Getting all the Yugioh decks and all the Force of Will Rulers, Don’t worry I’m still a scrub regardless

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post after trying out Standard for the first time in almost a year. In that time I’ve gone through 2 FoW Locals, acquired a surplus of new cards and completed a collection I’d been working on. This post will appear somewhat scattered-brained so I apologize in advance.


FoW Locals Two Week Review

I’ve continued to force Grixis Seer of the Blue Moon (Kaguya 1.0).


On 4/17/16  my win condition was to drop a Lucifer and ride it to victory.

Round 1

Loss 0-2 to Sylvia Aggro

Round 2

Win 2-0 over Reflect Fairies

Round 3

Draw with Esper Shion after never finishing Game 1


On 4/24/16 my win condition was to attrition my opponents until I could drop a huge Servant of Kaguya

Round 1:

Win 2-0 over The Observer

Round 2:

Loss 0-2 to Blazer Split Heaven and Earth Turbo

Round 3:

Loss 1-2 to Slyvia -> Melgia Aggro


It’s been a long grind trying to find a build of Seer that can beat J/Ruler decks (the bane of my existence). I still love Seer and for that reason I’ll be fairly sad when her cluster rotates now sooner than expected.


Reaction to Each TCG’s Recent Changes

FoW has announced that starting in June, their AGP circuit will be using Alice Cluster cards only. This means that all of the cards from Grimm Block will no longer see competitive play. It feels almost akin to the Yugioh Adjusted List where the game thinks that stores will not honor the changes made by the competitive level and continue to play the older sets. At first I was indifferent though I’m a tiny bit upset that I might not be able to play my favorite ruler at locals. Among my playgroup though I don’t expect much change so I’m not really troubled by it. Still the actual rotation was supposed to occur in September of this year so it’s awkward (especially since the 4th Alice block set has been delayed).

Now that being said rotation is both a blessing and a curse. As it’s probably gone without saying at this point I hate Reflect/Refrain. I feel it’s an overpowered card that shouldn’t be this strong due to the depressing tiny role that the character has had in the story (UNLESS I’M MISSING SOMETHING). It just really upsets me that the strongest characters in the actual card game are pretty much unimportant to the lore. I’ve read every card in TTW and all I can tell about R/R is:

  • They have no clue why they’re here or what they’re doing (Taken from Rewriting Laws)
  • They don’t know how to solve the problems in front of them (Taken from Wall of Ideas)
  • They have a lot of power, but they haven’t shown it (Taken all of their basically never played support resonators)

Rotation might now R/R down a peg by taking away the key pieces from the  most of the recent top decks namely Alice World. Now the curse is that most of my and everyone’s cards now suddenly become useless outside of casual play. This is why I quit Standard. Don’t misunderstand me now, rotation is healthy for a card game (sorry Yugioh), but when you actually play the game its stinks to have the cards you invested in lose their value.

Anyway moving on…

Wizards of the Coast in recent news have cut the Modern Pro Tour and with it the appearance fees of the pro magic players. As a Yugioh player being upset about the company that makes my game is pretty much a daily occurrence. For that reason it’s rare for me to be able to chastise WoC for making a huge mistake. They’ve essentially made it impossible for players to make a professional career from playing Magic. Now to play devil’s advocate maybe there’s some merit to this, but in the short run all it’s down is upset the community. To be honest I’m certain WoC (like Konami) only cares about making money. Standard makes them the most money so its natural that they only wish to promote that format. However, while cutting modern is a somewhat saddening move, reducing the appearance fees of the pro seems like it will deter people from playing the game. Worse than that doing it out of the blue feels like a major breach of trust to the players who’ve worked hard for their game.

That being said, it doesn’t affect me in the least other than increasing my already strong desire to flip my modern elves deck (though this is a topic for its own post).



I finally completed my collection of all the Grimm and Alice block J/Rulers!




It’s been a goal of mine since starting this game to get all the J/Rulers. I drew the line at the Valhalla ones (due to their being rare and expensive), but all of these are a joy to have. I really like the lore from the Grimm and Alice block (which is what keeps me in this game honestly after I gave up on playing R/R).

