I pulled a Magic the Gathering Expedition, There that’s the whole story fam

So while a load of schoolwork piles up my roommate and I took a trip to Target and Walmart in search of the Dragons of Tarkir intro pack that includes the now $10 Secure the Wastes. After hitting both stores we couldn’t find any DTK decks so we instead got fat packs. I got Oath so I could finally not be the only one at the EDH table playing non-full art lands.


*Bringing in the dank figures to open the box


The aforementioned insane pulls


3 Mythic Rares in one fat pack and one of them was an Expedition Land…



I couldn’t ask for much better. I wish there could be more to this post, but all I can say is that Oath is still a great set. I have a lot of work to do now, though I’m still in shock.

Thanks for reading as usual.


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