Why did Yugioh get so expensive again?

So like I couldn’t shake a desire to make a post about this topic. It’s clear that competitive Yugioh is never really cheap, but right now at this moment it feels more expensive that it’s ever been before in my history of playing the game. As you probably already know I regretfully got sucked back into competitive Yugioh after losing interest in Force of Will. The problem is that just as I got more into Yugioh (and built ABCs) the format became incredibly expensive. I can tell because the format before it was in comparison much cheaper at least in terms of the cost of your main deck. However, there are a couple of meta relevant cards making the current Yugioh format really pricey to play.


All of the Staples Have Changed

One friend who played a while back told me that Pot of Duality was a $60 secret rare on release. Pot of Desires is basically the power creep adapted version of this card and its price tag reflects it.


Now I’m going to get this out there right now. Pot of Desires is a great card and I would use it if I had it. However, whenever you play Desires you do risk banishing all 3 copies of your combo pieces and as a result risk losing because of it. Quick example of this is the final match of YCS Anaheim last weekend. The Palozoiac Frog player banished 3 copies of Dupe Frog after playing Pot of Desires, which hindered his plays. So for $85 you can play the game of going +1 at the risk of your combo. Also every meta deck plays at least 2 of this…


Mystical Space Typhoon has been power-crept now also. Twin Twisters has become the go to card for S/T destruction and somehow manages to be one of the only Super Rares to hold a price tag over $10.


Other than Twisters, Cosmic Cyclone also looks to be replacing MST as the 1000 lifepoint payment is usually negligible for the added bonus of banishing (what I initially wanted to be Kozmotown) pendulum scales.


Just you so remember always check ebay because you might save a bit…


In the current combo-centered fast paced format almost every trap card has been powercrept by Solemn Strike. Like it’s predecessors (Warning and Judgement) this stands out as one of the most powerful cards in the game allowing the only clean answer to the op as balls monsters that Konami keeps releasing. Unfortunately, Strike at its lowest post reprint was still $20 and now has only gone up in price.


I’m personally hesitant to complete a set of Strike since like its predecessors it’s likely to get limited soon enough.

Invasion: Regrets (Vengeance) brought one of the only traps to rival Strike in the form of Dimensional Barrier. Pretty much the power-crept Grisaille Prison, this card locks out one summoning mechanic and its monsters for one whole turn. This card hasn’t dropped below $50 since its release and alongside Toadally Awesome are the only cards of value in the whole set it comes from.



So like… what does it matter?

Well after playing Yugioh during Nekroz format, and again during Monarch-BA-Kozmo format, I can safely say this format is the most expensive I’ve played in. Also every card on this list is likely to get reprinted at some point (which will kill their absurd prices). You know by now that I’m randomly very cheap. I have no desire to drop $60 on a Yugioh card, a Magic card maybe, but even then it would have to be a rare land. All of these cards will be absurd and sought after, but just remember that all of these old format staples:

  • Mystical Space Typhoon
  • Pot of Duality
  • Soul Charge
  • Solemn Warning
  • Bottomless Trap Hole
  • Mirror Force
  • Fiendish Chain
  • Vanity’s Emptiness

Are all now cheap and easily accessible due to reprints.

Thanks for reading as usual.


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