SOI Day 2 Pre-Release (4 Life vs 34 Life: The Struggle)

We went to the 2HG SOI pre-release again. This post is really about just Round 2 match-up, which was the longest, grindiest fight of our 2-Headed Giant Careers.

Our decks:


I played Red/Black Control and my partner played Blue/Green Evasion. MVP was Tamiyo’s Journal for reasons we shall discuss later.


Round 1: Blue/Black Control and Green/White Investigation

We have a decent boardstall with Ongoing Investigation until Jace shows up demanding an answer. We go all in and alpha strike Jace the turn afterwards as our opponents failed to prevent the Skulk/Devil Tokens. Sometime later we got Tamiyo’s Journal and used it to tutor Alter Ego to make an 8/8 Stormrider Geist presenting lethal with 11 damage in the air.

Win 1-0

Round 2: Green/Red Werewolves and Mardu Vampires

So it all started when e put Skin Invasion on Hinterland Logger with the intention of getting it killed by our 1/3 Ravenous Bloodseeker. However, out opponents decided to put the +3/0 Flash Enchantment on it, killing our vampire. So we started getting hit for 6 every turn from that and Skulk Rat dropping us to quick 18, before Olivia, Mobilized for War showed up. Our opponents went to great lengths to defend their giant Hinterland Logger going far enough to Fiery Temper our Gloomwidow to prevent it from Rapid Biting her. Meanwhile the Mardu guy was discarding his whole hand to Call of the Bloodline to make Lifelink Vampire tokens. I was missing land drops with 2 5 CMC kill spells and my partner was flooded with 2+ lands in hand at all times. We put Altered Ego on Olivia making a 6/6 flyer that finally killed the logger by blocking it (getting us a really late Skin Invader), which they tried to save with Aim High, but I had a copy of Survive th Night to save our clone. Werewolf guy topdecks Burn from Within to kill our clone.

And so ends season 1…

Then Relentless Dead appeared offering the insane value of recurring the Skulk Rat every turn so we didn’t block it, taking 2 a turn. The situation got alot worse when Odric, Lunarch Marshall appeared giving their whole Lifelink and Menace. We blocked vampires until he ran out leaving us at 5 life. We cast the hastily added Root Out to destroy the Call of the Bloodline ending the vampire menace, then after gumming up the board with blockers like the young Sin Prodder. Said Prodder revealed a Humble the Brute that the opponents immediately took 5 to prevent me drawing, which was great since I had a copy in my hand since turn 1. Eventually we topdecked our key card Tamiyo’s Journal…

Season 2 finale

We used the Journal to tutor Ongoing Investigate and used it to gain 6 life and make 3 clues, which promptly became the 3/3 Flash Flying Stormrider Spirit. At that point with the spirit that doubled our first investigate triggers we had 8 clues which all became either Rapid Bite or 3/3 Flash Flyers. One key play being flipping Uninvited Geist so we could kill it with Rapid Bite. At that point they completely ran out of fuel and lost to getting domed for 8 a turn after managing to kill our Drogstroll Calvary after it got us back 4 life.

Win 1-0

After this feeling beyond done with life we draw with our round 3 opponents, got our prize packs and left.

12959290_10207514824407033_1979862380_o (1)-001

My prize packs were awful again. Later I got an Oath pack from Riteaid and opened a Kozilek, the Great Distortion.


And so that’s how we won at Shadows Over Innistrad  Pre-Release. I’m very tired, this set has no value, it feels like Yugioh. Still actually winning was really satisfying.

Thanks for reading as usual.


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