Magic the Gathering Eldritch Moon Pre-release: I used up all my luck and we paid the price!

This is going to be very short, very  unimpressive and pretty sad. Not going to lie, I’m only making this post because recalling the good times and the bad times are important in growing as a player. To make a long story short, we got creamed at pre-release and didn’t open any value


Karma for that Flooded Grove most likely. That being said today was still great for various other reasons.


Our Decks:


I played this Red/Green Werewolf deck while my partner played a Blue/Black Control deck.



Round 1: Vs Black/Red Control and Green/White Humans

My partner got mana flooded with 8 lands in play, Rise from the Tides in hand and a single Collective Brutality in his graveyard. I got mana-screwed having three 5 drops in hand. One huge attack from the opposing team took us from 22 to 9 and from there we were never coming back.

Round 2…

We got a bye…

Which did allow my partner to borrow one of my EDH decks and resolve the glory of Miwari’s Wake into Genesis Wave. I also realized that Horobi, Death’s Wail is fun (albeit terrible) general for my black spirit EDH deck, which is quickly becoming mono-black jank.

Round 3: Vs Black/White Control and Green/Not Evn Blue Control

So basically to prevent the green/blue player from escaping their color screw we murdered their scarecrow that searched lands. They then followed up with the Tree of Perdition…

Our life went to 13…

And that against the 2/3 that discards a card to cause both teams to lose 4 life (Skirsdag Cultists? I think), yeah we died very fast.


Forget thoughts, Eldritch Moon was a underwhelming and both pre-releases didn’t excite me. That being said, I have a renewed love for my 5-Color Promogenitus EDH deck, which I’ve recently put more effort into making as strong as possible. Watching the totally unfair amounts of value my partner managed to attain using my deck leads me to believe I’m close to an actually strong deck.

Anyway, thanks for reading and here’s to Kaladesh in September!


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