The Fiasco of Yugioh Worlds 2016, Once we ban the meta whose even left to fight? (Banlist Discussion)

I thought a cool topic for analysis is the recently spoiled 2016 Banlist for the World Championships. This list is a combination of the TCG and OCG banlists with a number of specific bans on cards that support heal/burn archetypes (Mystik Wok and Tri and Guess) or indulge in weird player interactions (Yu-Jo Friendship?). All in all I don’t care about the list, but I would like to brainstorm what decks have a chance to win the tournament give the limited field.


What’s Banned that actually matters and Why does it matter that its banned:


The immediate things to jump out on the list are:

All of the Kozmo Cards are banned (As a tcg exclusive, Kozmo is gone completely. This wipes out of the pillars of the current tcg meta)

All of the Kaiju Cards are banned (While less important with the Kozmo ships now absent, the lack of Kaiju make Towers style boss monsters and stun monsters like Cyber Dragon Infinity far more powerful)

#39 Utopia the Lightning is banned (Again without Kozmo, the loss of Utopia isn’t as crucial, but again Towers monsters are far harder to kill)


What’s Limited and Why does it matter:




Relevant hit cards include:

Dante, Graff and Scarm to 1, (All of these hits make Burning Abyss and its Variant of Burning Abyss Phantom Knight much weaker. I’m certain it will be tried, but the deck seems underpowered)

Pendulum Sorcerer to 1, (Along with the banning of Unexepected Dai and Performapal Monkeyboard are solid hits to the Pendulum deck. That being said Sky Iris into Odd Eyes Unicorn is still the power play of the deck and the boards it can set up with Majespecter Kirin are still very viable)

Pantheism and Domain to 1, (I try to avoid being hyperbolic, but I think this actually kills Monarchs. No one is going to want to play the deck with its best draw spell limited. This list also kills the basic Domain build of monarchs leaving the whole archetype even more inconsistent)

Elemental HERO Shadow Mist and Mask Change II to 1 (I don’t think anyone was really planning to run heros at worlds, but right now they don’t feel that viable with their power cards restricted)


And Finally What was NOT hit and looks viable for the event:

Because this makes life easier I’ll just present these as a top 5 list:

#1 Blue Eyes


Begrudgingly, I think Blue Eyes is well-positioned in this format as the recently released movie pack gave the deck the one card it was missing, Alternative Dragon. Blue Eyes has consistent drawpower/filtering (Trade-In and Melody of the Awakening Dragon) and can counter Pendulum decks using Spirit Dragon. The only reason I’m hesitant to call Blue Eyes the best deck is that I feel like everyone will be siding heavily for it and that the deck folds to cards like Light-Imprisoning Mirror. Heck while not a deck I see as viable, Evilswarm may make an appearance just for their favorable match-up against Blue Eyes.

#2-4 All of the Major Demise Decks


Whether it be pure Anti-Meta, Qliphort or Tellarknights, trap/floodgate decks are stronger than ever with the plus 2 powerhouse that is card of demise. Last year Tellarknights won worlds by running a surplus of traps, which makes me believe that Demise decks will be strongly considered this year.

#5 Raidraptors


(I don’t know why this image is bigger than the others, but it illustrates my overwhelming fear of this card so it’s fine)

I cannot shake the feeling that Raidraptors are viable in this format. In the absence of Kaijus and #39 Utopia the Lightning there is no clean out to Raidraptor Ultimate Falcon (a 3500 attack point Apoqliphort Towers knockoff). This card is incredibly easy to summon by using Raidraptor Last Strix and as much as I hate to admit it, this card seems nearly invincible. I’m not sure someone would take the risk of running such a rogue deck, but I recall Harpies seeing play last year so anything could happen. Also no, the banning of Cattle Call isn’t enough to kill this deck, though I acknowledge the indirect hit.


Final Thoughts?

I could be completely wrong on these predictions, but from the available list this is the best I could do… (at 2 AM incidentally). I do think that the meta decks will be seen and that hitting a deck doesn’t necessarily make it unplayable. However, from my experience in yugioh most players tend to abandon decks when they get hit rather than innovate them. I don’t mean this as a derogatory statement, but more as an anecdotal observation of no real consequence.

Anyways, thanks for reading as usual.


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