In addition to that I’ve been building Mono-Black Spirits EDH and just  recently picked up 2 new yugioh deck cores.


I’m changing my goal now from making yugioh anime decks to making every iconic yugioh deck that stopped being meta (and thus became dirt cheap).


My relevant decks box, where I hold the strongest decks I have and even then they’re not that powerful anymore. What keeps me in Yugioh is a love for the show and for collecting cards to build honestly underpowered decks. I love grind games, I love matches that take time and I love player interaction. Modern yugioh has become too much about lockout and OTKs for my taste. This could be the time to discuss my creation of the Yugioh “Jank” format, but that too deserves its own post.

Anyway I’ve rambled on for awhile now. Thanks for reading as always.


4/15/16 Standard FNM Summary (Wait What)

The allure of a free standard FNM made me crazy enough to sleeve up a pile of cards that my roommates called a deck. It was Mono-White Humans with many questionable commons filling the slots of cards we didn’t own somehow.



Not surprisingly the best cards in the deck were the 4 Thalia’s Lieutenant and the 3 Always Watching. As far as the commons go, Thraben Inspector impressed me as the clue helped to regain fuel after dropping your hand. Ondu War Cleric however was underwhelming and was sided out almost every game.




I feel I should state again that this deck was made from cards lying around our apartment. It’s not a proper deck by any means, but it worked out surprisingly well over all. I should also point out that other than watching a few games on I’d never actually played this deck before. My closest experience was white weenie in Tiny Leaders (which was where the Kytheon came from).



Round 1: Vs Mono-Black Zombies

I kept a one-lander with Kytheon game 1. My hand had 3 1-drops and I thought I could manage if I drew 1 more land. I didn’t see another land for 4 turns while learning that Kytheon was pretty terrible against Shambling Goblin. By the time I saw anymore lands Sidisi, Underdead Vizier was pretty much unstoppable. Game 2 I kept 1 lander again and pretty much lost the same way.

Loss: 0-2

I regret not mulliganing the 1-landers (especially the 2nd game). I played him in a 3rd game for fun, opened 3 lands and out-grinded him easily using Lanturn Scout to gain 12+ life. From this match-up I learned to never keep less than 2 lands.

Round 2: Vs RWW Allies and Equipment

My opponent had a slow start trying to set up with Weapons Trainer. I steamrolled him with Thalia’s Lieutenant. Game 2 he kept a one-lander, and ended up casting a skin invasion on his own Stoneforge Acolyte to get a larger blocker. Once again the Lieutenant closed out the game.

Win: 2-0

I was told repeatedly that this deck was very strong and that it topped recently, but I just didn’t see it. Quite possible my opponent just never opened well.

Round 3: Vs UR Fliers

I have a blazing fast opening game 1, winning ultimately due to Dragon Hunter ignoring Icefall Regent. Game 2 I got my opponent to 4 life, but failed to close out the game before he topdecks 2 Thunderbreak Regents to kill him. Game 3 while on too much tilt, I walked into Seismic Rupture lost all of my creatures and died to Thunderbreak. #Dreamsdead

Loss: 1-2

Losing after getting that close to winning game 2 doomed me. I wasn’t on my game and knew he had 2 for 1 cards like Twin Bolt and Seismic Rupture. I deserved to have my dreams killed here. Still feels bad though.

Round 4: Vs Mono-Red

Opponent was playing the deck I would’ve been running had I not quit this format a year ago. He did alot of damage to me, but Lanturn Scout healed me outside of burn range both games leading to his defeat.

Win: 2-0

Symbolically the same as killing that Valentina at the Force of Will pre-release. I pretty much had to kill me favorite deck to tie up my record.



I am renewed in my belief that Standard is the fairest magic format. I was way too upset by going 2-2 with 8 relevant rares and a pile of draft 4th picks. It wasn’t a bad experience. If Standard wasn’t a neverending money pit I might try to go back into it. I will say that the optimal curving out of this human deck though is beautiful. Nothing felt better than going:

Turn 1: Cast a 2/1 for 1

Turn 2: Cast 2 2/1’s for 1, swing for 2

Turn 3: Cast Thalia’s Lieutenant, swing for 9 with the pumped up team

It was pretty great. Anyway another perk was trading which is where all of the random cards came from.


