Not even Double Cyber Dragon Infinity can Stop Utopia the Lightning! (Regional Report) 5000 Attack no responding = GG

I’m really tired, but I might as well recant the tales of now yesterday’s yugioh regional.

I’m just going to recall what I can from remember in as few words as possible. Please pardon any spelling/grammar goofs.


My Deck:


I played Nekroz Kaiju. I’m going to just say upfront I had no thoughts of winning or topping this regional. I just wanted to spend time with friends, trade and hopefully plus. I did manage to do this thankfully.


Round 1: Vs Super Quantum Artifacts

Guy didn’t the Super Quantum Boss monster, which helps because I never saw a Kaiju. Interrupted Kaiju Slumber did come down and swung the game in my favor. We then started a game of cat&mouse as I tried to Synchro Trish him and he desperately tried to stop it, first with Artifact Scythe, then by using the Red Super Quant to pop Glow-Up Bulb. He didn’t.

Game 2 He makes the Red Xyz guy and Dweller, but I had the Kaiju that led to his defeat.

Win 2-0


Round 2: Vs Buster Blader Blue Eyes

So I had to figure out how the trap that summons Buster Blader and miracle fusions Buster Blader worked on the fly. Then how the lock worked. That being said once I realized that Kaijus easily answered his entire set-up the match-up was easy.

Game 2 similarly was won by Kaiju over Buster Dragon turning the Buster Blader fusion into a 3000 vanilla piercer.

Win: 2-0


Round 3: Fire King Kozmo

Opponent passes without doing anything and hit him for a bunch. He then scooped.

Game 2 he starts combo-ing with the Fire King Island, but I manage some opposition. He ends his turn by summoning 2 Cyber Dragon Infinities on my open board. I had a set instant fusion and no cards in hand (also I later learned that making 2 CDIs in the same turn using Nova Dragon was illegal, but yeah).


I topdecked Senju, played it, it got negated. Used a mirror to search from grave, he negated. Then I flipped Instant Fusion made #39 The Lightning and swung for game.

This was the highlight was whole day.

Win: 2-0


Round 4: Fire King Kozmo

I was quickly paid back by a much better Kozmo player.

Loss: 0-2


Round 5: Vs Majespecter Draco-Pals

Majespecter Kirin single-handedly beat me 2 games in a row.

Loss 0-2


Round 6: Vs Heroes

Lost to Dark Law plus Rafflesia game 1. Bricked game 2, only bad match-up of the day due to opponent being the worst of the yugioh community (a whiny entitled manchild)

Loss: 0-2


Round 7: Vs Metalfoes

I had never seen this deck before (despite knowing it had topped). I was also falling asleep at the table so that contributed to my losing yet again.

Loss: 0-2


Round 8: Vs Magician Pendulum

My opponent couldn’t out Dogoran, but I scooped to have time for games 2 and 3. I didn’t get that far due to bricking.

Loss: 0-2


Round 9: Vs Felgrand Dragunity

Ok, after a long 5 rounds of consecutive losses, this game was my last stand. My opponent had mashed 2 structure decks together and added literally every meta relevant. While Arkbrave Dragon + Dragunity Leviathan was his key combo, he also had Crystal Wing, Omega, Anti-Spell and Strike. I still took game 1 after I trished his Arkbrave.

Game 2 I took the Maxx C, got him to 1600 life, but misplayed not negating his dragon ravine with #38. He made Crystal Wing + Coral Dragon and raigeki’d me, but I chained Treacherous Trap Hole to destroy everything. I topdecked instant fusion, but lost to antispell making me set it first.

Game 3 he tries the same combo with Red Eyes Darkness Metal, but Kaiju Slumber into Kaleidoscope gave me the end board of #38 and Abyss Dweller which finished him off in my only game 3 of the day.

Win 2-1



Why did I do this?

Well I’m not getting sucked back into competitive Yugioh (at least not whole Pot of Desires is $70). But after abandoning Fow (other than its EDH format, which is great and deserves its own post another day), I have focused much more on my Magic EDH decks. That being said I still and will always love Nekroz and yugioh. This tournament was just a break from the monotony of college life. Also I picked up these cards in various trades, purchases and also moved my Omega at long last.


Today was a wild ride. I don’t regret it. I had a fun overall, hanging out with great friends (2 of which topped the regional!).

Thanks for managing to interpret this rambling.


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