January 2017 TCG Banlist Predictions (Part 2)

After my last banlist post I was reminded that I forgot to discuss cards on the banlist that could come be freed. As a result here’s a part 2 where I only look at the Top 5 cards from each section of the list that can return right now.


Top 5 Banned Cards that can be unbanned: 

One card stands at the apex of cards that needs to return to the game as soon as possible. The one who defined what a searcher monster should be and the only hope for Masked Hero Divine Wind, the hero of heroes!

Elemental Hero Stratos!



Is never going to be legal again in the TCG…

You want to know why? Because someone at Konami North America finds all the Stratos memes funny. Stratos could’ve come back years ago, though right now is arguably the worst time for him to return. Heroes are once again a meta deck thanks to the unholy combo of Toadally Awesome and Bahamut Shark. The deck doesn’t even need Stratos anymore with his job essentially stolen by that upstart punk Shadow Mist.

Sorry all, but Stratos will never be free…


So after that cheerful sentiment the real top 5(s):

Apoqliphort Towers to 1:

There was large part of my ygo career when my most frequent opponent played Towers Turbo (A Qliphort variant based entirely on playing this eyesore of a card turn 1). I hated playing against it even with my then close to full power Nekroz deck due all the Nekroz monsters being too weak to run over Towers in battle. In hindsight tough, all I needed to beat towers was to main deck a couple of Kaiju monsters. In this era of ygo monsters that you play by tributing your opponent’s monsters are the hottest of sideboard techs. Everyone has a Gamaciel or a Kumungous lying around for floodgate monsters such as Toadally Awesome, Blue Eyes Spirit Dragon and Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon. If Towers came back, people would just tribute it for a Kaiju. Now do I want Towers back? Heck no! This card is incredibly frustrating to play against. However, despite this I’m certain there’s no reason for it to stay banned.

Sangan to 1:

Sangan has been released with its errata (disallowing the use of the card you search that turn) which as we can see from the OCG has somehow nerfed everyone’s favorite ugly furball into being downright unplayable. We will likely see Sangan go to 1 and then inevitably 3. Unfortunately, I can’t see him getting any play outside of maybe BA.

Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity to 3:

I don’t know much about the wind-up hand loop other than it requires 3 Zenmaitys and the card Wind-Up Hunter. I do worry that by un-banning Zenmaity, people might try and revive that deck. The thing is though, people are already playing Dark Synchro in order to rip 3 cards from their opponent’s opening hand using Skill-Frame Lord Omega. If freeing Zemaity actually leads to the return of the hand loop, then we can just ban Wind-Up Hunter the card that actually causes the discard effect. Zenmaity should never have been the one get the ban hammer, but hey that’s just me.

Super Rejuvenation to 3:

Without the Dragon Rulers, this card is effectively useless again. No deck bar Hieratics can even feasibly play this card. There is no reason for it to still be banned.

Gateway of the Six Samurai to 1

Now this card falls into my very small folder of cards that should never have been printed. This card is very clearly overpowered and allows for too much free advantage. Now that being said, it’s been at 2 in OCG for over a year now and Six Sams haven’t seen any play. I feel it’s worth a try to bring Gateway back at 1 and see if anything happens. Personally, no matter now much I fear Gateway’s power I fully believe that Six Sams have just been too powercrept to be relevant in the modern era of Yugioh.


Top 5 Limited cards that could go to 2 (or 3)

Mathematician to 2:

There was a time when a floater monster that comes with a free foolish burial was way too strong. However, time has not been kind to Math man. While he’s a great play starter and powerful card in general he’s just too outdated and there are better things you can do with your normal summon. I feel he could go back to 2 without the game being broken.

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole to 3:

This is a good card. It’s not a great card. It’s certainly not a broken card. If your opponent has 1 floodgate monster then I guess Grand Mole can ruin their day, but then again facing only one floodgate monster is a dream come true by itself. Grand Mole was “overpowered” back when the game was much slower than it is today. If you play Grand Mole and use it to bounce the opponent’s monster, unless you have some amazing follow-up plays you’re likely to be killed on the following turn (if your opponent is playing meta). I honestly can’t see any reality where Grand Mole at 3 hurts the game at all.

Book of Moon to 3:

Book of Moon is the most skillful neg 1 in the game. When used correctly it can disrupt almost any play and stymie even the best player’s turn. It’s a card that genuinely rewards technical play and would be very useful in the current format (to slow down xyz plays and such). Book would fall into my category of old staples that never got bad, but still no one plays them. Arguably Book of Moon has lost its place to its contemporary Book of Eclipse (which flips down all monsters instead of 1). Though I feel Book at 3 would be a healthy addition to the format.

El Shaddoll Fusion to 3:

Shaddolls aren’t doing anything and this card at 3 won’t change that. Nothing, bar the release of Construct could save Shaddolls now. Honestly I don’t see that happening anytime soon. El Shaddoll Fusion is powerful, but at this point it’s wasting space on the ban list.

Compulsory Evacuation Device to 2:

This is one of the best trap cards ever printed and yes I’d stand by that. Compulse answers virtually any threat, particularly punishing Extra deck monsters. However, despite this Compulse is not an unfair card. OCG has had Compulse at 3 and still it sees very little play. Similar to Book of Moon, I feel Compulse could come back to 2 or even 3 much to the improvement of the format…

Or maybe Paleozoics will become broken with it. I’m not sure, but I’m willing to risk it.


 Top 5 Semi-Limited cards that could go to 2 (or 3)

Thunder King Rai-Oh to 3:

Rai-oh at 2 did nothing. No stun decks are running rampant. No anti-meta decks are winning tournaments and certainly is no one crying over the easily the most overpowered 1900 beater in the game. Now to be fair I want all three of these things to happen so I’m incredibly biased on the matter. Rai-Oh falls into a different category of card than Gateway or Book of Moon. I’d describe Thunder King Thunder King as a card that hinders everything Konami wants a modern archetype to do. Similar to Macro Cosmos or Dimensional Fissure, Thunder King locks out some entire decks from functioning. When someone dropped a Thunder King on me while I was playing Nekroz I was effectively locked out of playing. That being said I think the amount of search power of modern Yugioh has reached the point that Thunder King at 3 would still be an inadequate check to it.

Debris Dragon to 3:

I’m just not sure if this card at 3 is more broken than it at 2. I also don’t think that this card does anything.

Chain Strike to 3:

Before you get mad at me, here’s my rationale. As long as Denko Sekka exists, Chain Burn will never be meta. Even if people tried to play Chain Burn, more people would respond by siding Denko .

Dragon Ravine to 3:

Dragunities were robbed of this card by the Dragon Rulers. Give them back their rightful power so they can consume their normal summon to have a consistent turn 1 Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon. Cause’ honestly that’s all that will happen if Ravine went to 3.

Ceasefire to 3:

Insert the same argument used for Chain Strike to 3, though arguably more so since your first monster can be Denko Sekka effectively making this card more useless than Chain Strike.


Whew and that’s the end of it.


Thanks for reading as usual.


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