Any way that’s all for now. Maybe someday I’ll go back to Standard. I do like fairness I must admit.


Thanks for reading as usual.

I pulled a Magic the Gathering Expedition, There that’s the whole story fam

So while a load of schoolwork piles up my roommate and I took a trip to Target and Walmart in search of the Dragons of Tarkir intro pack that includes the now $10 Secure the Wastes. After hitting both stores we couldn’t find any DTK decks so we instead got fat packs. I got Oath so I could finally not be the only one at the EDH table playing non-full art lands.


*Bringing in the dank figures to open the box


The aforementioned insane pulls


3 Mythic Rares in one fat pack and one of them was an Expedition Land…



I couldn’t ask for much better. I wish there could be more to this post, but all I can say is that Oath is still a great set. I have a lot of work to do now, though I’m still in shock.

Thanks for reading as usual.

A Pathetic 4-person Force of Will tournament, luckily there was no Reflect!

I went to the FoW locals today. I entered into the strangest 4-man in ages.

The bracket was:

  • Seer of the Blue Moon (me)
  • The Observer
  • Blazer
  • Scheherazade, Teller of 1001 Stories


My Deck:

I added Red to the UB shell I used 2 weeks ago to get access to Guinevere and Flame of Outer World. I actually went with the intention to play R/R GR aggro, but realized I would have much more fun playing Seer. For that reason I had a very weird side of the playables from my R/R deck.

My sidedeck was

  • Blazer x1
  • Vlad x1
  • Robe of the Fire Rat x4
  • Flame of Outer World x2
  • Hera x2
  • Marybell x3
  •  Deathscythe x2



Round 1

Vs Pre-TTW Blazer Incarnate

My opponent had no cards from TTW or TMS and had to read every card from both sets. I had total board control game one after Underground took down his Nyalathotep, the Usurper.I got the beats with 2 Underground Draggers defeating him. Game 2 he switched to Rezzard and we got into an awkward situation where I had no life, but managed to dodge death by using Space-Time Anomaly to shrink his Arthur, the Dark Lord of Vengeneance out of killing me range. I then topdecked 2 Lucifer’s in a row allowing me to steal back the game. His mistake was swinging Arthur into my Lucifer while I had that Space Time in grave. I got the easy kill and he scooped after Lucifer singlehandedly brought me life total to 32 and his to 1.

Win 2-0

The Observer and Scheherazade drew and I wound up facing the latter.

Round 2

Vs Sherry’s Susanowo Moojdart Combo

So in a nutshell this guy’s deck was built to cheat out Susan by using a turn 1 Moojdart to make the opponent’s creatures into Dragons. While amazing in concept it was very weak to cards like Cheshire Cat and Guinevere. Game 1 we grind until he manages to pull off the combo on me taking my life from 33 to 1. I manage to stabilize with Lucifer afterwards, but topdecks another Susan to finish me. Game 2 I sided in all 4 Robe of the Fire Rat to which I cried about not having Elvish Bowman as the answer. I slowly ground him out after that using Lucifer.

Game 3 we had only 8 minutes and I mulliganned into 3 Robes of the Fire Rat. He tried to suit up Moojdart of the 6 Sages with Ame-no-habikiri to kill me, but couldn’t kill me before we drew in time.

Draw 1-1-1




This sorry board-state is the last turn of our match. We all got promo Tinkerbells and a foil light magic stone so it was worth over all I guess.

I’m not certain what direction to take with Seer of the Blue Moon, but she’s definitely my favorite J-Ruler right now. Adding Red was a good call and the MVP of the day was easily Guinevere. I think that the major issue with the deck is a lack of aggression outside of Lucifer. Underground Dragger put in a lot of work, but I wish I could fit more threats into the deck. It’s a work in progress I guess, that’s what I want to say.

