January 2017 TCG Banlist Predictions

Well since technically the banlist could drop/be spoiled any day now, I better make my predictions now in the fevered hope of being right (and not regretting cards I got rid of)

Let’s try this slightly differently this time. I’m going to arrange this post like so:

  1. 5 Cards I want to see/believe should be limited
  2. 3 Cards that I actually think will get limited
  3. 5 Cards that I don’t think will be limited

This may get really confusing, but I’ll try to keep it making sense. Anyway, let’s get started.


Cards I think/believe should be limited/banned:

Speedroid Terrortop to 1

Speedroid “Auto-top” is currently one of the best monsters in the game and has been ever since its release last year in High Speed Riders. Giving access to any rank 3 xyz without consuming your normal summon is just too powerful as the rank 3 toolbox at this point rivals the rank 4 toolbox in utility and strength. Triple Terrortop and 1 Taketomborg has snuck into almost every meta deck for the last 2 formats (see my recent OCG banlist post). Furthermore with the impending tier 0 Zoodiac beast deck coming out terrortop is more dangerous than ever before. This card really needs a hit, which would correspond with its recent hit in OCG.

Elder Entity Norden Banned

You remember Toadally Awesome? That rank 2 that you often summon off Bahamut Shark’s effect. Well yeah it’s absurdly powerful and being added to literally any deck that can feasibly run it. Enter everyone’s favorite aforementioned fusion monster (that you never correctly fuse to make) Norden and you find a powerful enabler for Bahamut Shark. This card has always been polarizing for turning the ancient GX-eracard instant fusion into essentially monster reborn. Norden is currently offering the Bahamut into Toad combo to virtually any rank 4 deck with even 1 lv 4 water monster (namely Heroes). In addition, by banning Norden Konami also indirectly hits Mermail which has been seeing increased play due to Toadally. Norden is a disturbingly powerful card that’s essentially a free rank 4 xyz. He’s been a staple of the game for years now, and I think it’s finally time for him to go.

Solemn Strike to 2

Following the trajectory of Solemn Warning, I fully believe that Solemn Strike will go to 2 and then 1. The reasons are obvious. Solemn cards are very hard to play around and they always cost quite a bit of money which frustrate budget players. Strike like warning has been reprinted in a tin already, essentially sold Mega Tin 2016 by itself. Konami no longer has any reason to leave Strike at 3.

Majespecter Kirin Banned

This card is a nightmare to deal with. It can’t be destroyed by card effects or targeted and it bounces to hand when you try to kill it. It also disrupts your plays by bouncing one of your monsters in the process. Kirin even lets you reuse pendulum monsters with effects that trigger on summon (such as Bunbuku and Skullcrobat Joker). Furthermore, if you Kaiju or book of eclipse Kirin you risk it returning on the next turn to cause the same problem. Kirin needs to be hit, he’s the worst aspect pendulum mechanic to still exist in the game. I used to think Apex Avian was the most egregious example, but I was clearly wrong in that regard.

Anti-Spell Fragrance to 1

Now before you get mad let me explain. I like many Yugioh players don’t like the Pendulum summoning mechanic. Even in jank format whenever I try to make a weak pendulum deck it dominates the format and crushes any old deck with relative ease. Now that being said this card just locks out the whole pendulum mechanic. If you flip Anti-Spell on a pendulum player and they don’t kill it, they stop playing a real yugioh deck. Without pendulum summoning most pendulum decks are a horrid mish-mash of normal monsters that can’t do anything to generate card advantage. And even if the pendulum player draws into an out to anti-spell they’re forced to set it first. Now I think Anti-Spell in some capacity should exist as a check to Pendulum decks, but despite that no card that is so powerful should be at 3. We may dislike pendulum summoning, but it should still be allowed to function.


