Kaladesh Pre-Release Literally the Worst 2HG Experience of my Life (No Value and 1-2 for the worst reason)

So this title might lead one to believe my pre-release was “bad”. It wasn’t bad, but it also was not too great either. Essentially our 2HG bid ended so badly we decided to play in the main event an hour later on impulse. I’m beyond exhausted and playing Magic pretty much since noon so this post is going to be brief.


2HG Decks and Rounds

I played Red/Black Cheese with Ping Effects and my partner played Green/White Midrange


This weird messy photo is the end result of our two decks.


Round 1: Vs Red/White Aggro and Blue/Black Control

Not only did we start the day off with a savage round 1 teamkill, but things were put over the top when our friend busted out the dreaded turn 4 Chandra, Torch of Defiance. We tried to kill it with Hunt the Weak to kill their Aerial Responder with our own, but a Subtle Strike ended that and Chandra killed us in short order afterward.

Loss 0-1

Round 2: Vs Red/Black Vehicles and Blue/Green Control

We played against the same couple that I’ve encountered at least 5 times now in this city. We played a pretty fair back and forth until the guy played Saheeli’s Artistry to copy our Cultivator of Blades and his partner’s Ovalchase Dragster. They then swung for 12, pumped to 15 by a Built to Smash. Things like that are hard to recover from and from the already dismal tone of this post you can tell that we didn’t.

Loss 0-1

Round 3: Vs ???

After spending the last 15 minutes of the round configuring new decks for the last round (Blue/Black Control and Red/White Vehicles) we got the bye…

Then in order to kill time until the actual event we played mental magic with our bulk…


Singles Deck and Rounds


I played Black/White Midrange with the bombs of the Skysovereign, Consul Flagship and the Angel of Invention.

Round 1: Vs Bant Midrange

My opponent kept a slow hand game 1 and I took the early lead. He tried to stabilize with Multiform Wonder, but it lost to my creature swarm. Game 2 I again steamroll him, this time due to color issues.

Win 2-0

Round 2: Vs Esper Fliers

  • Game 1 my opponent gets color-screwed and loses.
  • Game 2 I mulligan to 5, struggle quite a bit then lose.
  • and finally Game 3 my opponent’s first 6 lands were 5 plains and 1 Aether Hub.

It was a miracle he managed to cast any spells at all.

Win 2-1

Round 3: Vs Orzhou Midrange Mirror Match

So we had the same deck right down to both having:

  • Flagship
  • Kambal
  • Scrapheap Scrounger
  • Subtle Strike
  • Revoke Privileges


Game 1 he got his Flagship established and I lost.

Game 2 I saw my flagship die, but it got me enough value to still win. Game 3 I lose in time after misplaying and not killing his Marionette Master before he managed to kill one of his own artifacts to burn me for game.

Loss: 1-2

Round 4: Vs Gruul Aggro

I agree with my opponent to split, but he asks that we play the match out for the extra pack. I acquiesce before stealing game 1 off my Flagship. Game 2 I just removed his threats until I had board control. My opponent post game that he had a Chandra that never arrived.

Win: 2-0

So I won 4 packs which I cracked, opening a Torrential Gearhulk that has since been traded away.



It wasn’t a bad day. My roommate opened a Painter’s Servant masterpiece, friends from round one opened Chandra and Sculpting Steel masterpiece. Meanwhile, I can always look back at my Expedition Flooded Grove and recall that my luck had been sent long ago. Still I had a good time overall. Though going to events back to back is very bad for at least my own sanity.

Thanks for Reading


Not even Double Cyber Dragon Infinity can Stop Utopia the Lightning! (Regional Report) 5000 Attack no responding = GG

I’m really tired, but I might as well recant the tales of now yesterday’s yugioh regional.

I’m just going to recall what I can from remember in as few words as possible. Please pardon any spelling/grammar goofs.