Anyway, thanks for reading as usual.

Yugioh 4/9/16 Regional “Report”

I attended the Philly Yugioh Regional earlier. I went there with a friend (this was his first regional) who’s yugioh experience was borrowing my decks, the show and Tag Force for the PSP. We went there with the most simple of goals:

  • Buy cheap foils
  • Sell my Kozmo and BA decks
  • Finish Chaos Synchrons (Sherry LeBlanc.deck) and Evil Heroes
  • and acquire Dinomist cards


Needless to say from the cover photo things worked out.


Acquisitions of the day


My friend and I knocked over every $1 rare binder at the venue. Then as we tried to leave we ran into some goofy sellers outside the regional offering even more $1 binders (with a buy 5, get 5 for free incentive). Needless to say we bought a lot. I spent $33 on singles today (mostly due to one vender selling me 10 cards $3 by mistake.


Sales of the day

I sold my Burning Abyss deck for $40 and half of my Kozmo deck for $40 (Kozmojo was sold separately for $11, because all I do is give discounts).


The reason being that both decks were too meta for me (who is 100% casual at this point). Also while yesterday’s ban list left both decks relatively untouched I’m certain that eventually Dark Destroyer and Dante will be limited. And once they are I’ll buy them once and for all.

Now that being said. I do still love Kozmo Dog Fighter and since half of my Kozmo deck was un-movable I just traded for another Dark Destroyer so that a jank Kozmo brew I’m dubbing Dog Fighter turbo can still exist.



Decks Completed/Started Today

I finished Shaddolls today finally getting the Water Fusion. Alongside that deck I finished Evil Heroes and Chaos Synchrons.


I didn’t actually get all of the Dinomists, but I have most of the incredibly cheap core (I’m missing 3 commons).


On a side note after returning to campus to play Yugioh a friend appeared to sell wares from his Shadows Over Innistrad box so I traded for the only cards in Shadows I wanted.

As for decks started I got the synchros for Tech Genius, and another Yubel. Both maybe decks I try to build down the road.


I may have neglected to mention that my main drive in Yugioh now is just to build old jank decks from ages ago adding them to a large crate of card gaming history. Recent additions I’ve built are Gladiator Beasts, Iron Chains and Dark Scorpions. While this may sound insane, due to the nature of Yugioh prices none of these decks cost anything so this has so far been a very cheap and simple pursuit.

Anyway, I can safely say this has been one of best regionals I’ve attended. I bought a ton of cards and yet somehow made money. That’s all we need here.

Thanks for reading as always.

April 11, 2016 Ygo Forbidden and Limited List First Impressions (Wow it’s finally here!)

After putting the Ygo community on tilt for weeks, Konami has at long last released their actual ban list. While there were many expected hits on this list (lookin at you Etele) there were also many strange hits  that solved a lot of problems in very weird ways. Let’s jump right into it.



Performage Damage Juggler (Already hit on the adjusted list and thrown in the trash like the common it is)

Performage Plushfire (Also already hit on the adjusted list and thrown in the trash like the common it is)

Tellatknight Ptolemaeus (Also already hit on the adjusted list and now rotting in every’s binders like a badge of shame)

Chicken Game

Ok, woah this is kind of big. Banning Chicken Game is a major hit to the Magical Explosion FTK by removing 6 cards from the deck (the other 3 being Psuedo Space). While this hits all of the rogue decks that were splashing this for drawpower, I can understand the hit. Chicken Game has never been a card I’ve considered fair since most decks using it often destroyed it to prevent their opponent from getting to use its effect on their turn. While at fairest a card used to increase consistency it was a major factor in the FTK deck.

Wavering Eyes

Praise be with Konami for banning the sackiest card in the Pendulum mirror match. This card was a defining factor in each Pendulum deck and frankly was just too busted if it ever resolved. I think burning for 500 and tutoring a Pendulum monster was already fine, but getting a free Spellbook of Fate off on your opponent and searching out another copy of itself put this card over the top. I’m very glad to see it go.



Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer (Adjusted List hit)

Performapal Monkeyboard (Adjusted List hit..)

