Misguided Optimism for the Eternal Masters PPTQ

I’m going to an Eternal Masters PPTQ tomorrow. I’m very excited for an opportunity to open some of the best cards in Magic and hopefully have a fun experience. Now there are some things to worry about, namely that this tournament costs a lot to enter and that only a few of the rares/foils pay for each pack. Now the cards that are expensive are absurd (especially cards printed in foil for the first time) so this could be a very lucrative trip. My other regret is missing a Philly Yugioh regional for the first time since coming here.

There are many cards I hope to open for EDH (Any Tutor), many cards I’d love to pull just to sell (Karakas) and many bulk rares cards I pray to never see (Call the Skybreaker).

Similar to that Standard tournament I went to over a year back, I’m just going to wing it and see what happens.

Thanks for reading as usual.


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