Magic the Gathering Eldritch Moon Draft: Can G/W Aggro spook the kids?

So like unfortunately all of my recent (and honestly Eldritch Moon posts) this is going to be short, underwhelming and kind of meh. I went to FNM to draft the new set, honestly because I wanted to have one, at least one great experience with these new cards. Yeah nah, but at least I got all I really wanted.


My Deck:


(Missing Card is a Collective Effort traded to my Round 3 Opponent after our match)

I tried to play an extremely low curb Green/White Humans list.

These were my first picks:


I had a lot of confusion between being a Delirium mid-range deck or an all-aggro deck. This would become apparent in the first round where my late game barely existed. Also after some advice from a friend I ended up dropping Nahiri’s Machinations since I wasn’t in red.



Round 1: Vs Red/Blue Emerge

We both mulligan to 6, but I get the early Collective Effort to pump my team and defeat the opponent on turn 5. Game 2 he mulliganed to 5, but I couldn’t out his Wretched Gryffs and eventually got beat in the air. Game 3 I made 2 mistakes. One was casting Nahiri’s Machinations before my 3/2 Slayer guy and mistake 2 was giving my opponent 2 creatures over their 4th land after he cast Epiphany at the Drownyard. I lost to Wretched Gryffs yet again.

Loss 1-2

Round 2: Vs Green/Black Delirium

My opponent had the strong power of multiple 4 CMC 4/3s. I was quickly taken to 2 life as Thraben Standard Bearer made a small horde of tokens. I used Borrowed Grace to taken his attackers, but the road to stabilizing 2 to 27 proved a long one. So what saved the day was Hope Against Hope on one of my Standard Bearers raising it to at its height a 9/9 Flying First Striker (Did I mention I got Gryff’s Boon on it too!). The ground was somehow effectively held by the flipped version of the Extractor of Sin who turned the 1/1 humans into the nice 3/2 Eldrazis which fought the 2/2 zombies made by his Noosegraf Mob. There was one turn he had game on me (6 attacks to 5 blockers), but I made the plains in my hand seems so threatening he held back. I shouldn’t have won this 20 minute game one.

And game 2 I curbed out perfectly defeating him without taking damage. Shrug

Win: 2-0

Round 3: Vs Blue/White Humans

So my opponent had the Lone Rider, which got walled game 1 by Desperate Sentry. I put both Hope against Hope and Gryff’s Boon said Sentry and just kept swinging in the air until he succumbed. Game 2 he used Strength of Arms on his Lone Rider in order to flip it into the 4/4 Eldrazi Horse. The first strike on the horse was relevant and it took him to the nice 35 and me to 8, before I managed to kill it using a huge block along with an Escalated Borrowed Grace. The road to turning the tables this time involved the power of the flipped Eldrazi maker and the graveyard ability of Gryff’s Boon. It kept making a threat he had to answer and well he couldn’t. I for a 3rd time assembled Exodia in the form of Standard Bearer + Hope Against Hope + Gryff’s Boon. He actually went from 31 to 0 in 3 turns.

Win 2-0




In hindsight despite my dreary opening to this post I had a lot of great games early tonight. You can only steal so many matches before you admit to having a decent draft. My deck was poor, but it was a good learning experience, especially at the start of the format. Anyway on impulse and so I can immediately turn my back on this set I just bought a Tamiyo, Field Researcher (a.k.a Omniscience under Doubling Season in EDH) so I don’r need anything else from Eldritch Moon (technically). The other cards were traded for either Promogenitus or my swiftly jankier Mono-Black spirit deck. All of my other EDH decks are in pieces at this point. Now I can go back to the truest of secret projects.


The slow acquisition of cards for the game I haven’t played in over year now that I found a tribe I actually like. Here’s to the Bermuda Triangle Mermaids deck in CFV!


Anyway, thanks for reading as usual.


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