Invasion: Vengeance Sneak Peek, What even happened here? Why was it so terrible?

To complete a day wherein I got 3 hours of late beforehand (on a cold museum floor) I must recall the events of the earlier Yugioh Sneak Peek.

I’m beyond tired so this is going to be short.




Results from the first 5 packs.


Pulls from all 10 packs.



No Toadally Awesome pulls here…



Yep even at 2 AM that wasn’t funny. I’m sorry.

One of my friends did open said Rank 2 Xyz alongside winning the raffled mat. This is when the store offered a win-a-box tournament, however he forgot his deck so he borrowed/augmented my Tellar Ties deck for the event on the spot.


The Likely Last Tellar Ties Deck Profile 




So like we built this deck on the spot using cards from my deck and our pulls.

Why didn’t I enter you ask?

Well I didn’t have Silver Gadget at that point so my ABC deck wasn’t complete (I now have said gadgets).

Anyway to make a long story short, my friend who plays Blue-Eyes team-killed my friend playing said aforementioned Tellar deck. He then went on to get rulesharked into game 1 loss round 2. I walked away at this point only to return to watch Toadally Awesome steal his Blue Eyes Spirit Dragon…

And so the story started cool, got less cool and thus ended in sadness.

Anyway, the ABC deck is almost done (bar the Pot of Desires I have no intention of being). I’ll likely discuss it after I get in more playtesting. As for the event it was not as fun as Shining Victories or Breakers of Shadow in that the common/low rarity archetypes don’t interest me at all (Chimecritters and Crystrons? Yeah no thanks). I’m somewhat excited to start building Predator Plants though the fact that they’re now called Predaplants has somewhat lessened my enthusiasm.

In conclusion too many meme-names this set.

Thanks for reading as usual.


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