When Scumbag Blue Eyes White Dragon Sweeps Yugioh World Championship, but still loses to Madolche on camera…

The yugioh world championship occurred last week. Shunsuke Hiyama of Japan won the final round of the tournament over America’s Erik Christensen in a Blue Eyes mirror match. If you’re here, then you’ve probably already seen the cringe-worthy 14 minute final match wherein Erik bricks 2 games in a row and loses never even summoning a single Blue Eyes. It was a regrettable finale, which came after an otherwise swell event. However, it’s also lead me to speculate on what’s going to happen to the yugioh format in the near future.


Blue Eyes is Here to Stay

First of all, this year’s championship will likely give us the 2nd year in a row that the deck to win worlds doesn’t get hit on the banlist. Last year Tellarknights took worlds and the worst they got was a limitation of Reinforcement of the Army. Blue Eyes is looking to be the new meta. The deck was highly represented in the feature match area and easily dominated the event. It’s not getting touched or at least not in a direct manner.


B.A. and Monarchs aren’t going anywhere

Burning Abyss and Monarchs despite being crippled by the world’s list were still played and saw relative success. I’m taking this to mean that even once we (in the TCG) inevitably get the hits to Dante and Pantheism that both decks will still be viable, but hopefully not format-dominating.


Majespecters are Good?!

I mean they got a lot of camera time. The hexproof little critters saw quite a bit of play though it may have just been due to the world’s list. By the way this is a mini rant, but Majespecter Kirin is a terribly designed card in that it’s own archetype can’t even use it.


This thing is lv 6, but the highest Majespecter scale is 5. I’ve legit never seen this thing tribute summoned. I’m sure it could happen, but it seems horribly sub-optimal. I bring this up because this card is WAY too strong and deserves to be hit on the banlist, but likely will be ignored similar to Apex Avian before him (both are cards that only with the mechanic of the Pendulum Summon are really unfair, but somehow not consistent enough to hit).


Anyway, I don’t have much more to say. I’m really looking forward to the banlist to shake up this very very stale metagame. Thanks for reading as usual.



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