A Pathetic 4-person Force of Will tournament, luckily there was no Reflect!

I went to the FoW locals today. I entered into the strangest 4-man in ages.

The bracket was:

  • Seer of the Blue Moon (me)
  • The Observer
  • Blazer
  • Scheherazade, Teller of 1001 Stories


My Deck:

I added Red to the UB shell I used 2 weeks ago to get access to Guinevere and Flame of Outer World. I actually went with the intention to play R/R GR aggro, but realized I would have much more fun playing Seer. For that reason I had a very weird side of the playables from my R/R deck.

My sidedeck was

  • Blazer x1
  • Vlad x1
  • Robe of the Fire Rat x4
  • Flame of Outer World x2
  • Hera x2
  • Marybell x3
  •  Deathscythe x2



Round 1

Vs Pre-TTW Blazer Incarnate

My opponent had no cards from TTW or TMS and had to read every card from both sets. I had total board control game one after Underground took down his Nyalathotep, the Usurper.I got the beats with 2 Underground Draggers defeating him. Game 2 he switched to Rezzard and we got into an awkward situation where I had no life, but managed to dodge death by using Space-Time Anomaly to shrink his Arthur, the Dark Lord of Vengeneance out of killing me range. I then topdecked 2 Lucifer’s in a row allowing me to steal back the game. His mistake was swinging Arthur into my Lucifer while I had that Space Time in grave. I got the easy kill and he scooped after Lucifer singlehandedly brought me life total to 32 and his to 1.

Win 2-0

The Observer and Scheherazade drew and I wound up facing the latter.

Round 2

Vs Sherry’s Susanowo Moojdart Combo

So in a nutshell this guy’s deck was built to cheat out Susan by using a turn 1 Moojdart to make the opponent’s creatures into Dragons. While amazing in concept it was very weak to cards like Cheshire Cat and Guinevere. Game 1 we grind until he manages to pull off the combo on me taking my life from 33 to 1. I manage to stabilize with Lucifer afterwards, but topdecks another Susan to finish me. Game 2 I sided in all 4 Robe of the Fire Rat to which I cried about not having Elvish Bowman as the answer. I slowly ground him out after that using Lucifer.

Game 3 we had only 8 minutes and I mulliganned into 3 Robes of the Fire Rat. He tried to suit up Moojdart of the 6 Sages with Ame-no-habikiri to kill me, but couldn’t kill me before we drew in time.

Draw 1-1-1




This sorry board-state is the last turn of our match. We all got promo Tinkerbells and a foil light magic stone so it was worth over all I guess.

I’m not certain what direction to take with Seer of the Blue Moon, but she’s definitely my favorite J-Ruler right now. Adding Red was a good call and the MVP of the day was easily Guinevere. I think that the major issue with the deck is a lack of aggression outside of Lucifer. Underground Dragger put in a lot of work, but I wish I could fit more threats into the deck. It’s a work in progress I guess, that’s what I want to say.

Anyway, thanks for reading as usual.


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