Yugioh Forbidden and Limited Ban List Banter March 2016, When will Sangan be free?

Before Konami slams the TCG banlist on us I thought I’d make my normal prediction/speculation post as to what will get banned, limited or semi-limited on the list (which should drop literally any day now)

First of all, I’m drawing most of my opinions from the recent OCG banlist, which you can find here.


Let’s break-up the recent OCG list hits, give them an analysis and then ask whether or not we’ll see it on the upcoming TCG list. All of this speculation is entirely my opinion, which is likely incorrect so please take everything I say with a grain of salt.


Performapal Monkeyboard: This is  a major Draco-pals hit. Monkeyboard is a 1-card Pendulum Scale and one of the best search targets for Skullcrobat Joker. We currently have Monkey board at 1, and I doubt that Konami will ban it and further shaft Pendulum players after already scraping them with the adjusted banlist.
Lavalval Chain: This card is a combo enabler that synergizes with literally any deck that can make rank 4s. It’s already banned in TCG and there’s little chance he’ll come back now.
Life Equalizer: This is hit to the Monarch FTK deck that popped up recently using the Pantheism spell card alongside Trade-in to fill your graveyard with spells for Magical Explosion. Konami has a tendency to kill consistent FTK/OTK decks so I assume we’ll see this on our list.


Newly Limited:
Sangan: With the errata Sangan isn’t overpowered. That being said we have no immediate set to get a Sangan reprint with its errata’d text so I doubt we’ll see it unbanned on the next list.
Thousand-Eyes Restrict: (Mini-rant incoming) I’d pay to see this card come back. When this card was oppressive, the best destruction we had in the game was Fissure. Today Thousand Eyes Restrict has been hopelessly power-creeped. At best people would probably use Instant Fusion to summon it, use it to eat an opponent’s monster and then blow up, which makes it only marginally more useful than Panzer Dragon. There’s no reason for it to be banned or even limited. #UnbantheEyes2016
Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss: Whelp if this happens I’ll regret buying 2 more Dantes yesterday. This will probably happen on the next list. I don’t think Konami of NA would only let us enjoy Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal for 1 event before taking away the best card in the BA deck, but then again the same thing could be said about PePe…
Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss: A harsh BA hit. Like Dante this might happen not this coming list, but on the next one. I personally think BA will die out naturally once Drifting Ghost and Winter Blossom comes out in Shining Victories. This card literally reads banish all of your opponent’s Dantes leaving them no way to fill up there graveyard or set up.
Performapal Skullcrobat Joker: A pendulum hit we already have in the TCG. RIP Magician players, but this card searches too many cards and helps complete the Pendulum Scale too easily.
Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer: The best offensive card in the Dracopal deck. Getting hit to 1 hurts the deck alot. I could see us get this hit later on, but not on the coming list.
Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer: RIP you evil animal-destroying madman. You won’t be missed except by the people who dropped $90 on you. This hit will happen on a later list.
Draco Face-Off: This card is actually dumb. It’s too strong in the Dracopals deck and deserves to be hit to 1. I could actually see this on our coming list, but like everything else next list for sure.
Wavering Eyes: Tbh this card should be banned. It’s too much of a tempo swing in the Pendulum mirror match. At three it was a defining card to both play around and hold for the right moment, but still was still the sackiest card in the format. There’s no way to promote Pendulums while having a quick-play wrath that banishes without targeting. On the plus side though Wavering to 1, means its 4th effect can never be applied xD
Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer: Already on the TCG adjusted list, oh yeah it should go without saying at this point that I assume all of the adjusted list hits are staying.
Mask Change Second: This card gives Burning Abyss access to Mask Hero Dark Law. While an interesting card in theory it just allows Dark decks to splash a very powerful HERO boss monster. We could get this hit on the coming list. Wow is that the first time I’ve actually written that? Feels like it…
Tour Guide from the Underworld: Remember when Tour Guide wasn’t at 1 in the TCG? Good because I don’t! To be fair BA is amazing in OCG due to triple Tour Guide so it’s even more likely that we won’t see any BA hits until much later.
Emergency Teleport: The first indirect hit to Kozmo (and Super Quant). Like Lonefire Blossom, this is a card that limits card design. Whenever Konami makes a Psychic monster they have to make sure that it isn’t broken with Etele. This card is what made Kozmo OTKs so easy. Also after seeing this card’s recent history with reprints (in both High Speed Riders and Premium Gold 3) I’m 100% certain it will be hit to 1 in a similar manner to Vanity’s Emptiness after its reprints in LC5Ds and The Secret Forces.
Domain of the True Monarchs: This card is floodgate, arguably one of the best floodgates ever printed since it both stunts the opponent and supports the Monarch players game plan. We won’t see this hit anytime soon, but maybe down the road.
Pantheism of the Monarchs: Now this card actually has to go. Pantheism is Destiny Draw on crack. Now what sucks is that this card is the frail hope of every Monarch players not to confirm the meme and brick. That being said it being hit to 1 is definitely healthy since this card is pretty much the culprit for the FTK deck resurfacing in the first place. Luckily for TCG monarch players though we shouldn’t see this hit for awhile.
Pendulum Call: Ok here’s some personal bias… I hate Pendulum Summoning (at the least any sort of consistent Pendulum Summoning). This card (with another card in hand is another instant Pendulum Scale. I feel like with this hit, Monkeyboard’s hit and the long ago hit to Qliphort Scout, Konami is trying to move away from instant Pendulum Scale enabling cards (which I love). Now whether or not this reaches the TCG is uncertain (since Magicians were only meta relevant for the month of January before falling completely off the map), though I could see this hit maybe next list.
Reasoning: I should just sell my Infernoid deck… Admittedly this card is degenerate as it relies on luck rather than skill whenever you use it. I’m know this personally because I’ve resolved Reasoning for 1 card and Reasoning for 20 cards before while playing Infernoids. I can attest to this card being incredibly sacky. This hit may also come as an indirect blow to Kozmo in TCG where Reasoning also sees some play. I could this card limited on the coming hit.
Monster Gate: Ha! This card is already at 1 in TCG! I don’t have to worry about this, though now I’m very curious about a format with Monster Gate/Reasoning at 3…