My Deck:


I played Nekroz Kaiju. I’m going to just say upfront I had no thoughts of winning or topping this regional. I just wanted to spend time with friends, trade and hopefully plus. I did manage to do this thankfully.


Round 1: Vs Super Quantum Artifacts

Guy didn’t the Super Quantum Boss monster, which helps because I never saw a Kaiju. Interrupted Kaiju Slumber did come down and swung the game in my favor. We then started a game of cat&mouse as I tried to Synchro Trish him and he desperately tried to stop it, first with Artifact Scythe, then by using the Red Super Quant to pop Glow-Up Bulb. He didn’t.

Game 2 He makes the Red Xyz guy and Dweller, but I had the Kaiju that led to his defeat.

Win 2-0


Round 2: Vs Buster Blader Blue Eyes

So I had to figure out how the trap that summons Buster Blader and miracle fusions Buster Blader worked on the fly. Then how the lock worked. That being said once I realized that Kaijus easily answered his entire set-up the match-up was easy.

Game 2 similarly was won by Kaiju over Buster Dragon turning the Buster Blader fusion into a 3000 vanilla piercer.

Win: 2-0


Round 3: Fire King Kozmo

Opponent passes without doing anything and hit him for a bunch. He then scooped.

Game 2 he starts combo-ing with the Fire King Island, but I manage some opposition. He ends his turn by summoning 2 Cyber Dragon Infinities on my open board. I had a set instant fusion and no cards in hand (also I later learned that making 2 CDIs in the same turn using Nova Dragon was illegal, but yeah).


I topdecked Senju, played it, it got negated. Used a mirror to search from grave, he negated. Then I flipped Instant Fusion made #39 The Lightning and swung for game.

This was the highlight was whole day.

Win: 2-0


Round 4: Fire King Kozmo

I was quickly paid back by a much better Kozmo player.

Loss: 0-2


Round 5: Vs Majespecter Draco-Pals

Majespecter Kirin single-handedly beat me 2 games in a row.

Loss 0-2


Round 6: Vs Heroes

Lost to Dark Law plus Rafflesia game 1. Bricked game 2, only bad match-up of the day due to opponent being the worst of the yugioh community (a whiny entitled manchild)

Loss: 0-2


Round 7: Vs Metalfoes

I had never seen this deck before (despite knowing it had topped). I was also falling asleep at the table so that contributed to my losing yet again.

Loss: 0-2


Round 8: Vs Magician Pendulum

My opponent couldn’t out Dogoran, but I scooped to have time for games 2 and 3. I didn’t get that far due to bricking.

Loss: 0-2


Round 9: Vs Felgrand Dragunity

Ok, after a long 5 rounds of consecutive losses, this game was my last stand. My opponent had mashed 2 structure decks together and added literally every meta relevant. While Arkbrave Dragon + Dragunity Leviathan was his key combo, he also had Crystal Wing, Omega, Anti-Spell and Strike. I still took game 1 after I trished his Arkbrave.

Game 2 I took the Maxx C, got him to 1600 life, but misplayed not negating his dragon ravine with #38. He made Crystal Wing + Coral Dragon and raigeki’d me, but I chained Treacherous Trap Hole to destroy everything. I topdecked instant fusion, but lost to antispell making me set it first.

Game 3 he tries the same combo with Red Eyes Darkness Metal, but Kaiju Slumber into Kaleidoscope gave me the end board of #38 and Abyss Dweller which finished him off in my only game 3 of the day.

Win 2-1



Why did I do this?

Well I’m not getting sucked back into competitive Yugioh (at least not whole Pot of Desires is $70). But after abandoning Fow (other than its EDH format, which is great and deserves its own post another day), I have focused much more on my Magic EDH decks. That being said I still and will always love Nekroz and yugioh. This tournament was just a break from the monotony of college life. Also I picked up these cards in various trades, purchases and also moved my Omega at long last.