Performapal Skullcrobat Joker (Adjusted List hit…)

Wisdom Eye Magacian

Ok so I think Wisdom Eye is stupid. I hate 1-card Pendulum Scales and think they’re all unhealthy for the game. That being said I assume the only reason this hit occurred was to follow the recent Wisdom Eye hit on the ocg list. I fully acknowledge that Magicians haven’t been meta relevant since January.

Elder Entity Norden

Noooooo! Why aren’t you banned???!!! This is partly my salt over selling all of my Nordens/Instant Fusions assuming he’d be banned. At 1 nothing changes, most decks that ran Norden would run 1, maybe 2 at the max. At best this hit is a minor inconvenience to Mermails and to already struggling Dracopals decks.

Thousand Eyes Restrict


I never thought I’d see the day. We finally have back Thousand Eyes Restrict the oldest banned fusion monster. I pray that he somehow finds himself into the meta somewhere as a 1 of to cheat out using Instant Fusion. Though I’m not expecting much.

Ignister Promience, the Blasting Dracoslayer

This hit is actually Konami shoving Dracopals off the cliff. It’s like cutting the oxygen from someone already on life support stubbornly fighting to live. Ignister is like the Trishula of the Dracopals deck. His abilities are both incredible powerful for advancing your board and destroying your opponent’s defenses. Ignister at 1 ensures that every Dracopal player gets literally 1 chance with every one of their power cards. Should any of those 3 cards get disrupted, they’re incredibly weakened.

Draco Face-Off

I mean this hit is almost worse than Ignister to 1 as Face-Off was a key to the consistency of the Dracoslayer engine. It’s an amazing card for fixing Pendulum Scales and more specifically searching out your limited Luster Pendulum. I think this hit is probably too harsh, but it’s clear that Konami wants Dracopals dead once and for all.


RIP Inferniods, I loved you so. Though as an Infernoid player I will admit that Reasoning is sacky card that takes no skill. I’ve milled 20 cards off Reasoning and I’ve also milled 1 card. It’s an incredible unhealthy card, though it’s only meta relevance is killing off Infernoids as a deck.

Upstart Goblin

aka Patrick Hoban limited to 1.

Konami Board Meeting be like:

“How do we kill Magical Explosion FTK?” asked Konami Executive A

“Why don’t we ban Magical Explosion ot Life Equalizer” answered Executive B

“WAIT!” shouted Executive C as he jumps up from his desk. “Instead of banning Magical Explosion or Life Equalizer LET’S BAN ALL OF THE GENERIC DRAWPOWER!”

The other executives exchanged glances, laughed and then put a big x through Chicken Game and Upstart Goblin.

Yeah, I’m not sure this Upstart hit  matters outside of the many Hoban-related memes it will spawn.



Debris Dragon

I legit didn’t see this one before now (and now is 3 AM). I’m not sure why Debris was still limited and I have no faith it will find a home in the format.

Allure of Darkness

Well this is terrifying. I’m not sure if Allure to 2 is healthy, but at least any Dark deck crying over the loss of Upstart has an easy alternative.

Emergency Teleport

I’m surprised it wasn’t limited to 1. Anyway, here’s our first indirect hit to Kozmo and a major hit to Super Quantums (RIP Magnus you son of a gun)



Dark Magician of Chaos (with errata)

Good, I pray that Spellbooks can use this I guess…


No one cares, why was this even limited?

Advanced Ritual Art

Demise OTK 2016 Deck Profile go

Crush Card Virus

I think in the right match-up, even neutered as it is Crush Card is still even strong, BUT that allowing your opponent to foolish burial 3 cards is just to risky a prospect to risk running this card.



Dracopal players everywhere are either quitting Yugioh or trying to salvage their now inconsistent trainwreck of a deck. I have full belief that the deck IS NOT dead. It’s still unfair, because Pendulum Summoning is still a broken mechanic. It’s a lot less consistent now though no that all of their key cards are limited. For that reason I think that Dracopals drop to maybe being the 4th or 5th best deck in the format.

