Yugioh&Magic Target Loot (Great Pull)

Last weekend I ended up buying a lot of Yugioh and Magic cards. (Pls don’t realize how wrong the featured image is!)


I got this stuff at Target and Redcaps because somehow both Walmart and Target didn’t have Commander 2016 :/


The Notable Yugioh Pulls and Commander Stuff


I probably would not have been so hyped about this tin if I had not opened the format staple Solemn Strike. I got the magic starter deck because I dig the art for this Nissa. I ended up selling the packs that came with it. Also I’m going to try playing Atraxa, since red is the color I used the least in Progenitus.

My Roommate pulled the nice Masterpiece from his Kaladesh packs also.



A Thank You

Second thing I want to do in this post is thank a close friend who sold me collection after deciding to quit Yugioh. He’s been constantly selling high-end cards to me offering great deals ever since I met him and it’s meant a lot to me.




I wouldn’t have nearly as strong a collection without all his help. I wish him the best of luck in competitive Overwatch.

Thanks for reading as usual.


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