OCG Ban List Reactions (I’m calling it now Terror Top to 1 in tcg)


I woke up after staying up until 5 AM playing Force of Will (and yes I’m just as surprised as you are) only to learn that the next ocg banlist has been spoiled/leaked/dropped. I’m ironically very tried despite having just woken up so let’s dive right into it.


Majespecter Kirin

*Takes a deep breath

Well here I go…

Majespecter Kirin is the most powerful single Pendulum monster in the game. It’s ability to return any pendulum monster on the field and 1 opposing monster prevents the defending player from making synchro or xyz plays (or it just bounces the extra monster on summon). Kirin is so strong many pendulum decks such as Metalfoes and Odd Eyes decks were running 3 Majespecter Bunbuku and 1 Kirin after its limitation. Kirin’s second build-in protect against destruction or targeting made it a nightmare for decks like Burning Abyss or almost any rogue deck to effectively set-up through. Evan kaijus, the usual go to answer to stun monsters in ygo was barely effective against Kirin since it could pendulum-summoned back on the following turn. Lastly as a personal gripe Kirin is impossible to summon in Pure Majespecters as their scales all max out at 5. All in all Kirin was a blot on the pendulum archetype that I’m overjoyed to see leave.



Rescue Cat with Errata:

By restricting its effect to once per turn, Rescue Cat can no longer be looped with Uniflora, the Mythical Beast (thus no longer being a 1-card anything). By also negating the effects of its summoned monsters now Rescue Cat is essentially just the small beast version of Rescue Rabbit. It will allow for many 1-card synchro and xyx plays, but cannot be abused further.

Speedroid Terrortop:

At last…

I wish I had written earlier, but there were 2 banlist predictions I was adamant about. Terrortop to 1 and Solemn Strike to 2. I’m a bit more certain about the former by this new info. So why is Terrortop a problem card? Well this card is a 1-card xyz that doesn’t consume your normal summon. It’s partner in crime Taketomborg technically gave you easy access to any virtually any wind syncho you wanted also. The issue is that Terrortop became splashable in literally every deck that either needed little monsters or rank 3 xyzs. Here are just a few I’ve seen:

  • Burning Abyss
  • Phantom Knights
  • Extra Deck Monarchs (Old I know)
  • Darklords
  • Infernoids
  • Madolches
  • Spyrals

Meanwhile Pure Speedroids were a rogue deck that I’ve seen top once since their release. Speedroid Terrortop more often than not was a free Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss. It pretty much carried the whole deck after Tourguide of the Underworld got hit to 1 over a year ago. My issue with Terrortop is not even it’s free card advantage. My problem is that Speedroids flavorwise are a synchro archetype judging from their boss monsters and in the anime they are piloted(ha) by a synchro duelist also. It’s always upset me that the primary use for Top has been xyz-summoning for that reason. Anyway, after over a year of being dubbed “Speedroid Auto-top” it’s finally the end of his reign of terror.

Goyo Guardian with Errata?:

No one cares. This card was powercrept by mirror force going to 3. No one is going to drop Goyo out of fun jank formats (which I do endorse remember). A 6 star with 2800 attack is very unfair, but the age in which it makes was many years ago. Oh and they nerfed it… good.

Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier:

I only know this card is essential for infinite loop combos. I can’t tell if putting it at one is correct or not. I assume this card should stay irrelevant for the good of the game though. For every player fairly bouncing their call of the haunted there will be ten looping some degenerate card from 5 years ago (admitted hyperbole).

Brionac Dragon with Errata:

It’s effect is once per turn and can only used on opposing cards. Well this shuts down bouncing your own cards for value which is one of the broken things about Brio. However, he still triggers Mermail effects, which is why I’m apprehensive to see him return. Will this make Water even stronger? I’m not an expert, but I’m leaning toward yes. That being said I’m glad they didn’t cripple him like most errata’d cards.

Toadally Awesome:

It’s better than Shooting Quasar Dragon and Cyber Dragon Infinity, it also recurs itself so limiting it…

Actually really matters because a board of double Toadally Awesome is very hard to out. I personally wanted Bahamut Shark hit, but I guess this is a start to weaken the mighty froge.

Fire Formation Tenki:

I know Zoodiac Beasts are tier 0 in ocg and that they are beast warriors. I also know that they have their own equivalent tenki so I’m confused why the generic beast warrior support took a hit. Similar to Rota, Tenki was always a problem in that it searched too many cards and gave a small attack boost. However, I’m sad for weaker decks like Lunalights, Gladiator Beasts, Yosenjus, and X-sabers (all of which I have triple tenki in, humble brag/sad face) that get weaker just to not really hurt the best deck.

Union Hangar:

ABCs were naturally forced out of the meta by Zoodiacs. I do know that this hit pretty much kills the deck. Without hangar you can’t assemble Dragon Buster faster enough to compete consistently. I would’ve rather seen Terraforming to 1, but I guess Konami wants field spells to stay relevant and easy to access. That being said most Abc decks (including my old one) played triple hangar and triple terraforming because it was vital to most 1-turn Buster combos. RIP Abcs someday I’ll buy you back as when your valueless and forgotten.

Brain Control with Errata:

You can only target monsters that can be normal summoned? Well you can’t take extra deck monsters which are a pretty important to most deck strategies so I guess this makes the card fair now. I’m pretty sure it’s also worthless now, but maybe I’m wrong.

Future Fusion with Errata:

Fusion materials will be sent to the graveyard on your following turn’s standby phase. I once got roasted in our facebook chat for joking about this card coming back. There are a long list of monsters you can dump off Future Fusion to get immediate and easy value and here’s literally what I can just think up on the spot:

  • Shaddoll Beast
  • Shaddoll Falco
  • White Stone of Ancients
  • Arkbrave Dragon
  • Mezuki
  • The Black Stone of Legend
  • Elemental Hero Shadow Mist
  • Infernoid Devyaty
  • Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss
  • Dark Magician?!
  • Cyber Dragon!
  • Blue Eyes White Dragon!!!
  • Jack’s, King’s and Queen’s Knight!

Ok I’m done.

Basically it gives your opponent ONE turn to stop the future fusion or you get a train of value that can’t be stopped. Sadly the game is so fast at this point that this errata may be enough to hold back the card…

Imperial Order with Errata:

So now you must pay the 700 life cost during both player’s turns and it’s no longer optional. This is still one of the most powerful trap cards in the game. If it resolves your opponent’s plays could be completely stunted. Now 700 every turn is not very much to pay, though the fact that you can’t turn it off manually may make this card ok. I’m very skeptical though since Anti-Spell Fragrance is already very powerful as generic spell hate.



Magician of Faith:

Too slow moving on.


Doesn’t matter to the tcg either moving on.

Oh that’s all of them….



Inzektor Dragonfly:

This is the one my friend who played this deck said was really good. I’m really bad with Inzektors, but I feel it’s worth testing.

Star Seraph Sovereignty:

Not applicable to the tcg, since it was never limited here.

Mathematician: Sadly Math man is pretty slow now. Just the fact that he consumes your normal summon is enough my book to say he’s balanced. Also the game is so fast that the draw 1 card effect is barely relevant.


I don’t know what to say. Mezuki is very broken. I’d be ok with it or Unizombie being limited lol. Both while able to be used fairly are really easy to abuse.

El Shaddoll Fusion:

I think everyone just wants Construct back lol. Just errata away one of her many effects and bring back the Shaddoll MVP!


And that’s the end of it. Thanks for reading as always.


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