Kozmo, Monarchs and Burning Abyss Variants (PK Fire) are now the dominant decks of the format with Mermails and Dracopals looking on at arounf tier 1.5.

The Monarch -> Magical Explosion FTK is probably dead now.

Yugioh remains hopefully budget for the next few months thanks to Premium Gold 3 with the exception of the PK half of PK Fire (Phantom Knight Burning Abyss)


Thanks for reading as always. I’ll have a regional report up later, by which I’ll post about swag acquired at the regional as I hit up the vendors and potentially some side events!

SOI Day 2 Pre-Release (4 Life vs 34 Life: The Struggle)

We went to the 2HG SOI pre-release again. This post is really about just Round 2 match-up, which was the longest, grindiest fight of our 2-Headed Giant Careers.

Our decks:


I played Red/Black Control and my partner played Blue/Green Evasion. MVP was Tamiyo’s Journal for reasons we shall discuss later.


Round 1: Blue/Black Control and Green/White Investigation

We have a decent boardstall with Ongoing Investigation until Jace shows up demanding an answer. We go all in and alpha strike Jace the turn afterwards as our opponents failed to prevent the Skulk/Devil Tokens. Sometime later we got Tamiyo’s Journal and used it to tutor Alter Ego to make an 8/8 Stormrider Geist presenting lethal with 11 damage in the air.

Win 1-0

Round 2: Green/Red Werewolves and Mardu Vampires

So it all started when e put Skin Invasion on Hinterland Logger with the intention of getting it killed by our 1/3 Ravenous Bloodseeker. However, out opponents decided to put the +3/0 Flash Enchantment on it, killing our vampire. So we started getting hit for 6 every turn from that and Skulk Rat dropping us to quick 18, before Olivia, Mobilized for War showed up. Our opponents went to great lengths to defend their giant Hinterland Logger going far enough to Fiery Temper our Gloomwidow to prevent it from Rapid Biting her. Meanwhile the Mardu guy was discarding his whole hand to Call of the Bloodline to make Lifelink Vampire tokens. I was missing land drops with 2 5 CMC kill spells and my partner was flooded with 2+ lands in hand at all times. We put Altered Ego on Olivia making a 6/6 flyer that finally killed the logger by blocking it (getting us a really late Skin Invader), which they tried to save with Aim High, but I had a copy of Survive th Night to save our clone. Werewolf guy topdecks Burn from Within to kill our clone.

And so ends season 1…

Then Relentless Dead appeared offering the insane value of recurring the Skulk Rat every turn so we didn’t block it, taking 2 a turn. The situation got alot worse when Odric, Lunarch Marshall appeared giving their whole Lifelink and Menace. We blocked vampires until he ran out leaving us at 5 life. We cast the hastily added Root Out to destroy the Call of the Bloodline ending the vampire menace, then after gumming up the board with blockers like the young Sin Prodder. Said Prodder revealed a Humble the Brute that the opponents immediately took 5 to prevent me drawing, which was great since I had a copy in my hand since turn 1. Eventually we topdecked our key card Tamiyo’s Journal…

Season 2 finale

We used the Journal to tutor Ongoing Investigate and used it to gain 6 life and make 3 clues, which promptly became the 3/3 Flash Flying Stormrider Spirit. At that point with the spirit that doubled our first investigate triggers we had 8 clues which all became either Rapid Bite or 3/3 Flash Flyers. One key play being flipping Uninvited Geist so we could kill it with Rapid Bite. At that point they completely ran out of fuel and lost to getting domed for 8 a turn after managing to kill our Drogstroll Calvary after it got us back 4 life.

Win 1-0

After this feeling beyond done with life we draw with our round 3 opponents, got our prize packs and left.

12959290_10207514824407033_1979862380_o (1)-001

My prize packs were awful again. Later I got an Oath pack from Riteaid and opened a Kozilek, the Great Distortion.


And so that’s how we won at Shadows Over Innistrad  Pre-Release. I’m very tired, this set has no value, it feels like Yugioh. Still actually winning was really satisfying.

Thanks for reading as usual.