Newly Semi-Limited:
Super Rejuvenation: With no Dragon Rulers this card doesn’t do anything. Nuff said. If you can break it in Hieratics then more power to ya. This could come back I guess. I’m not sure anyone will notice if it’s this list or next.


Glow-Up Bulb: This card’s effect is once per duel. I don’t understand why it’s limited here or there.
Kuribandit: This card wasn’t limited in the TCG and thus cannot be unlimited.
Destiny Hero – Malicious: This card is at 3 here already.
Mermail Abyssteus: Yawn… If you want to help Mermail just unlimit Dragoons, but don’t actually do that please…
Mind Control: That’s a weird card to see come back. I have no idea what Mind Control to 3 would do though I see Ignister/Dinonister Pendulum wrecking alot of boards or becoming a nice Rank 8 Xyz if it does. Also stealing your opponent’s Rafflesia and using treacherous to wrath their board maybe? I don’t know, my gut says this card is amazing, but my head says it would only be a fringe tech.
Book of Moon: This would be amazing. Please put Book of Moon to 3. This is one of the most skillful cards in the game. It’s a neg one that doesn’t destroy your opponent’s monster, but if used correctly can completely disrupt their strategy. I would love to see Book at 3 here in the TCG, but somehow I feel we won’t see such a luxury anytime soon…
Gold Sarcophagus: Like Mind Control this seems like a fringe tech at best. Like Super Rejuvenation, this card is also beyond fair without Dragon Rulers. If you’re willing to stall for 2 turns just to get 1 card and can successfully do so in this format then you don’t just deserve a card, you deserve a metal.
Allure of Darkness: This is interesting, but terrifying with Kozmotown. I don’t think this can happen just here in the TCG just due to that disgusting interaction.
Dragon Shrine: Not sure if this synergizes with the new Blue Eyes White Dragon support, but it’s at 3 here already so it’s doesn’t matter.
Crush Card Virus: The errata made this card a fringe tech in BA and maybe Ghostricks. It can be somewhat devastating, but the free foolish burial often helps your opponent more than dropping cards in their hand hurts them.


Wow in hindsight that was way more anti-climatic that expected. The OCG meta is different than ours so obvious most of the hits will be different. The hits I actually see us getting on the coming list are:


All of the adjusted list hits


  • Life Equalizer
  • Elder Entity Norden



  • Dark Magician of Chaos (with Errata)
  • Something to shake the format that like Snatch Steal did. My money’s on either Harpie’s Feather Duster of Heavy Storm, but don’t quote me.


And that’s all I have to say. Hopefully Konami posts the list soon to end all of this awful speculation and fake list posts. Anyway, thanks for reading as usual.


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