4/15/16 Standard FNM Summary (Wait What)

The allure of a free standard FNM made me crazy enough to sleeve up a pile of cards that my roommates called a deck. It was Mono-White Humans with many questionable commons filling the slots of cards we didn’t own somehow.



Not surprisingly the best cards in the deck were the 4 Thalia’s Lieutenant and the 3 Always Watching. As far as the commons go, Thraben Inspector impressed me as the clue helped to regain fuel after dropping your hand. Ondu War Cleric however was underwhelming and was sided out almost every game.




I feel I should state again that this deck was made from cards lying around our apartment. It’s not a proper deck by any means, but it worked out surprisingly well over all. I should also point out that other than watching a few games on Starcitygames.com I’d never actually played this deck before. My closest experience was white weenie in Tiny Leaders (which was where the Kytheon came from).



Round 1: Vs Mono-Black Zombies

I kept a one-lander with Kytheon game 1. My hand had 3 1-drops and I thought I could manage if I drew 1 more land. I didn’t see another land for 4 turns while learning that Kytheon was pretty terrible against Shambling Goblin. By the time I saw anymore lands Sidisi, Underdead Vizier was pretty much unstoppable. Game 2 I kept 1 lander again and pretty much lost the same way.

Loss: 0-2

I regret not mulliganing the 1-landers (especially the 2nd game). I played him in a 3rd game for fun, opened 3 lands and out-grinded him easily using Lanturn Scout to gain 12+ life. From this match-up I learned to never keep less than 2 lands.

Round 2: Vs RWW Allies and Equipment

My opponent had a slow start trying to set up with Weapons Trainer. I steamrolled him with Thalia’s Lieutenant. Game 2 he kept a one-lander, and ended up casting a skin invasion on his own Stoneforge Acolyte to get a larger blocker. Once again the Lieutenant closed out the game.

Win: 2-0

I was told repeatedly that this deck was very strong and that it topped recently, but I just didn’t see it. Quite possible my opponent just never opened well.

Round 3: Vs UR Fliers

I have a blazing fast opening game 1, winning ultimately due to Dragon Hunter ignoring Icefall Regent. Game 2 I got my opponent to 4 life, but failed to close out the game before he topdecks 2 Thunderbreak Regents to kill him. Game 3 while on too much tilt, I walked into Seismic Rupture lost all of my creatures and died to Thunderbreak. #Dreamsdead

Loss: 1-2

Losing after getting that close to winning game 2 doomed me. I wasn’t on my game and knew he had 2 for 1 cards like Twin Bolt and Seismic Rupture. I deserved to have my dreams killed here. Still feels bad though.

Round 4: Vs Mono-Red

Opponent was playing the deck I would’ve been running had I not quit this format a year ago. He did alot of damage to me, but Lanturn Scout healed me outside of burn range both games leading to his defeat.

Win: 2-0

Symbolically the same as killing that Valentina at the Force of Will pre-release. I pretty much had to kill me favorite deck to tie up my record.



I am renewed in my belief that Standard is the fairest magic format. I was way too upset by going 2-2 with 8 relevant rares and a pile of draft 4th picks. It wasn’t a bad experience. If Standard wasn’t a neverending money pit I might try to go back into it. I will say that the optimal curving out of this human deck though is beautiful. Nothing felt better than going:

Turn 1: Cast a 2/1 for 1

Turn 2: Cast 2 2/1’s for 1, swing for 2

Turn 3: Cast Thalia’s Lieutenant, swing for 9 with the pumped up team

It was pretty great. Anyway another perk was trading which is where all of the random cards came from.


Any way that’s all for now. Maybe someday I’ll go back to Standard. I do like fairness I must admit.


Thanks for reading as usual.


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