The Moonlit Savior Brain Dead Case Split Summary

I didn’t sleep last night so full disclaimer this blog post is just pictures taken during our case split of Moonlit Savior. I spent the whole night playing new FoW decks built from the new cards.

I want to post pictures of the cards I pulled while splitting a case of theset before I hopefully enter a much-needed restorative coma.

The Goods:


We got swag like mats, tote bags and promos along with…


random posters!


The First 3rd of a Box

I split a box 3 ways with 2 friends before we each opened our own.


From my first ever full Box



I traded this Kaguya for a friend’s Gill Lapis and for another friend’s Observer. My rares ca



Dank Early Builds:


Esper Angel Shion



Green Gill Control



Mono-Red Observer


Match-Ups of the Morning:

Round 1: Gill Lapis vs Dark Alice

Winner: Gill by flipping on turn 2 and being a 1400/1400

Round 2: Gill Lapis vs Dark Alice #2

Winner: Dark Alice, because Meph and Lucifer fly

Round 3: Valkyrie Alice vs Shion

Winner Shion thanks to the wall of cats

Round 4: Shion vs Kaguya

Winner: Shion thanks to flying fatties

Round 5: Observer vs Observer

Winner: Me by resolving the God’s Art second

Round 6: Observer vs Observer #2

Winner: My friend by dropping Ouroboros for a quicker Judgement

Round 7 Observer vs Observer #3

Winner: Me thanks to Pricia’s burn effect

Round 8: Observer vs Yggdrasil

Winner: Observer thanks to Demonflame

Round 9: Gill Lapis vs Yggdrasil

Winner: Gill by stealing Alice, Avatar of the 7 Lands and Excalibur X


Gill shouldn’t flip for 3, or at least his stats should not be 1400/1400. It’s just too big.

Shion is alot of fun. Observer is also very fun to play, though he’s beyond slow.

While I love the new rulers, I have a sinking feeling that Reflect/Refrain will maintain it’s dominant position in the meta. However, only time will tell.


J-Ruler Collection:


My J-Ruler collection so far. Not sure why I’m posting this now, but yeah.

Thanks for browsing as there wasn’t much reading to do this time.


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