Yugioh 4/9/16 Regional “Report”

I attended the Philly Yugioh Regional earlier. I went there with a friend (this was his first regional) who’s yugioh experience was borrowing my decks, the show and Tag Force for the PSP. We went there with the most simple of goals:

  • Buy cheap foils
  • Sell my Kozmo and BA decks
  • Finish Chaos Synchrons (Sherry LeBlanc.deck) and Evil Heroes
  • and acquire Dinomist cards


Needless to say from the cover photo things worked out.


Acquisitions of the day


My friend and I knocked over every $1 rare binder at the venue. Then as we tried to leave we ran into some goofy sellers outside the regional offering even more $1 binders (with a buy 5, get 5 for free incentive). Needless to say we bought a lot. I spent $33 on singles today (mostly due to one vender selling me 10 cards $3 by mistake.


Sales of the day

I sold my Burning Abyss deck for $40 and half of my Kozmo deck for $40 (Kozmojo was sold separately for $11, because all I do is give discounts).


The reason being that both decks were too meta for me (who is 100% casual at this point). Also while yesterday’s ban list left both decks relatively untouched I’m certain that eventually Dark Destroyer and Dante will be limited. And once they are I’ll buy them once and for all.

Now that being said. I do still love Kozmo Dog Fighter and since half of my Kozmo deck was un-movable I just traded for another Dark Destroyer so that a jank Kozmo brew I’m dubbing Dog Fighter turbo can still exist.



Decks Completed/Started Today

I finished Shaddolls today finally getting the Water Fusion. Alongside that deck I finished Evil Heroes and Chaos Synchrons.


I didn’t actually get all of the Dinomists, but I have most of the incredibly cheap core (I’m missing 3 commons).


On a side note after returning to campus to play Yugioh a friend appeared to sell wares from his Shadows Over Innistrad box so I traded for the only cards in Shadows I wanted.

As for decks started I got the synchros for Tech Genius, and another Yubel. Both maybe decks I try to build down the road.


I may have neglected to mention that my main drive in Yugioh now is just to build old jank decks from ages ago adding them to a large crate of card gaming history. Recent additions I’ve built are¬†Gladiator Beasts, Iron Chains and Dark Scorpions. While this may sound insane, due to the nature of Yugioh prices none of these decks cost anything so this has so far been a very cheap and simple pursuit.

Anyway, I can safely say this has been one of best regionals I’ve attended. I bought a ton of cards and yet somehow made money. That’s all we need here.

Thanks for reading as always.


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