Cards that I actually think will get limited/banned:

Psy-Frame Lord Omega to 1

If you’ve ever played against Dark Synchro, then you know why this card should be hit. Not only will your opponent rip 3 cards from your opening hand, but they’ll also take about 15 minutes to do it. The actual Psy-Frame deck isn’t equipped to bring out multiple Omegas, at best they can bring out 2 Omegas by banishing the first and making a second one using circuit. It’s other decks like zombies and Dark Synchro that have made Omega into a problem card that warrants a hit already

Level Eater Banned

Yeah this is Dark Synchro’s fault too. Level Eater facilitates most of the decks combos and allows Dark Synchro to deck out the opponent if they use Maxx C. Level Eater has also been banned in OCG for awhile now which leads to me to believe that we’ll get it hit soon too.

Elder Entity Norden

For all the reasons stated above and especially due to how long Norden’s been banned in OCG I also think he will actually get hit on this upcoming list.


Cards that I don’t think will be limited:

Instant Fusion

Norden is banned in OCG and has been for months. Now while Konami TCG has confounded this logic logic before by limiting Beatrice, Lady of Eternal to 1 instead of Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss (which allowed BA to survive for another format) I don’t see them hitting Instant over Norden. Since Norden is already at 1, I don’t think putting Instant Fusion to 1 does anything except make the Norden play more sacky.

Brilliant Fusion

I’m certain someone somewhere wants this card limited or banned and I feel the need to explain to them why this card is fair. Now I do understand the sheer power of this card. It lets you put any light type monster into your graveyard, gives you an additional normal summon and gives you a lv 5 monster with potentially 2300 attack to boot. However to receive all of these benefits you have to play some of the worst cards ever (the effect-less Gem KinghtGarnet or the pitifully weak Gem Knight Lazuli). If you draw your gem knight monster(s), then your remaining brilliant fusions become dead. Conversely if you add a 2nd gem knight to avoid letting your Brilliant become dead, then you risk more potentially dead draws. Now in the hyper fast combo-obsessed format of modern ygo the risk of bricking is not enough to stunt the playability of this card. Brilliant variants will continue to see play and top events. However, the cards that will be hit are the archetypes abusing Brilliant, not the engine itself.

Pot of Desires

Ok so my issue with Pot of Desires is entirely based on its price. If this card were affordably I’d be very happy with its existence. Playing the banish 10, don’t take my combo pieces game seems pretty fun. It adds a level of uncertainty to Yugioh akin to other games like Pokemon (removing 6 cards from your deck as prize cards) and Naruto (losing cards from your deck as battle rewards). What I think needs to happen is for Desires to be reprinted in a tin as an automatic include like its spiritual successor Pot of Duality. After desires goes from being $80 to maybe $20 then maybe the card can limited and ultimately drop between $5-$10.

Bahamut Shark and Toadally Awesome

The reason I’m discussing these two at once is because both cards are currently format superstars and are very problematic. Bahamut Shark threatens to make multiple Toadally Awesomes if left alive (while having a huge 2600 attack) and the Toad steals the opponent’s cards when it negates the card (and then recycles either itself, E-Hero Bubbleman or any Mermail monster…). The reason I don’t see either getting hit though is that without Norden it’s unlikely that Bahamut Shark will be abused outside of Mermail. As for Toadally Awesome he’s just too new a card to warrant a hit. With the exception of PePe (the tier zero pendulum deck hit by the adjusted banlist 2 weeks after the release of BOSH) Konami seldom hits cards right after their release.

This same logic applies to other strong recently released cards such as:

  • Fullmetalfoes Alkahest
  • Union Hangar
  • Dimensional Barrier
  • Cosmic Cyclone

Speedroid Terrortop

Yeah that’s right, just because I think Terrortop should be hit, doesn’t mean I think it will be hit. I’m certain that Konami could care less about the absurd advantage Terrortop creates in Zoodiacs. As far as I see it, we’ll have to deal with full power Zoodiacs until late 2017 when Terrortop, much like his own spiritual successor Tourguide from the Underworld is put to 1 as an indirect hit to Zoodiacs.

Well that’s enough speculation for one day. If you agree with my arguments that’s great. If you disagree that’s even better. Tell me why in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter or what have you. I’ll make a separate post about cards that I think can come off the banlist later.

Thanks for reading as usual.


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