Invasion: Vengeance Sneak Peek, What even happened here? Why was it so terrible?

To complete a day wherein I got 3 hours of late beforehand (on a cold museum floor) I must recall the events of the earlier Yugioh Sneak Peek.

I’m beyond tired so this is going to be short.




Results from the first 5 packs.


Pulls from all 10 packs.



No Toadally Awesome pulls here…



Yep even at 2 AM that wasn’t funny. I’m sorry.

One of my friends did open said Rank 2 Xyz alongside winning the raffled mat. This is when the store offered a win-a-box tournament, however he forgot his deck so he borrowed/augmented my Tellar Ties deck for the event on the spot.


The Likely Last Tellar Ties Deck Profile 




So like we built this deck on the spot using cards from my deck and our pulls.

Why didn’t I enter you ask?

Well I didn’t have Silver Gadget at that point so my ABC deck wasn’t complete (I now have said gadgets).

Anyway to make a long story short, my friend who plays Blue-Eyes team-killed my friend playing said aforementioned Tellar deck. He then went on to get rulesharked into game 1 loss round 2. I walked away at this point only to return to watch Toadally Awesome steal his Blue Eyes Spirit Dragon…

And so the story started cool, got less cool and thus ended in sadness.

Anyway, the ABC deck is almost done (bar the Pot of Desires I have no intention of being). I’ll likely discuss it after I get in more playtesting. As for the event it was not as fun as Shining Victories or Breakers of Shadow in that the common/low rarity archetypes don’t interest me at all (Chimecritters and Crystrons? Yeah no thanks). I’m somewhat excited to start building Predator Plants though the fact that they’re now called Predaplants has somewhat lessened my enthusiasm.

In conclusion too many meme-names this set.

Thanks for reading as usual.

$35 Yugioh Star Pack Box? $8 Tin Goldfish? What could possibly go wrong?

I wish I could find a time to post about my card game exploits at some time other than 3-4 AM. Anyway, this blog post is about the last 2 Yugioh related things I did.


Here’s what happened:


Star Pack 2014: The Hunt for Goldfish

So a buddy of mine thought it would be a decent gamble to crack Star Pack 2014 in order to get Tin Goldfish and Photon Thrashers for new meta decks (Heroes and ABCs).


We got each on Amazon for $36. Tin Goldfish is $10 and Thrasher is $5. Could we break even or plus?

You already know the answer. You seldom plus, but you often break even.


Honestly, I loved opening this set. $36 for 50 three card packs? Packs filled with generic Xyz monsters? Sign me up! This box opening has fueled the extra of many jank format Yugioh decks.


Relevant Pulls


Due to Thunder End Dragon being $2 or adequately explained reason this wasn’t a terrible box value-wise. I already had Photon Thrashers from my jank decks so these are just extra for me to move online. Only getting 2 Goldfish hurts, but it was still a fair opening.



Yugioh Locals 10/21/16

Ties of Brethren Tellarknights  at the Yesterday’s Locals

So after buying into multiple Yugi’s Legendary Decks II and decided to try out Satellarknights updated with Ties of Brethren.

This deck is in a very initial stage so most of my choices (all of my choices) may not be optimal.


Yes I only have 2 Ties at the moment. I have the 3rd in the mail, but ran the deck with 2 last night.


There were a lot of flaws in this extra deck, but at the end of the day Triverr is all that really matters.


So I was planning to play Kozmo and test Tellar Ties afterward. After being goaded into playing this deck instead I hastily made this side deck using random stuff from my Kozmo deck. I sided Daigusto Emeral for longer games…

Moving on…


Round 1: Vs Yosenju Kaiju

This was a surprisingly unfair match up in my favor. The mix of traps and Altair effectively kept my opponent from getting off the ground at all. Game 2 I opened turn 1 ties and walled up behind multiple traps. It was scarily one-sided after I Nova-Alpha countered his first Yosenju.

Win 2-0


I got the bye round 2…


Round 3: Vs Chain Beat

So both of us were playing low monster count high trap count decks. As a result our game 1 was a 20 minute grindfest. Every creature got destroyed one after another. He had double Burden of the Mighty on board so my only path to victory was poking with weak monsters while keeping his guys off the board. I couldn’t go into Triverr due to my opponent setting up multiple Void Trap Holes off Myrmello and Duality.

The early game I bricked opening only my own Myrmello and double Stellarnova Alpha. My opponent played Prohibition on Stellarknight Altair (which I of course drew). I ended up using Call of the Haunted to reanimate Myrmello to destroy Prohibition. After getting out Altair I began the next leg of the battle. How do you kill Wind-Up Rabbit and Evilswarm Thunderbird when you play a deck of targeted and mass removal?

