When you ban Reflect only after everyone quits Force of Will (A Banning too late)

Well, FoW made the actually good decision to ban Reflect/Refrain from competitive play. Obviously, this is major news for the game and brings with it a myriad of pros and cons to discuss.


Pros of Reflect Being Banned:

  • Other rulers will actually see play (Gill Lapis, Shion, Kaguya, Val 2.0 and Machina come to mind)
  • The meta will become theoretically more diverse (with 70% of the field no longer being R/R)
  • No ruler ever has to be judged next to R/R (and thus seem like garbage in comparison)
  • The new cards have a chance of being meta (I’m not following the spoilers, but there’s gotta be some new rulers/strategies worth trying now)
  • Shows that “eventually” the Force of Will staff may actually listen to their player community


Cons of Reflect Being Banned:

  • Some number of players who were Reflect fans will quit the game
  • The price of Reflect will drop from $10 to $2 (or whatever it is)
  • The meta will become so diverse that side-boarding becomes much more challenging (which is arguably a good thing in my opinion)


And that’s about it. The problem is that banning Reflect by itself isn’t enough for me to return to this game. Now don’t get me wrong, this decision overjoys me more than anything FoW has done before. It was a good decision that makes the game better for everyone who is still playing the game. IF this happened say 2 months ago, I’d still be all about Force of Will. Sadly this is just too little, too late.

Thanks for reading as usual.


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