Yugioh&Magic Target Loot (Great Pull)

Last weekend I ended up buying a lot of Yugioh and Magic cards. (Pls don’t realize how wrong the featured image is!)


I got this stuff at Target and Redcaps because somehow both Walmart and Target didn’t have Commander 2016 :/


The Notable Yugioh Pulls and Commander Stuff


I probably would not have been so hyped about this tin if I had not opened the format staple Solemn Strike. I got the magic starter deck because I dig the art for this Nissa. I ended up selling the packs that came with it. Also I’m going to try playing Atraxa, since red is the color I used the least in Progenitus.

My Roommate pulled the nice Masterpiece from his Kaladesh packs also.



A Thank You

Second thing I want to do in this post is thank a close friend who sold me collection after deciding to quit Yugioh. He’s been constantly selling high-end cards to me offering great deals ever since I met him and it’s meant a lot to me.




I wouldn’t have nearly as strong a collection without all his help. I wish him the best of luck in competitive Overwatch.

Thanks for reading as usual.

The Tragic Invasion of Vengeance (One of the Worst Yugioh Sets of 2016)

So to distract myself (and hopefully you too) from the impending potential end of America here’s some mindless drivel about Yugioh cards.

The Box, The Story and the Future…


So I’m about to make the questionable business decision of telling you all the reasons why not to buy the product I’m about to sell.

So I pre-ordered a box of INOV when Toadally Awesome and Dimensional Barrier were spoiled. However, after looking at the prices of the rest of the cards in the set I realized that this set has very little value outside of the those specific secret rares. I’d liken this to the Secrets of Eternity set in that:

  • It’s value was limited to a few secrets: Qliphort Monolith, Soul Transition, etc.
  • It primarily introduced non-meta archetype(s): ¬†Infernoids out of SECE were not a deck and neither are these Crystrons or Chemicritters (and worse yet neither are likely to become meta decks down the road)

Now to be fair, this set has one huge advantage over Secrets and that’s Dimensional Barrier.


This card is playable in literally any deck. It’s a viable sideboard card that can effortlessly win games against certain decks. Currently, this card is your best chance at profiting off your box.


I don’t like those odds so I’m selling my box. I’ll be the lowest listing on tcgplayer in a matter of minutes.

I bought all of the cards pictured from friends who cracked their own boxes. Most if not all of them are new pieces for my much beloved jank decks. I don’t regret this decision especially since I’m stuck in a rut in competitive Yugioh at the moment. Anyway that’s a post for another day.

Anyway, it’s time to hope that the country is still here when I wake up in a few hours.

Thanks for reading as usual.