My answer was use trap to get said chain beat dude to attempt a tag out, then using Stellarnova Alpha to negate and destroy it. This incredibly resource intensive play downed 1 Rabbit and 1 Thunderbird before the end of Game 1. I won the match with 5 cards left in deck as a 700 attack Deneb launched the final direct attack.

Game 2 I forced through Triverr early on and took the game by defending him with a pile of traps. It wasn’t nearly as satisfying as the first match up though. That game was the most grindy Yugioh game I’d played in ages.

Win 2-0



I’m certain this deck isn’t actually competitive without Solemn Strike (which I have no intention of buying), but it’s also on par with my Kozmo deck so I’m not sure which to play if I either keep playing either with the new ABC deck coming out. Regardless, it was a nice change of pace and a fairly fun deck to play. Similar to when card of Demise came out, I’d argue that Ties of Brethren may offer a chance for Tellarknights to exist in this format as an acceptable rogue deck.

Thanks for reading as always.

Kozmourning My Career (2 Yugioh Local Reports)

I don’t have a lot of time to discuss copious amounts of:

  • Bricking
  • Misplays
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Redemption
  • Pain
  • Team Kills
  • and Top decks


So with all that needless build-up, let’s get started. (Apologies in advance for spelling/grammar errors)


Normal School Locals 10/14/16

Round 1: Vs Ghostrick Artifacts (Ghostfacts)

I loaned my buddy the artifacts so his Ghostrick deck could have a better Majespecter match-up. Artifacts however do nothing against Kozmo and failed to prevent me easily taking game 1.

Game 2 he opened a horrific brick that I’ll do my best to show using my sub-par artistic talent and bulk cards lying around.


He topdecked Allure and blind-allured into Terrorop and a trap losing both. It wasn’t pretty.

Win 2-0

Round 2 Vs Yosenju Kaiju

Game 1 I throw up Cyber Dragon Infinity + Tin with a Ship loaded, but the Kaiju easily wreck me DESPITE HIM FORGETTING TO DROP MAXX C ON MY INSTANT FUSION. Game 2 his only Yosenju gets solemned and Farmgirl wins me the game when my opponent (with multiple tops under his belt) forget he had Speedroid Menko. Game 3 and hopefully this offers pity for him…

His opening 6 cards are these…


I keep attacking him with Honest until he dies. He never draws into a playable card…

I may have been hard on him for his misplays, but now the guy has been triggered by the number 6 ever since. Feels bad man.

Win 2-1

Round 3: Vs Cyber Angel Star Seraph Herald

So when our far more legit friend appeared from the neighboring college we were happy when he played against our local Blue Eyes star round 1. HOWEVER, after we saw the nightmare of Herald + insane card advantage all of our hope soon vanished. Blue Eyes lost to this in under 20 minutes both players not seeing a 3rd turn…

So game 1 I am knocked to 100 life due to Manju and Herald keeping my pilots from ever making themselves relevant. I set Ghost Ogre and Vanity’s. I flip Vanity’s at the one instance he somehow has no fairy in hand. His Manju, Herald and Gale Dogra are stalled by my 2 Strawmen and Ghost Ogre until he realizes he has no outs left in deck and surrenders.


So games 2 and 3 I opened all monsters…

Game 2 he assembled his combo (Alongside everyone’s favorite Archlord Kristiya), so I didn’t get to play.

Game 3 I put Dark Destroyer out in response to his first ritual spell, but I never saw him using Star Seraph Stick and Chair to make Utopia S39 into Utopia the Lightning to run over my destroyer and defeat me.

Loss 1-2


And so ended our Solemn Strike tournament. I can safely say whenever you think you’ve found the most frustrating Yugioh deck, there’s another still to come…


So earlier today my the same Blue Eyes and Yosenju Kaiju player got me to join them in hitting up the nearest Yugioh OTS store (outside of Philly of course). Thus a new not local locals occurred.


A.U. Local Tournament 10/15/16

Round 1: Vs the Gosh Darn Yugi’s Legendary Deck Yugi deck

My opponent set a monster and passed.

I normal summon Farmgirl and attack to reveal Magician’s Valkyrie…

I set Vanity’s and do something mulliganing with Kozmotown.

He normal summons Breaker, the Magical Warrior. I drop Dark Destroyer in response to its effect to add a counter to destroy it.

I add back Farmgirl and attack him with it.

