My Shining Victory (How to Build 2 Yugioh decks at one Sneak Peek!)

I went to the Shining Victories Sneak Peek yesterday as the massively time-consuming study break. As it’s currently 4 AM , I’m just going to upload some pictures and briefly give the highlights of the day.



Our 5 person party got to the Alternate Universes location at 1 pm nearing the store’s inevitable running out of sealed product. We all got 2 bundles of packs.

My most relevant pull was a Blue Eyes Spirit Dragon which I traded for the Nekroz of Trishula and Tezzeret (because I saw a lone mtg card in a ygo binder and got very excited). The day then became a grind of asking everyone in the store for Lunalight Panther Dancer as only 6 were opened in the store, but 5+ people (3 members of my own group included) wanted to build the deck.

I got all of the pieces for a Digital Bug deck in under 10 minutes, the only card I had to trade for being the Rhinocerus Xyz. I never found a Panther Dancer, but I got the rest of the deck (as did one of my comrades who did manage to get a single Panther).

A $1 binder was found at the store. Much of these random cards are from that binder, because $1 binders are love, $1 binders are life.

Someone sold me the FoW and Pkm cards too (happiness over getting almost all the card games! That I play anyway hehe).

The sneak peek was a blast and I’d go again if able. Truth be told it was just opening new cards and trading with up-charging strangers and shady types, but the results made it all worth.

The birds have started to chirp, which means its time to sleep. Thanks for reading as always,



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