed) 3/6/16

The dank explanation for what happened

As a result of our LGS only being sent 1 TMS pre-release kit, we didn’t have enough packs of the new FoW set for everyone who came. As a result the store clerk/event runner filled our missing pool with Twilight Wanderer to fill the void (They ran out of TW so like 3-4 people got SKL instead).


This created a sealed format never meant to exist, in which all of the random jank and bombs from this block did battle. As much as this was probably the most interesting FoW event I’ve played at, it was undeniably nonsense. Beautifully unforgiving soul-crushing nonsense.


My Deck


I played 5-color Fallen Angelic Destroyer Lucifer Turbo. My pack one pull was a stamped Ruler’s Memoria and my 2nd TW pack had a foil one. My mana-fixing was thus “lit”. My only bomb was Lucifer (though Space-Time Anomaly, at common was the actual MVP of the whole day).



Round 1: Vs Abzan

Game 1 (and for only time all day) I cast Lucifer on turn 4, my opponent had no outs and I cheesed a win by just smashing in the face every turn while Witch of the Night blocked on the ground. Game 2 he opens the nut draw of awakening 2 of the Evolution Wolf and giving them an awakening field addition creating 2 1000/1000 target attackers. I fed them 2 drop after 2 drop and stalled while played to conservatively to swing out and kill me. Game 3 I had the advantage until Arthur Pendragon showed up. I did the math to kill him along with my whole board, but he had Kaguya’s Derp Face (Premonition) and pumped up Arthur by 500 points in response to my Beat of Phoenix Wings. Suddenly facing a 1700/2500 Arthur Pendragon any thoughts of winning I had changed to “ok so how can I draw?”

And of course thanks to my opponent’s conservative play style combined with my army of jank 2-drops I stalled out until we drew.

Draw: 1-1-1

Round 2: Vs 5-Color (Non-Evasion)

My opponent had no fliers in their deck. My deck was mostly made of fliers. My opponent played completely around not getting blown out by Lucifer. I just kept attacking him with small fliers. I don’t think I need to say anymore.

Win 2-0

Round 3: Vs Atarka

So game 1 was decided by a bad gamble on my part. My opponent had a Rukh Egg in play with 2 other somewhat more impactful resonators and I had Lucifer in hand. I drew Black Ribbon and thought “If I kill his Egg, sure he gets a fire creature, but then I kill one of his decent dudes. What’s the worst thing he could tutor?!” 😀

So I did that and then he searched Athena, the Titan of Revenge…


Then he played Athena and equipped her with the +800/800 rancor (minus trample). We then raced as his Unyielding Flame Memoria risked him burning us both for 300 for every red mana and boosting Athena by 200 for every burn.

A single 900/900 cannot race a 1500/1500. I lost horribly.

Game 2 I boarded in Grand Cross and did kill Athena with it. My opponent put the Rancor on the Dragon that exiles the top 2 cards of your deck whenever you attack. I thought “Ok I’ll just deck him out”. Unfortunately I got him to 2 cards left in deck when he dropped a Goddess to exile 2 cards from your graveyard and burn equal to their combined CMC. He killed my last flying blocker and me. He then flashed the Ouroboros in his hand claiming he had the out to the deck out plan. I cried internally.

Loss 0-2

Round 4: Vs Mirror Match 5-Color

My round 4 opponent and I both had and ran:

  • Fairy of the Lake
  • Fallen Angelic Destroyer Lucifer
  • Space-Time Anomaly
  • Wall of Wind
  • Ruler’s Memoria

I literally kept a list and checked off each game after game 1, which I won due her to running out of cards. Game 2, the fatigue of 5 hours of playing cards combined with no food hit us both and no talking or friendliness remained, also she revealed Arthur Pendragon against me. A lone Light Sprite tapped herself down to not attack Arthur for 4 turns as my lifeless opponent kept tapping Arthur on my main phase instead of attacking. She got me to 1 card left in deck before just swinging for game with Arthur and Valentina, the Puppet Monarch.

Game 3 I sided in Grand Cross for Arthur (and Dance of Shadows, because at that point hy not). I gained early advantage but lost it when Arthur showed up. Also it needs to be said that game play sequence of:

turn 4 I play Lucifer, you sack a guy -> turn 5 I play Lucifer you sack your Lucifer


I play Lucifer, you sack your Lucifer, ok on upkeep Call of Primogenitor add Lucifer to my hand. Play Lucifer you sack your Lucifer


But anyway randomly during game 3 a guy appeared and asked us if we wanted any of his cards and he dropped a pile of actually legit cards on my mat. Both my opponent and myself were confused and half-asleep, so I took his foil Celestial Wing Seraph and a Fairy Queen Alice Regalia. My opponent made the far safer investment of taking his foil Ruler’s Memoria.


This was just another surreal and bizarre part of the evening that I couldn’t make up if I tried. So after that we of course go into time. Valentina, Puppet Monarch showed up and stole my Fairy of the Lake. I top deck Grand Cross and think “I really…really don’t want to kill my favorite character right now, especially when this card was meant for Arthur.” But alas I Grand Crossed Val to oblivion to get in a quick shot to try and finish her. Then she topdecked Arthur Pendragon and killed my board. I used Dance of Shadows to summon Lucifer from the grave to kill Arthur and then proceeded to have no way to deal her 20 damage so… we drew.

Draw: 1-1-1




I still haven’t mentally recovered from what happened yesterday, though it was the most fun, challenging, painful and soul-crushing Force of Will I’ve ever played. My roommate and former roommate took 1st and 4th place, while one of my boxed splitting pals joined me in the double draw life. It was great, it was agonizing. It was pre-release I’ll never forget.

Usual as reading for thanks