Super Mega Important Naruto Banlist Update! You’ll never believe what happened! (Totally not a Magic Pre-Release Post)

They’ve finally done it. Naruto TCG has finally released its new ban list, one that will surely transform the meta. Of course the number one hit that everyone is talking about is the banning of N-203 Itachi Uchiha.


This card is broken. The only characters that damage it are:

  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • and Madara Uchiha

You know what all three of these cards have in common? There all red! This one card is forcing everyone to either main or splash red just to deal with it. Sure you can kill it with jutsu, but it’s Itachi so you now they can just counter any jutsu with the Sharinghan anyway. This card was beyond unhealthy for the format allowing people to run the degenerate Itachi x4 Stall deck that summoned all 4 Itachis and decked people out by hiding behind them!

I for one am very happy with this ban. I won’t bat an eye to the many Itachi players who now have to give Naruto Rasengan Aggro or Temari Bounce Control another look.



What do you mean April Fool’s Day was 2 days ago?

What the heck was I doing then?


While the actual answer to that is schoolwork, let’s pretend it was the Shadows Over Innistrad Pre-Release.


Your Investigator’s Deckbox


My Rares:


My partner opened a Wolf of Devil’s Breach also letting him build a savage Red/Green Wolf/Werewolf deck. Using the 3 Angelic Purges we opened I build Black/White control.


Round 1: Vs the same Couple as like 4 times before/RB Vamps and GW Investigate

This is the 5th time I’ve fought this pair in Philadelphia 2-HG events, though this may be the first time my team has beaten them. They had to throw removal spells at my partner’s giant bombs until they ran out of removal in the face of Elusive Tormenter + Gatstaf Arsonists. 2 alpha strikes later they were done. MVP was Sinister Concoction for making combat math impossible for them.

Win: 1-0

Round 2: Vs 2 Pretty Chill Dudes/RB Zombies and GW Tokens

While our opponents got 2 copies of Infectious Curse on us, I had the nuts opening of Elusive Tormentor + Always Watching so I was swinging every turn with a virtually un-killable 5/5. Our opponents tried to stablize with an 8/8 Uwenwald Hydra, but my partner ripped the madness lightning bolt off the top with Wolf of Devil’s Breach on board. We swung out bolt 2 of their blockers allowing our team to take them to 1 life. I resolved Elusive Tormentor’s effect to deal the final blow on the next turn.

Win: 1-0

Round 3: Vs The No-Split Nancies/UB Control and Red/White Flyers

Yeah these guys refused to split forcing us to play out the final match. They had a lot of flyers and rekt us in the early game before Devil’s Playground allowed us to stabilize and recover. A few turns of consistent beats narrowed the gap until they used Welcome to the Fold to steal my Kindly Stranger and flip it to kill out dudes. We outed the witch, but barely dodged him geting madness off for his from under the floorboards. He actually forgot he had the zombies which the only reason we wound up drawing after they wrathed the board after a failed alpha strike. We topped decked a madness bolt for their tooth collector leaving neither side a way to win. Final life totals were our 6 to their 4.

Draw 0-1-0



I opened nothing to write home about, but my partner got a Sorin and another Wolf of Devil’s Breach xD

I’m going to another Innistrad 2HG Pre-release today so we’ll have to see what happens this time.

Thanks for reading as always.