Getting all the Yugioh decks and all the Force of Will Rulers, Don’t worry I’m still a scrub regardless

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post after trying out Standard for the first time in almost a year. In that time I’ve gone through 2 FoW Locals, acquired a surplus of new cards and completed a collection I’d been working on. This post will appear somewhat scattered-brained so I apologize in advance.


FoW Locals Two Week Review

I’ve continued to force Grixis Seer of the Blue Moon (Kaguya 1.0).


On 4/17/16  my win condition was to drop a Lucifer and ride it to victory.

Round 1

Loss 0-2 to Sylvia Aggro

Round 2

Win 2-0 over Reflect Fairies

Round 3

Draw with Esper Shion after never finishing Game 1


On 4/24/16 my win condition was to attrition my opponents until I could drop a huge Servant of Kaguya

Round 1:

Win 2-0 over The Observer

Round 2:

Loss 0-2 to Blazer Split Heaven and Earth Turbo

Round 3:

Loss 1-2 to Slyvia -> Melgia Aggro


It’s been a long grind trying to find a build of Seer that can beat J/Ruler decks (the bane of my existence). I still love Seer and for that reason I’ll be fairly sad when her cluster rotates now sooner than expected.


Reaction to Each TCG’s Recent Changes

FoW has announced that starting in June, their AGP circuit will be using Alice Cluster cards only. This means that all of the cards from Grimm Block will no longer see competitive play. It feels almost akin to the Yugioh Adjusted List where the game thinks that stores will not honor the changes made by the competitive level and continue to play the older sets. At first I was indifferent though I’m a tiny bit upset that I might not be able to play my favorite ruler at locals. Among my playgroup though I don’t expect much change so I’m not really troubled by it. Still the actual rotation was supposed to occur in September of this year so it’s awkward (especially since the 4th Alice block set has been delayed).

Now that being said rotation is both a blessing and a curse. As it’s probably gone without saying at this point I hate Reflect/Refrain. I feel it’s an overpowered card that shouldn’t be this strong due to the depressing tiny role that the character has had in the story (UNLESS I’M MISSING SOMETHING). It just really upsets me that the strongest characters in the actual card game are pretty much unimportant to the lore. I’ve read every card in TTW and all I can tell about R/R is:

  • They have no clue why they’re here or what they’re doing (Taken from Rewriting Laws)
  • They don’t know how to solve the problems in front of them (Taken from Wall of Ideas)
  • They have a lot of power, but they haven’t shown it (Taken all of their basically never played support resonators)

Rotation might now R/R down a peg by taking away the key pieces from the  most of the recent top decks namely Alice World. Now the curse is that most of my and everyone’s cards now suddenly become useless outside of casual play. This is why I quit Standard. Don’t misunderstand me now, rotation is healthy for a card game (sorry Yugioh), but when you actually play the game its stinks to have the cards you invested in lose their value.

Anyway moving on…

Wizards of the Coast in recent news have cut the Modern Pro Tour and with it the appearance fees of the pro magic players. As a Yugioh player being upset about the company that makes my game is pretty much a daily occurrence. For that reason it’s rare for me to be able to chastise WoC for making a huge mistake. They’ve essentially made it impossible for players to make a professional career from playing Magic. Now to play devil’s advocate maybe there’s some merit to this, but in the short run all it’s down is upset the community. To be honest I’m certain WoC (like Konami) only cares about making money. Standard makes them the most money so its natural that they only wish to promote that format. However, while cutting modern is a somewhat saddening move, reducing the appearance fees of the pro seems like it will deter people from playing the game. Worse than that doing it out of the blue feels like a major breach of trust to the players who’ve worked hard for their game.

That being said, it doesn’t affect me in the least other than increasing my already strong desire to flip my modern elves deck (though this is a topic for its own post).



I finally completed my collection of all the Grimm and Alice block J/Rulers!




It’s been a goal of mine since starting this game to get all the J/Rulers. I drew the line at the Valhalla ones (due to their being rare and expensive), but all of these are a joy to have. I really like the lore from the Grimm and Alice block (which is what keeps me in this game honestly after I gave up on playing R/R).

In addition to that I’ve been building Mono-Black Spirits EDH and just  recently picked up 2 new yugioh deck cores.


I’m changing my goal now from making yugioh anime decks to making every iconic yugioh deck that stopped being meta (and thus became dirt cheap).


My relevant decks box, where I hold the strongest decks I have and even then they’re not that powerful anymore. What keeps me in Yugioh is a love for the show and for collecting cards to build honestly underpowered decks. I love grind games, I love matches that take time and I love player interaction. Modern yugioh has become too much about lockout and OTKs for my taste. This could be the time to discuss my creation of the Yugioh “Jank” format, but that too deserves its own post.

Anyway I’ve rambled on for awhile now. Thanks for reading as always.



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