How do you beat Archangel Avacyn in limited? Simple answer you don’t…

So I tried drafting SOI for the first time on Friday. I had not drafted since an RTR draft way back in December so I was seriously out of practice. I ended up with a fairly average deck that won over inexperienced players, but couldn’t beat a particular bomb mythic.


My Deck/Draft:


I tried to draft RB Madness (no vampires, because those are a luxury not easily accessible when 4 of the 8 drafters are in Red). What I ended up with is this very deck that simply races the opponent. You probably noticed the strange inclusion of white. I forced it in order to splash for Gryff’s Boon and Tenacity. Boon proved itself worth it, though I never resolved Tenacity. I took a Thing in the Ice pack 2 over cards more useful for my deck. That being said it made the night more useful in the long run (by actually getting a useful card for the future).



Round 1: Vs Mardu Equipment

My opponent ran as many equipment as he could get his hands on. His Militant Inquisitor was a potent threat while boosted due to them. I ended up losing Game 1 after gambling on a Malevolent Whispers to take him down to 3 life, but I didn’t draw into anyway to pump my Crow of Tidings for game (over the course of 3 turns…).

Game 2 my opponent main phase cast an Archangel Avacyn. I misplayed by attacking him, allowing it to flip and wipe the board. I didn’t draw into a way to out Avacyn, so it beat me easily.

Loss 0-2

Round 2: Vs Green White Combat Tricks

My opponent had multiple copies of Aim High in his deck. Once I got into the habit of playing around it his deck pretty much fell through. I did resolve Gryff’s Boon multiple times to win game 1 though. Giving an Accursed Witch flying forced out his Aim High and in turn got me the Infectious Curse as a life buffer.

Win 2-0

Round 3: Vs Green White Aggro

I got color screwed after a mulligan to 6 game 1. I had 4 black cards in hand and ultimately had to use Warped Landscape to find my first swamp on turn 5. All the white an army of small creatures beat me to 2 life making a comeback impossible. Now game 2 and 3 my opponent demonstrated a strange proclivity toward never cracking his clue tokens. I outraced him game 2. While in game 3 he got mana-flooded and still didn’t use his clue until it was just too late.

Win 2-1

It was only a three round tournament so that was it.




I was too hard on myself for a 2-1 record after the draft. For my first one in months I think I did pretty decent. Shadows is a very fun set to draft though I have to say. The synergies in the set are (in my opinion) very satisfying to utilize. Every time I resolved Madness I felt very happy with myself. It was a lot of fun, but also pretty stressful. I’m probably going to wait until Eternal Masters for my next draft excursion.


Anyways, thanks for reading as usual. The yugioh cards pictured are from some Millennium Packs I bought on a whim before the draft. This set has next to no monetary value, but I like the alternate art cards so it was not a total waste.



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