$35 Yugioh Star Pack Box? $8 Tin Goldfish? What could possibly go wrong?

I wish I could find a time to post about my card game exploits at some time other than 3-4 AM. Anyway, this blog post is about the last 2 Yugioh related things I did.


Here’s what happened:


Star Pack 2014: The Hunt for Goldfish

So a buddy of mine thought it would be a decent gamble to crack Star Pack 2014 in order to get Tin Goldfish and Photon Thrashers for new meta decks (Heroes and ABCs).


We got each on Amazon for $36. Tin Goldfish is $10 and Thrasher is $5. Could we break even or plus?

You already know the answer. You seldom plus, but you often break even.


Honestly, I loved opening this set. $36 for 50 three card packs? Packs filled with generic Xyz monsters? Sign me up! This box opening has fueled the extra of many jank format Yugioh decks.


Relevant Pulls


Due to Thunder End Dragon being $2 or adequately explained reason this wasn’t a terrible box value-wise. I already had Photon Thrashers from my jank decks so these are just extra for me to move online. Only getting 2 Goldfish hurts, but it was still a fair opening.



Yugioh Locals 10/21/16

Ties of Brethren Tellarknights  at the Yesterday’s Locals

So after buying into multiple Yugi’s Legendary Decks II and decided to try out Satellarknights updated with Ties of Brethren.

This deck is in a very initial stage so most of my choices (all of my choices) may not be optimal.


Yes I only have 2 Ties at the moment. I have the 3rd in the mail, but ran the deck with 2 last night.


There were a lot of flaws in this extra deck, but at the end of the day Triverr is all that really matters.


So I was planning to play Kozmo and test Tellar Ties afterward. After being goaded into playing this deck instead I hastily made this side deck using random stuff from my Kozmo deck. I sided Daigusto Emeral for longer games…

Moving on…


Round 1: Vs Yosenju Kaiju

This was a surprisingly unfair match up in my favor. The mix of traps and Altair effectively kept my opponent from getting off the ground at all. Game 2 I opened turn 1 ties and walled up behind multiple traps. It was scarily one-sided after I Nova-Alpha countered his first Yosenju.

Win 2-0


I got the bye round 2…


Round 3: Vs Chain Beat

So both of us were playing low monster count high trap count decks. As a result our game 1 was a 20 minute grindfest. Every creature got destroyed one after another. He had double Burden of the Mighty on board so my only path to victory was poking with weak monsters while keeping his guys off the board. I couldn’t go into Triverr due to my opponent setting up multiple Void Trap Holes off Myrmello and Duality.

The early game I bricked opening only my own Myrmello and double Stellarnova Alpha. My opponent played Prohibition on Stellarknight Altair (which I of course drew). I ended up using Call of the Haunted to reanimate Myrmello to destroy Prohibition. After getting out Altair I began the next leg of the battle. How do you kill Wind-Up Rabbit and Evilswarm Thunderbird when you play a deck of targeted and mass removal?

My answer was use trap to get said chain beat dude to attempt a tag out, then using Stellarnova Alpha to negate and destroy it. This incredibly resource intensive play downed 1 Rabbit and 1 Thunderbird before the end of Game 1. I won the match with 5 cards left in deck as a 700 attack Deneb launched the final direct attack.

Game 2 I forced through Triverr early on and took the game by defending him with a pile of traps. It wasn’t nearly as satisfying as the first match up though. That game was the most grindy Yugioh game I’d played in ages.

Win 2-0



I’m certain this deck isn’t actually competitive without Solemn Strike (which I have no intention of buying), but it’s also on par with my Kozmo deck so I’m not sure which to play if I either keep playing either with the new ABC deck coming out. Regardless, it was a nice change of pace and a fairly fun deck to play. Similar to when card of Demise came out, I’d argue that Ties of Brethren may offer a chance for Tellarknights to exist in this format as an acceptable rogue deck.

Thanks for reading as always.


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