Three Weeks of Learning Kozmo (Pain and Suffering)

After a long time of playing Nekroz, I retired my ritual spells to try playing something more meta. I chose Kozmo as I had most of the pieces lying around.

Now I might as well admit to myself that after attending Yugioh locals for the past 3 weeks that I’m more or less back into competitive Yugioh.

Why tho?

Well I really love Force of Will EDH (60-card singleton) Epic Stories Format, but I have no desire to buy more into the game or play it remotely competitively.

I’m getting closer to a solid EDH deck though I’m still playing 5-color Planeswalkers, but with better power cards and tutors.


Anyways as for my early and ongoing affair with Kozmo…

Locals 1

Jank Kozmo Version 1

Main Deck


Extra Deck


Side Deck


So the first iteration of “jank” Kozmo I cut he Dog Fighters and Black Gardens to add in a bunch of traps. This deck on the upside had enough traps to hold back combo decks, BUT it bricked like crazy.

Round 1 Vs DDD

My opponent had a real DDD deck with Pot of Desires. I opened all my traps and literally hindered him until I drew Dark Destroyer. Nothing DDD had could play around Destroyer in hand to disrupt his play. Wave King Caesar however was a clean out to Kozmo ships. Somehow we go into time game 1 and I win off of Wind-up Zenmaines + Goodwitch while my opponent had 3 cards left in deck.

Win 1-0

Round 2 Vs DDD

I take game 1 using the same Dark Destroyer trick. Lose game 2 to an established board and then go into time again game 3. I win in time again. Only highlight was match was that my opponent baited my Cyber Dragon Infinity to force through his Pot of Desires.

Win 2-1

Round 3 Vs Blue Eyes

Game 1 I don’t remember what happened, but I lost. Game 2 I opened Soartrooper, Strawman x2 Town and Call of the Haunted. I mulliganed with Town into nothing and lost the next turn.

Loss 0-2

Round 4 Vs Nekroz

Took game one, got OTK’d game 2 and lost to Solemn Warning game 3 when I couldn’t get my hand empty to avoid Trishula.

Loss 1-2

Deck was a pile of traps without Demise essentially.

Locals 2

Far Worse Kozmo Version 2

Main Deck (Missing Card is Honest)


Extra Deck


Yeah I left a pile of my cards at home so I had to make a deck with cards I traded for/bought at the venue.

Round 1 Vs Blue Eyes

Somehow he bricked and took game 1. He crushes me game 2. We go into time game 3 and I take the game off Honest

Win 2-1

Round 2 Vs Unicore “Beast” Control

I take game 1 using the “fair and balanced” Dark Destroyer. I lose game 2 to Wind-Up Kitten plus Kaiju. I lose game 3 to the same combo after bricking.

Loss 1-2

Round 3 Vs Blue Eyes

I don’t remember what happened other than Cyber Dragon Infinity showed up and I didn’t last long.

Loss 0-2

This was a rough night due to misplaying a lot of my cards. It was a miracle I did as well as I did.


Arguably Acceptable Kozmo

Main Deck


Extra Deck


Side Deck


I know it looks so much more legitimate right? After 2 weeks of pain I forced myself to buy the Tincans, Dark Lady and Mojo (good deals IRL and on ebay for each).

Round 1 Vs Blue Eyes

He bricked and I got into Cyber Dragon Infinity off Sliprider + Panzer Dragon. Game 2 I opened my Ghost Ogre and D.D. Crow. I ghost ogre his Galaxy Soldier and D.D. Crow his Galaxy Soldier in grave. He makes Lancelot Knight of the Underworld. I force its negate using Instant Fusion then use Soartrooper to reanimate Dark Lady then I control the game from there.

Win 2-0

Round 2 Vs Demise Majespecters

Game 1 he has total control only risking the match up by making Cowboy (while I was at 200 life) I flipped a Torrential destroying my set Landwalker. I had to set said walker to play around Majespecter Tempest. Still I no longer have the life to do anything so eventually he gets back his board and takes it.

Game 2 I have the board control of Dark Lady + Dark Eclipser, later into Eclipser + Vanity’s. I ended up losing to Tin Can turning off my own Vanity’s. He makes Utopia the Lightning and I lose everything.

Loss 0-2

Round 3 Vs Blue Eyes

Game 1 I I lost to #95 Dark Matter + Vanity’s Emptiness staring down a defense mode Tin Can.

We both bricked game 2, but I mess up neglecting his Return of the Dragon Lords in grave wasting my Utopia the Lightning. He pops the Utopia and gamed me the next turn.

Loss 0-2


My results aren’t great, but with the power level of my deck I’m amazed to have won any games at all. I’m slowly learning how this deck works in the hopes of transitioning from a Kozmo player to an actually good Kozmo player. The deck isn’t as easy as it seems and while the decision trees aren’t that diverse it still hard to play correctly. I’m nowhere near good with this deck (and I have no desire to drop $60 on Card of Demise or even $30 on Allure of Darkness), but I’ll make due with what I have. It’s been a very painful, but engaging couple weeks of Yugioh.

Thanks for reading as usual.


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