Today was a wild ride. I don’t regret it. I had a fun overall, hanging out with great friends (2 of which topped the regional!).

Thanks for managing to interpret this rambling.

Which is better: a Harem of Yugioh Traptrix or Taking the Magic Crown?

Yugioh Mega Tin 2016


I cracked 2 of the recent Yugi Mega Tins a few weeks back. This second run of Mega Tins has continued Konami’s trend of reprinting all of the major cards from last year’s core sets. In this case, Crossed Souls, Dimension of Chaos, and Breakers of Shadows were the main sets reprinted.


My Pulls:


The Mega Tin has effectively crashed the price of every card reprinted in it. Solemn Strike (at the time of this post) is the most expensive card to pull at a mere $20 (I say that because this card had a height of $50 a few months back). I wanted this set for the reprints and the new D/D/D support so I am very satisfied with my pulls. I’ve since traded for a Clear Wing Synchro Dragon the only other Mega Pack card I really wanted.

As far as general thoughts go, the Mega Tin is a good time to pick up cards for cheap that may be worth something down the road. An example of this is Jiaotu, Darkness of the Yang Zing reprinted in the lack Mega Tin that has recently shot up due to the Metalfoe Yang Zing variant. I’m not really speculating on any cards from the Mega Tin, but I don’t plan on selling any of my excess foils at the moment.


Conspiracy 2: Take the Crown

I can safely say the draft format of Conspiracy 2 was incredibly fun. My favorite card was Leovold’s Emissary which effectively lets you take two cards from a pack (allowing you to avoid those tough later decisions.

My 1st Picks

  • 1st pick/1st Pick was Phyrexian Arena
  • 2nd pack/1st pick was Regicide
  • 3rd pack/1st pick was Exotic Orchard

My pod then drafted our pity pack and I first picked Recruiter of the Guard (but didn’t play it)


My Deck:


I played Sultai Control based heavily in Black. The strength of my deck was 100% the 3 copies of Regicide. Between first picking 1 and being passed 2, I was equipped with 3 one mana kill spells for everything but the vanilla 5/7 artifact creature. Needless to say they came in handy over the course of the hour and half long 4-player grindfest that came afterward.

Match: Vs Naya Aggro vs 60 Card Green/White Monarchy Matters and vs Hymm of the Wilds Mono Creature Deck

This game took forever and there’s no reason to go into much detail about it.



So what happened was:

The Naya player was stuck on mana and color screwed ending the game with 1 white source and 6 lands in play (after more than an hour)

The Hymm of the Wilds Player had an army of creatures, but had to hold the ground against the Monarchy Matters player

Said Monarchy Player had 3 Throne Wardens that grew during his time as the monarch up to 8/8, 7/7 and 4/4.

I had the ground held with Shambling Goblins/Zombie tokens thanks to my Conspiracy Assemble the Rank and Vile. What turned the tables on everyone else were my 3 copies of Cloaked Siren.

After an endphase Regicide on the Monarchy players heavily invested into Animus of Predation (Flying, Trample, Vigilance) I domed him for 9 in the air. After he made a flying blocker I killed it with Murder before finishing him with the Sirens.

The Hymm player tried Goading the Naya player into attacking me with his first big creature, but I had the ground troops to block it. I then kept turning the Siren horde sideways until both of them lost.

I finished the game at 5 life with 4 cards left in deck. Due to holding the Monarch alongside Phyrexian Arena I was effectively drawing 3 cards per turn.



The draft part of Conspiracy 2 was the most fun I had drafting in ages. The actual game was a tense grindfest, which admittedly wasn’t that much fun. Despite this I would still definitely recommend drafting Conspiracy 2 for the sheer fun of it (because there’s not much value in the set anymore outside of rare foils currently). In the same manner as the Mega Tins, these cards need a long time to accrue (or regain) value.


Anyway, I’m going to enter a Yugioh regional in a few hours. So there’ll be that to talk about.

Until then thanks for reading as usual.