He drops Kuriboh…

I make Cyber Dragon Infinity in the second main phase.

He normal summons Skilled Dark Magician and attacks my Farmgirl.

I absorb Skilled Dark and attack him for game.

Game 2 he opens the exact same cards.

I make Pleiades instead of Infinity, but the result is the exact same…

Win 2-0

Round 2: Vs Masked Heroes

I played against the same guy who single-handedly sullied my last regional experience by being ridiculously rude during our match.

Game 1 he drops Dark Law + Rafflesia, but I use Raigeki to crush them both. He never recovers and I take the game.


Game 2 I sided to go second and he makes me go first. I put out a turn one Cyber Dragon Infinity, but he Kaiju’s it and defeats me on his 2nd turn.

Game 3 I lose to Phantom Knight Wings protecting his Masked Hero Acid after we both lose all of our resources.

Loss 1-2

Round 3 Vs Dark Magician

I’m bad.

I’m really really bad.

I lost all respect for myself after this game.

I misplayed amazingly and still somehow won due to my opponent both not knowing how his cards worked or how to pressure at all.

So I had 1900 life. I normal Soartrooper, reanimate a 2nd one from my grave. Realize I have like no life. Etele into Farmgirl, make Breaksword to break my Kozmotown and his Dark Magic Circle. Search my deck only to realize I put Dark Destroyer in grave turn 1 and that I can’t run over his 2800 Magician of Dark Chaos (with no spells ever placed in his grave). I put Dark Lady in defense and pass. Dark Chaos runs over Breaksword taking me to 100.

I topdeck raigeki for the Chaos, but fear something attacking Dark Lady for game so I stay in defense and set tincan. He passes.

I topdeck Kozmojo and attack with Lady, and pass. He sets Eternal Soul, attacks with Magician Rod and I Kozmojo it.

I topdeck call of the haunted and set it. He activates Eternal Soul in his main phase, but I pop it with Slipridder destroying his board. I swing for game on the next turn.

I didn’t deserve this…

Game 2 I set up turn 1 Dark Destroyer + Forerunner + Vanity’s for his Magician’s Navigation. Oh yeah he forgot to use that card’s 2nd effect to goof my Kozmojo or Call of the Haunted…

Anyway he lost on the 3rd turn.

Win 2-0


Top 4

I rematch the dang Masked Hero guy. I was beyond done with this dude, but I accepted reality offering me yet another chance to try and defeat him.

Game 1 I win off a Dark Destroyer popping Dark Law only to get hit by Rafflesia’s Floodgate Traphole. However from there I win off Farmgirl direct attacks.

Game 2 I’m forced to go first and open MST x2, Call of the Haunted, Storming and Slipridder. He twin twisters the Storming Mirror Force and then kills him.

Game 3 I lose my Dark Destroyer to Utopia the Lightning. I manage to wreck his Lightning and Castel with Storming Mirror Force. However he recovers and wipes my whole board. I have no cards on field or in hand. However…


topdeck Tincan, adding Forerunner and next turn drawing Instant Fusion to Castel away his defending Masked Hero Acid for game.

The heart of the cards were literally on my side. I against didn’t deserve this.

My last opponent and I rolled a die for 1st place since we were fighting over 1 pack. Also they didn’t have any OTS packs so that was great…

Thus, I got 2nd place winning 5 packs.



Anyway, I pulled a Solitaire which is $5, which was the entrance fee.

Breaking even at its finest.



I mess 2013 yugioh where games didn’t end by turn 3. I mess yugioh that seemed fair. Also once Toadally Awesome comes out next yet (as the Hero guy pointed out way more than once) the Masked Hero deck would actually become meta and thus more unfair turn 1 lockout boards with exist.

I’m legitimately considering going back to MTG Standard.

I say after buying a box of Star Pack 2014 for the lolz and pre-ordering an Invasion of Vengeance box to get said Toad…

I totally know what I’m doing I swear…

Thanks for reading this nonsense. Remember to try and learn from your misplays folks…

Three Weeks of Learning Kozmo (Pain and Suffering)

After a long time of playing Nekroz, I retired my ritual spells to try playing something more meta. I chose Kozmo as I had most of the pieces lying around.

Now I might as well admit to myself that after attending Yugioh locals for the past 3 weeks that I’m more or less back into competitive Yugioh.

Why tho?

Well I really love Force of Will EDH (60-card singleton) Epic Stories Format, but I have no desire to buy more into the game or play it remotely competitively.

I’m getting closer to a solid EDH deck though I’m still playing 5-color Planeswalkers, but with better power cards and tutors.


