April 11, 2016 Ygo Forbidden and Limited List First Impressions (Wow it’s finally here!)

After putting the Ygo community on tilt for weeks, Konami has at long last released their actual ban list. While there were many expected hits on this list (lookin at you Etele) there were also many strange hits  that solved a lot of problems in very weird ways. Let’s jump right into it.



Performage Damage Juggler (Already hit on the adjusted list and thrown in the trash like the common it is)

Performage Plushfire (Also already hit on the adjusted list and thrown in the trash like the common it is)

Tellatknight Ptolemaeus (Also already hit on the adjusted list and now rotting in every’s binders like a badge of shame)

Chicken Game

Ok, woah this is kind of big. Banning Chicken Game is a major hit to the Magical Explosion FTK by removing 6 cards from the deck (the other 3 being Psuedo Space). While this hits all of the rogue decks that were splashing this for drawpower, I can understand the hit. Chicken Game has never been a card I’ve considered fair since most decks using it often destroyed it to prevent their opponent from getting to use its effect on their turn. While at fairest a card used to increase consistency it was a major factor in the FTK deck.

Wavering Eyes

Praise be with Konami for banning the sackiest card in the Pendulum mirror match. This card was a defining factor in each Pendulum deck and frankly was just too busted if it ever resolved. I think burning for 500 and tutoring a Pendulum monster was already fine, but getting a free Spellbook of Fate off on your opponent and searching out another copy of itself put this card over the top. I’m very glad to see it go.



Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer (Adjusted List hit)

Performapal Monkeyboard (Adjusted List hit..)

Performapal Skullcrobat Joker (Adjusted List hit…)

Wisdom Eye Magacian

Ok so I think Wisdom Eye is stupid. I hate 1-card Pendulum Scales and think they’re all unhealthy for the game. That being said I assume the only reason this hit occurred was to follow the recent Wisdom Eye hit on the ocg list. I fully acknowledge that Magicians haven’t been meta relevant since January.

Elder Entity Norden

Noooooo! Why aren’t you banned???!!! This is partly my salt over selling all of my Nordens/Instant Fusions assuming he’d be banned. At 1 nothing changes, most decks that ran Norden would run 1, maybe 2 at the max. At best this hit is a minor inconvenience to Mermails and to already struggling Dracopals decks.

Thousand Eyes Restrict


I never thought I’d see the day. We finally have back Thousand Eyes Restrict the oldest banned fusion monster. I pray that he somehow finds himself into the meta somewhere as a 1 of to cheat out using Instant Fusion. Though I’m not expecting much.

Ignister Promience, the Blasting Dracoslayer

This hit is actually Konami shoving Dracopals off the cliff. It’s like cutting the oxygen from someone already on life support stubbornly fighting to live. Ignister is like the Trishula of the Dracopals deck. His abilities are both incredible powerful for advancing your board and destroying your opponent’s defenses. Ignister at 1 ensures that every Dracopal player gets literally 1 chance with every one of their power cards. Should any of those 3 cards get disrupted, they’re incredibly weakened.

Draco Face-Off

I mean this hit is almost worse than Ignister to 1 as Face-Off was a key to the consistency of the Dracoslayer engine. It’s an amazing card for fixing Pendulum Scales and more specifically searching out your limited Luster Pendulum. I think this hit is probably too harsh, but it’s clear that Konami wants Dracopals dead once and for all.


RIP Inferniods, I loved you so. Though as an Infernoid player I will admit that Reasoning is sacky card that takes no skill. I’ve milled 20 cards off Reasoning and I’ve also milled 1 card. It’s an incredible unhealthy card, though it’s only meta relevance is killing off Infernoids as a deck.

Upstart Goblin

aka Patrick Hoban limited to 1.

Konami Board Meeting be like:

“How do we kill Magical Explosion FTK?” asked Konami Executive A

“Why don’t we ban Magical Explosion ot Life Equalizer” answered Executive B

“WAIT!” shouted Executive C as he jumps up from his desk. “Instead of banning Magical Explosion or Life Equalizer LET’S BAN ALL OF THE GENERIC DRAWPOWER!”

The other executives exchanged glances, laughed and then put a big x through Chicken Game and Upstart Goblin.

Yeah, I’m not sure this Upstart hit  matters outside of the many Hoban-related memes it will spawn.



Debris Dragon

I legit didn’t see this one before now (and now is 3 AM). I’m not sure why Debris was still limited and I have no faith it will find a home in the format.

Allure of Darkness

Well this is terrifying. I’m not sure if Allure to 2 is healthy, but at least any Dark deck crying over the loss of Upstart has an easy alternative.

Emergency Teleport

I’m surprised it wasn’t limited to 1. Anyway, here’s our first indirect hit to Kozmo and a major hit to Super Quantums (RIP Magnus you son of a gun)



Dark Magician of Chaos (with errata)

Good, I pray that Spellbooks can use this I guess…


No one cares, why was this even limited?

Advanced Ritual Art

Demise OTK 2016 Deck Profile go

Crush Card Virus

I think in the right match-up, even neutered as it is Crush Card is still even strong, BUT that allowing your opponent to foolish burial 3 cards is just to risky a prospect to risk running this card.



Dracopal players everywhere are either quitting Yugioh or trying to salvage their now inconsistent trainwreck of a deck. I have full belief that the deck IS NOT dead. It’s still unfair, because Pendulum Summoning is still a broken mechanic. It’s a lot less consistent now though no that all of their key cards are limited. For that reason I think that Dracopals drop to maybe being the 4th or 5th best deck in the format.

Kozmo, Monarchs and Burning Abyss Variants (PK Fire) are now the dominant decks of the format with Mermails and Dracopals looking on at arounf tier 1.5.

The Monarch -> Magical Explosion FTK is probably dead now.

Yugioh remains hopefully budget for the next few months thanks to Premium Gold 3 with the exception of the PK half of PK Fire (Phantom Knight Burning Abyss)


Thanks for reading as always. I’ll have a regional report up later, by which I’ll post about swag acquired at the regional as I hit up the vendors and potentially some side events!


5 thoughts on “April 11, 2016 Ygo Forbidden and Limited List First Impressions (Wow it’s finally here!)

      1. Aye, shame really. But I’ll persevere. I prepared for this outcome. It kind of makes sense when you consider how with reasoning at three. Left Arm would makes Noids more powerful to some extent


  1. What really gripes me is how some say Noids are bad for Yugioh. I wonder how they excuse BA, a decent Solely built at getting itself into the grave and recycling itself to death


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