Eldritch Moon Pre-Release How to not play Black White Tokens…

In the quest to feel young again I went to the midnight pre-release for the new Magic set. This is the first time I’ve gone to the singles of a pre-release since Origins. I was fairly underwhelmed by my experience  so this maybe brief.


My Deck:


As stated I played a really slow, very grindy Black White Tokens deck. The plan was to swarm the board with 1/1 Flying tokens and cheese wins from there. However, it ended up being far too fair a sealed deck. I had no bomb that wins me the game on the point, hence the grinding.



Round 1: Vs Green White Humans

My opponent had the real goods between Westvale Abbey, Heron’s Grace Champion and Gisela the Broken Blade. I got very luck due to my opponent’s myriad of misplays (Not really up mana for Westvale Abbey, Forgetting his Crossroads booster, not focusing on Ormendahl, Thinking he could take enchantments from my graveyard, etc.) and multiple lucky top decks. For example after stabilizing at 3 life, my opponent played Pious Evangel while having 6+ creatures for Ormendahl. I had a Sigardian Priest onboard so I had the out to the huge flying demon. HOWEVER, had he flipped his Pious Evangel and then sacked 5 for Ormendahl he would’ve drained me for 5 winning the game. Instead he attacked and got 3 of his creatures killed.

Game 2 I topdecked a Collective Effort to kill his Gisela right after he dropped it winning the game on turn 2 of time.

Win 2-0


Round 2: Green White Delirum With No Bombs

My opponent went turn 1 Plains into Chaplain’s Blessing. This did more than give him 5 life as it successfully confused me for the rest of the match. Game 1 he only played Deathcap Culivator and the Crossroads dude all game. I added to my board slowly, but surely and defeated him.

Game 2 his mvp was Fiend Binder to keep tapping my big guy. That being said he had no cards in hand to my 4+ all game. It was slow, but tokens got there.

Win 2-0


Round 3: Vs Green/Red Aggro

I was playing against my former roommate and we tested the match-up during deck construction. His deck was fast, my deck was slow. This was a sad fact. So game 1 I almost stabilized with Wayward Disciple, but lost to It of the Horrid Swarm tokens. Game 2 he flooded and I won with Campaign of Vengeance. However, game 3 I ran out of creatures (holding Campaign and nothing else) and lost.

Loss: 1-2


Round 4:

It was 4:30 AM so I split with my opponent and left.




The format feels like a simple boardstall battle where the winner either plays a big creature first or removes the opponent’s best blocker. It wasn’t bad, but SOI was definitely a lot more fun. I have a 2HG Sealed for this set coming up soon where hopefully I won’t be underwhelmed by my performance. Anyway, that was pre-release 1, I’ll post pre-release 2 and hopefully another loot post soon (because I actually bought some Vanguard cards for a change, lol what?).

ALSO the best tip. Bring your own lands pre-sleeved to the pre-release. It saved me a lot of time and hassle 🙂

Thanks for reading as usual.



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