What Happens When Your Yugioh Deck Refuses to Fail You (Infernoids Pre-Lawnmowing Next Door)

I got into the first Yugioh tournament of 2017 among my college group. I was exceedingly uncertain of myself. I was playing Infernoid without Omega or a real side deck. I was even more dismayed by the current D/D/D format that has just dropped in Yugioh where turn boards of Crystal Wing + D/D/D Cursed King Siegfried and #38 Hope Harbinger Titanic Galaxy become a real possibility. I respect that many D/D/D players have waited over a year anxiously to play this deck at full power though I just see it as a small intermediary period before Zoodiac takes over the format (though full D/D/D has a chance against Zoodiac I will admit).

Round 1: Vs Full Power D/D/D

Speaking of which, I was complaining like crazy over the lack of chance I had in this match-up. My opponent’s D/D/D deck was filled with all of the new cards alongside the unfortunate format staples of Desires and D-Barriers.

Game 1 he makes the board of Crystal Wing, but not anything else I can remember. I force out  Crystal Wing’s negate with Antra before using Decatron to become Seitsemas, run over D/D Savant Kepler and banish his Crystal Wing. From there Decatron banished his D/D Lamia during his turn and somehow avoid dying to his remaining attackers manly a Hope Harbringer. During my next turn I topdeck Void Imagination, but first use Decatron to become Harmadik. Decatron blew up his Hope Harbringer Titanic Galaxy, summoned Seitsemas from the graveyard and then used his remaining monster (I want to say Odd-Eyes Absolute Dragon) to fusion summon Infernoid Tierra. These three cards take out the rest of my opponent’s board. On the next turn he uses Pot of Desires, but surrenders after dropping to 3 cards in deck with no outs to the double banish from grave effect.

Game 2 he throws up the aforementioned stun board with Crytal Wing, and Hope Harbringer, but makes a misplay and cannot bring out Siegfried. I first use Book of Eclipse to force Hope Harbringer’s effect, then drop Harmadik to force Crytal Wing’s effect. After this I activate Void Imagination, but flips D-Barrier naming fusion. Having no resources left alongside being dead on board I surrender.

Game 3 I go first and mill as much as possible with Raiden, however all I manage to mill was exactly enough cards to use Fairytale Snow. He proceeds to start comboeing off to make an OTK board while I sat there trying to choose the right thing to flip face-down. When he finally made Odd-Eyes Absolute along with a Lamia I flip down the Lamia with Snow banishing all my other cards in the process. He kills Snow leaving me with nothing, while he has Hope Bringer, 2 D/D Savants and Absolute. I topdeck Reasoning mill a bunch of cards and then hit Decatron. Decatron becomes Seitsemas and I bring out another Seitsemas. Decatron attacks Kepler, but is met with Dark Contract of the witch (however it was on attack declaration so I tribute it to banish a card his graveyard. After that Seitsemas attacks a Savant and banishes his facedown Lamia. I then summon another Seitsemas from my graveyard. On his next turn for some reason I use Decatron to banish the slime he placed in the grave off Foolish Burial, which actually stunts his turn to the point that his passes.. After which I top deck another Decatron and use it to become Antra to bounce Odd-Eye’s Absolute Dragon. I then sacrfifce Setisemas to Monster Gate and mill cards until I hit another Decatron! Said Decatron becomes something I becomes Harmadik to destroy one of his blockers, before I summon Infernoid Devyaty and destoryed the rest of his board. On his next turn he uses Desires and draws into Lamia and Swirl Slime, but has no way to use them. And that’s how I beat Full Power D/D/D in round 1 of my locals…

Win 2-1

I had no belief that I could win this match. I was resigned to defeat from the beginning of game 1 and was even more prepared for it after banishing all my cards to Fairytale Snow. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that your deck can at times surprise you. One could easily make the argument (which I have legitimate counter to) that all I did was topdeck/mill well. I cannot deny this playing a deck like Infernoid, which is very mill dependent. The takeaway is if you believe in the heart of the cards…

If you trust in your deck sometimes it will do everything in its power to win for you.

I’m not sure if that sounds crazy, touching or creepy…

Let’s hope for the former.

Round 2 Vs Domain Monarchs

Game 1 my opponent bricks and I run through his easily with Monster Gate into Devyaty. Game 2 we get into grind game and forgot that even neutered Monarchs can grind like no other deck (bar maybe Burning Abyss). I managed to out his Vanity’s Fiend with Fairytale, but he ghost ogres it. I take a direct attack from Vanity’s before topdecking Decatron to out it. We go back and forth for a few more turns before I run out of resources and lose. Game 3 he bricks and I manage to establish a loaded graveyard. He drops Majesty’s Fiend, but it dies to Devyaty alongside a Decatron naming Pirmais. We go back and forth for a few turns (due to Devyyaty preventing me from summoning more Infernoids). Eventually I draw into Raiden and Solemn Warning. This allows me to finally push damage in through his set Squires and Prime, which had very few cards to banish. He finally normal summons a squire, I solemn it and he surrenders.

Win 2-1

Round 3: Vs Blue Eyes White Dragon

Game 1 I load my graveyard up turn 1 and he surrenders claiming his hand cannot play through that many cards. Game 2 he forces me to start again and wipes out my board with interrupted kaiju slumber and OTKs me. Game 3 I make him go first, but he uses Skill Drain combined with Maxx C. I fail to OTK him and on the next turn he OTKs me using the same combo.

Loss: 1-2

And that’s what happened.


To make a long story very short. Something something the Heart of the Cards. That’s what Dan Green told me in the Yugioh Duel Links phone game anyway. Download it, it’s really nostalgic.

Thanks for reading!

Also the real highlight of the whole night.



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