Anyways as for my early and ongoing affair with Kozmo…

Locals 1

Jank Kozmo Version 1

Main Deck


Extra Deck


Side Deck


So the first iteration of “jank” Kozmo I cut he Dog Fighters and Black Gardens to add in a bunch of traps. This deck on the upside had enough traps to hold back combo decks, BUT it bricked like crazy.

Round 1 Vs DDD

My opponent had a real DDD deck with Pot of Desires. I opened all my traps and literally hindered him until I drew Dark Destroyer. Nothing DDD had could play around Destroyer in hand to disrupt his play. Wave King Caesar however was a clean out to Kozmo ships. Somehow we go into time game 1 and I win off of Wind-up Zenmaines + Goodwitch while my opponent had 3 cards left in deck.

Win 1-0

Round 2 Vs DDD

I take game 1 using the same Dark Destroyer trick. Lose game 2 to an established board and then go into time again game 3. I win in time again. Only highlight was match was that my opponent baited my Cyber Dragon Infinity to force through his Pot of Desires.

Win 2-1

Round 3 Vs Blue Eyes

Game 1 I don’t remember what happened, but I lost. Game 2 I opened Soartrooper, Strawman x2 Town and Call of the Haunted. I mulliganed with Town into nothing and lost the next turn.

Loss 0-2

Round 4 Vs Nekroz

Took game one, got OTK’d game 2 and lost to Solemn Warning game 3 when I couldn’t get my hand empty to avoid Trishula.

Loss 1-2

Deck was a pile of traps without Demise essentially.

Locals 2

Far Worse Kozmo Version 2

Main Deck (Missing Card is Honest)


Extra Deck


Yeah I left a pile of my cards at home so I had to make a deck with cards I traded for/bought at the venue.

Round 1 Vs Blue Eyes

Somehow he bricked and took game 1. He crushes me game 2. We go into time game 3 and I take the game off Honest

Win 2-1

Round 2 Vs Unicore “Beast” Control

I take game 1 using the “fair and balanced” Dark Destroyer. I lose game 2 to Wind-Up Kitten plus Kaiju. I lose game 3 to the same combo after bricking.

Loss 1-2

Round 3 Vs Blue Eyes

I don’t remember what happened other than Cyber Dragon Infinity showed up and I didn’t last long.

Loss 0-2

This was a rough night due to misplaying a lot of my cards. It was a miracle I did as well as I did.


Arguably Acceptable Kozmo

Main Deck


Extra Deck


Side Deck


I know it looks so much more legitimate right? After 2 weeks of pain I forced myself to buy the Tincans, Dark Lady and Mojo (good deals IRL and on ebay for each).

Round 1 Vs Blue Eyes

He bricked and I got into Cyber Dragon Infinity off Sliprider + Panzer Dragon. Game 2 I opened my Ghost Ogre and D.D. Crow. I ghost ogre his Galaxy Soldier and D.D. Crow his Galaxy Soldier in grave. He makes Lancelot Knight of the Underworld. I force its negate using Instant Fusion then use Soartrooper to reanimate Dark Lady then I control the game from there.

Win 2-0

Round 2 Vs Demise Majespecters

Game 1 he has total control only risking the match up by making Cowboy (while I was at 200 life) I flipped a Torrential destroying my set Landwalker. I had to set said walker to play around Majespecter Tempest. Still I no longer have the life to do anything so eventually he gets back his board and takes it.

Game 2 I have the board control of Dark Lady + Dark Eclipser, later into Eclipser + Vanity’s. I ended up losing to Tin Can turning off my own Vanity’s. He makes Utopia the Lightning and I lose everything.

Loss 0-2

Round 3 Vs Blue Eyes

Game 1 I I lost to #95 Dark Matter + Vanity’s Emptiness staring down a defense mode Tin Can.

We both bricked game 2, but I mess up neglecting his Return of the Dragon Lords in grave wasting my Utopia the Lightning. He pops the Utopia and gamed me the next turn.

Loss 0-2


My results aren’t great, but with the power level of my deck I’m amazed to have won any games at all. I’m slowly learning how this deck works in the hopes of transitioning from a Kozmo player to an actually good Kozmo player. The deck isn’t as easy as it seems and while the decision trees aren’t that diverse it still hard to play correctly. I’m nowhere near good with this deck (and I have no desire to drop $60 on Card of Demise or even $30 on Allure of Darkness), but I’ll make due with what I have. It’s been a very painful, but engaging couple weeks of Yugioh.

Thanks for reading as usual.