Blue Green Would Never lead to 0-2 Drop! Aether Revolt Pre-Release (Can mythic rares soothe the pain of losing?)

Aether Revolt Pre-Release happened. I played in 2 events, the two-headed giant and then the singles. Let’s get right into it, because I’m starved for time, strength and ENERGY!



*Heads to bad joke jail


2-Headed Giant



I played Blue/Green Midrange and my partner played Red/White Vehicles. My partner’s notables were 2 copies of Sram’s Expertise, though the Untethered Express was the mvp.



Round 1: Vs Green/White Energy and Mono-Red Artifacts

The green/white player dropped Greenbelt Rampager turn 3, while her partner played Pia’s Revolution (and honestly not much else). Meanwhile, we developed the board with Sram’s Expertise along with my Ridgescale Tusker to boost my team. We were able to alpha them from 20 to 4 using the Train. From there the game was all but taken.

Win 1-0

Round 2: Vs Mono Blue Bombs and Red/Black Control

We rushed our opponents with early game aggression. We killed their 0/4 Consulate Skygate just to get in for more damage. Our biggest swing was an alpha strike that took them from 26 to 11. The bombs never came in time for them and we rushed them for game.

Win 1-0

Round 3: Blue/Green Midrange and Red/Black Control

That same couple that I’ve played against at least seven times now were once my opponents. We agreed to split and thus did not play this game seriously, which is good because they beat us using the 3/5 Flying Vehicle with lifelink. My only goal was for my partner to drop the Exquisite Archangel to reset our life to 30, but we didn’t get there.

Loss 0-1


We got these packs for our ranking. My partner opened the nice Masterpiece Obvilion Stone, and I walked home with Tezzeret, the Schemer and a foil Botanical Sanctum.

Singles Sealed


I tried Blue/Green again with Aetherflux Ancient and Planar Bridge to get it again. This deck was painfully slow and awkward leading me to the path of X-2 drop.



Round 1: Vs Green/Black

I take game 1 thanks to the Aethertouch Stomper. Game 2 I lose to the 6/6 wurm for 6. Game 3 I open 1 land and mulligan. I then open 0 lands and mulligan to 5 on the play…

I admitted at that point that there was no hope of winning.

Loss: 1-2

Round 2: Vs Green/Black Again

I take round 1 again, learning very quick that my opponent was inexperienced (by his being astounded by the power of Deadlock Trap). Game 2 we grind for almost 20 minutes until he managed to run out my energy and kill my Aetherflux Ancient. Game 3 he manages to kill me 20 seconds before time. At that point I shook his hand and promptly called it a day.


This was one of those Pre-Releases where I opened enough decent cards (overall) that I can’t complain about ultimately losing near the end. The games were fun, the people were nice and I had a good time in the end. You can only ask for so much.

Thanks for reading as usual.

One thought on “Blue Green Would Never lead to 0-2 Drop! Aether Revolt Pre-Release (Can mythic rares soothe the pain of losing?)

  1. As the shades increase in the middle periods of the match go through the size of one’s stack as well as the stack measurements of one’s adversaries as well as your cards
    before choosing who to tangle with.


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