Which is better: a Harem of Yugioh Traptrix or Taking the Magic Crown?

Yugioh Mega Tin 2016


I cracked 2 of the recent Yugi Mega Tins a few weeks back. This second run of Mega Tins has continued Konami’s trend of reprinting all of the major cards from last year’s core sets. In this case, Crossed Souls, Dimension of Chaos, and Breakers of Shadows were the main sets reprinted.


My Pulls:


The Mega Tin has effectively crashed the price of every card reprinted in it. Solemn Strike (at the time of this post) is the most expensive card to pull at a mere $20 (I say that because this card had a height of $50 a few months back). I wanted this set for the reprints and the new D/D/D support so I am very satisfied with my pulls. I’ve since traded for a Clear Wing Synchro Dragon the only other Mega Pack card I really wanted.

As far as general thoughts go, the Mega Tin is a good time to pick up cards for cheap that may be worth something down the road. An example of this is Jiaotu, Darkness of the Yang Zing reprinted in the lack Mega Tin that has recently shot up due to the Metalfoe Yang Zing variant. I’m not really speculating on any cards from the Mega Tin, but I don’t plan on selling any of my excess foils at the moment.


Conspiracy 2: Take the Crown

I can safely say the draft format of Conspiracy 2 was incredibly fun. My favorite card was Leovold’s Emissary which effectively lets you take two cards from a pack (allowing you to avoid those tough later decisions.

My 1st Picks

  • 1st pick/1st Pick was Phyrexian Arena
  • 2nd pack/1st pick was Regicide
  • 3rd pack/1st pick was Exotic Orchard

My pod then drafted our pity pack and I first picked Recruiter of the Guard (but didn’t play it)


My Deck:


I played Sultai Control based heavily in Black. The strength of my deck was 100% the 3 copies of Regicide. Between first picking 1 and being passed 2, I was equipped with 3 one mana kill spells for everything but the vanilla 5/7 artifact creature. Needless to say they came in handy over the course of the hour and half long 4-player grindfest that came afterward.

Match: Vs Naya Aggro vs 60 Card Green/White Monarchy Matters and vs Hymm of the Wilds Mono Creature Deck

This game took forever and there’s no reason to go into much detail about it.



So what happened was:

The Naya player was stuck on mana and color screwed ending the game with 1 white source and 6 lands in play (after more than an hour)

The Hymm of the Wilds Player had an army of creatures, but had to hold the ground against the Monarchy Matters player

Said Monarchy Player had 3 Throne Wardens that grew during his time as the monarch up to 8/8, 7/7 and 4/4.

I had the ground held with Shambling Goblins/Zombie tokens thanks to my Conspiracy Assemble the Rank and Vile. What turned the tables on everyone else were my 3 copies of Cloaked Siren.

After an endphase Regicide on the Monarchy players heavily invested into Animus of Predation (Flying, Trample, Vigilance) I domed him for 9 in the air. After he made a flying blocker I killed it with Murder before finishing him with the Sirens.

The Hymm player tried Goading the Naya player into attacking me with his first big creature, but I had the ground troops to block it. I then kept turning the Siren horde sideways until both of them lost.

I finished the game at 5 life with 4 cards left in deck. Due to holding the Monarch alongside Phyrexian Arena I was effectively drawing 3 cards per turn.



The draft part of Conspiracy 2 was the most fun I had drafting in ages. The actual game was a tense grindfest, which admittedly wasn’t that much fun. Despite this I would still definitely recommend drafting Conspiracy 2 for the sheer fun of it (because there’s not much value in the set anymore outside of rare foils currently). In the same manner as the Mega Tins, these cards need a long time to accrue (or regain) value.


Anyway, I’m going to enter a Yugioh regional in a few hours. So there’ll be that to talk about.

Until then thanks for reading as usual.


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