The Moonlit Savior Pre-Release (Alice Cluster Sealed) 3/6/16

The dank explanation for what happened

As a result of our LGS only being sent 1 TMS pre-release kit, we didn’t have enough packs of the new FoW set for everyone who came. As a result the store clerk/event runner filled our missing pool with Twilight Wanderer to fill the void (They ran out of TW so like 3-4 people got SKL instead).


This created a sealed format never meant to exist, in which all of the random jank and bombs from this block did battle. As much as this was probably the most interesting FoW event I’ve played at, it was undeniably nonsense. Beautifully unforgiving soul-crushing nonsense.


My Deck


I played 5-color Fallen Angelic Destroyer Lucifer Turbo. My pack one pull was a stamped Ruler’s Memoria and my 2nd TW pack had a foil one. My mana-fixing was thus “lit”. My only bomb was Lucifer (though Space-Time Anomaly, at common was the actual MVP of the whole day).



Round 1: Vs Abzan

Game 1 (and for only time all day) I cast Lucifer on turn 4, my opponent had no outs and I cheesed a win by just smashing in the face every turn while Witch of the Night blocked on the ground. Game 2 he opens the nut draw of awakening 2 of the Evolution Wolf and giving them an awakening field addition creating 2 1000/1000 target attackers. I fed them 2 drop after 2 drop and stalled while played to conservatively to swing out and kill me. Game 3 I had the advantage until Arthur Pendragon showed up. I did the math to kill him along with my whole board, but he had Kaguya’s Derp Face (Premonition) and pumped up Arthur by 500 points in response to my Beat of Phoenix Wings. Suddenly facing a 1700/2500 Arthur Pendragon any thoughts of winning I had changed to “ok so how can I draw?”

And of course thanks to my opponent’s conservative play style combined with my army of jank 2-drops I stalled out until we drew.

Draw: 1-1-1

Round 2: Vs 5-Color (Non-Evasion)

My opponent had no fliers in their deck. My deck was mostly made of fliers. My opponent played completely around not getting blown out by Lucifer. I just kept attacking him with small fliers. I don’t think I need to say anymore.

Win 2-0

Round 3: Vs Atarka

So game 1 was decided by a bad gamble on my part. My opponent had a Rukh Egg in play with 2 other somewhat more impactful resonators and I had Lucifer in hand. I drew Black Ribbon and thought “If I kill his Egg, sure he gets a fire creature, but then I kill one of his decent dudes. What’s the worst thing he could tutor?!” 😀

So I did that and then he searched Athena, the Titan of Revenge…


Then he played Athena and equipped her with the +800/800 rancor (minus trample). We then raced as his Unyielding Flame Memoria risked him burning us both for 300 for every red mana and boosting Athena by 200 for every burn.

A single 900/900 cannot race a 1500/1500. I lost horribly.

Game 2 I boarded in Grand Cross and did kill Athena with it. My opponent put the Rancor on the Dragon that exiles the top 2 cards of your deck whenever you attack. I thought “Ok I’ll just deck him out”. Unfortunately I got him to 2 cards left in deck when he dropped a Goddess to exile 2 cards from your graveyard and burn equal to their combined CMC. He killed my last flying blocker and me. He then flashed the Ouroboros in his hand claiming he had the out to the deck out plan. I cried internally.

Loss 0-2

Round 4: Vs Mirror Match 5-Color

My round 4 opponent and I both had and ran:

  • Fairy of the Lake
  • Fallen Angelic Destroyer Lucifer
  • Space-Time Anomaly
  • Wall of Wind
  • Ruler’s Memoria

I literally kept a list and checked off each game after game 1, which I won due her to running out of cards. Game 2, the fatigue of 5 hours of playing cards combined with no food hit us both and no talking or friendliness remained, also she revealed Arthur Pendragon against me. A lone Light Sprite tapped herself down to not attack Arthur for 4 turns as my lifeless opponent kept tapping Arthur on my main phase instead of attacking. She got me to 1 card left in deck before just swinging for game with Arthur and Valentina, the Puppet Monarch.

Game 3 I sided in Grand Cross for Arthur (and Dance of Shadows, because at that point hy not). I gained early advantage but lost it when Arthur showed up. Also it needs to be said that game play sequence of:

turn 4 I play Lucifer, you sack a guy -> turn 5 I play Lucifer you sack your Lucifer


I play Lucifer, you sack your Lucifer, ok on upkeep Call of Primogenitor add Lucifer to my hand. Play Lucifer you sack your Lucifer


But anyway randomly during game 3 a guy appeared and asked us if we wanted any of his cards and he dropped a pile of actually legit cards on my mat. Both my opponent and myself were confused and half-asleep, so I took his foil Celestial Wing Seraph and a Fairy Queen Alice Regalia. My opponent made the far safer investment of taking his foil Ruler’s Memoria.


This was just another surreal and bizarre part of the evening that I couldn’t make up if I tried. So after that we of course go into time. Valentina, Puppet Monarch showed up and stole my Fairy of the Lake. I top deck Grand Cross and think “I really…really don’t want to kill my favorite character right now, especially when this card was meant for Arthur.” But alas I Grand Crossed Val to oblivion to get in a quick shot to try and finish her. Then she topdecked Arthur Pendragon and killed my board. I used Dance of Shadows to summon Lucifer from the grave to kill Arthur and then proceeded to have no way to deal her 20 damage so… we drew.

Draw: 1-1-1




I still haven’t mentally recovered from what happened yesterday, though it was the most fun, challenging, painful and soul-crushing Force of Will I’ve ever played. My roommate and former roommate took 1st and 4th place, while one of my boxed splitting pals joined me in the double draw life. It was great, it was agonizing. It was pre-release I’ll never forget.

Usual as reading for thanks

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