Daghatar adamantly supports Premium Gold 3

That title was so dumb, random and bizarre that I’m sure I’ll regret it when I wake up.

Also once again I should be asleep, not posting about pulls again… and yet here we are…again





So I built Daghatar EDH using the Dromoka deck as a core. It had it’s maiden voyage tonight where I got 2nd dying only to my own Relentless Punishment…

And also now I’m building Burning Abyss and Kozmo


Now I know what you’re thinking, “You quit playing ygo competitively so why build real decks?”

Well just because I quit playing at tournaments and the like, doesn’t mean I still don’t want to own the decks that once were too costly to make. I’m building both of these for the sheer hell of it.


Sleeping is a thing I should do.

Thanks for reading as usual (or just for looking at pictures because that’s cool too).


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