Why I Love and Hate Force of Will (The best and worst card game I’ve played)

In my earlier decks post I realized that I had been sucked back into the card game train-wreck that is Force of Will. I have this rant in my head over the game that I really want to get off my chest since after Yugioh and Magic it’s one of the games that I’ve both played and invested in the most (much to my own regret). In a nutshell here are my current feelings on FoW.

Ripping off Magic: Homage or Lack of Ideas?

I really like many aspects of Force of Will. It mixes up the time-tested rules of Magic the Gathering with the art style of Yugioh. The first issue I have though is the recurring unoriginal card design. Sure they have a few unique mechanics (like rolling a die to get +100/+100 counters), but for every unique card there’s at least 2 blatant Magic clones. The fact that Force of Will is un-ironically copying Magic became every clear to me when I saw this card from one of the recent sets.


Notice anything glaringly wrong in this picture? In case you can’t read the flavor text you can get a closer look here. If it’s not clear to you, let’s take a look at this Magic the Gathering card


So let’s look at this objectively. Not only does this Force of Will card have the same effect (admittedly power adjusted to its own game) and the exact mana cost as the older magic card, but it literally references the card’s name in its flavor text.

This can’t be accidental (though with FoW I can’t completely rule this out). Their card literally references the magic card that it’s blatantly ripping off. Part of me can see this as a quaint homage to Magic, honoring one of their most iconic burn spells with their own rendition of it. That’s the kind me thinking that. The more sinister me sees this as Force of Will making it clear that their design team has few original ideas and instead simply rehashes old Magic cards one at a time.

The mechanic of Torrent is just a weaker version of Storm. All of their basic abilities like Flying, Pierce and Swiftness are all lifted verbatim from old Magic keywords. Heck even the new mechanic they literally just announced is a  clear ripoff of Landfall.

Image may contain: text

Now with all that said I still really like playing Force of Will. After my buddy sold me the starter decks we played quite frequently. My roommate had dozens of decks sleeved up and we played with those for hours too. With the exception of playing against the Captain Hook Gwiber combo (which I could make a whole post on why Gwiber is the worst designed card in this game) I had fun even playing against the new meta decks. I think the game serves as a pleasant break from the turn 1 stun boards of Yugioh or the unforgiving turn 4 Emrakuls of Magic’s Standard.

The thing I absolutely hate about Force of Will though is the company that runs it. This company on more than one occasion has betrayed its players, fans and investors with glaring marketing and design failures that all could have been easily avoided. And now I’ll discuss some of those mistakes.

The Worst Printed Set Ever: Millennia of Ages 

The entire set of Millennia of Ages is worthless. Why does this matter? Well this was the set my roommate and I joked about for months. They released a 60 card set with no J-Rulers and nothing but story-inspired underpowered cards. The box was worth $40 for the majority of our playing the game. It’s value has not aged well either.


and the most valuable cards in the set were at their height $5…


MOA was the turning point in which FoW started to decline. I learned this from the Alpha Investments YouTube channel. His video leads me to believe that this was the set which started the downward spiral of the whole game (at least for investors).


Now this was just a mistake in set design. Force of Will had far more errors in card design that led to many awful formats.

Baha-Blast Format 

First of all, they released Leviathan, the Demon Sword in the Faris vs Melgis Starter deck while Bahamut the Dragon King was still in the format. This led to the creation of an aggro deck which on turn 1 FOR 0 MANA you could:

  1. Play 1 Demon Sword
  2. Discard another Demon Sword to produce 1 Red will
  3. Play a Rukh Egg (Value Creature)
  4. Sacrifice Rukh Egg to J-Activate into Bahamut (searching your deck for any red creature in the process)
  5. Swing for 1200 damage turn 1

And if you think that was bad, that was a SUB-OPTIMAL opening! You’re supposed to sacrifice the Egg to summon Cthugha a 500 attack creature with haste and then use the Egg to search a 2nd Cthuga. This allows you to deal an additional 1000 damage turn 1 by sacrificing 1 Cthugha for the other after attacking and then dropping Bahamut.

So ideally you were dealing 2200 damage on turn 1…

Yes, this was the perfect hand of Baha Blast. And yes this did not happen that often, but it did happen. I did this to people, alot of times in fact. It dominated a whole format before they made Blazer literally to counter Bahamut.

Blazer Format 

Blazer however, was a problem by himself. Why play any of the other Seven J-Rulers released in the set when you could be safe and play the one ruler whose only purpose was to kill other J-Rulers, while at the same time providing great color fixing? Simple answer people didn’t. Blazer was the dominant ruler after Bahamut and soon everyone was playing mirror matches wherein Blazer could never actually flip. Without the J-Ruler aspect of the game FoW is really just janky Magic and again in my opinion loses a lot of its appeal. Now obviously Blazer was not the only ruler to see play, but he was the dominant ruler merely for being the safest pick.

Reflect/Refrain Dominance 

However, Blazer format was a beautiful dream compared to living nightmare that was Reflect/Refrain. You might know already that I hate this card.. like alot. I think it ruined this game and it single-handedly made me quit the game all together. It power-crept every other J-Rule, dominated the meta and became a catalyst for the most brutal of aggro decks and the most degenerate of combo decks.

Now this is where Force of Will manages to make Konami look competent in comparison. Now I can fully see Konami printing a card(s) as bad as Reflect (See Zoodiac lol). There is a key difference between how both games handle their broken cards though. Both Konami and Force of Will don’t want to admit to having made a broken card (For a real example of this, see Magic apologizing for SkullClamp). However, Konami will eventually ban any card that dominates their game after some amount of time. Whereas Force of Will watched its community complain about Reflect for months before errating the darn thing. And even after the errata Reflect was still the best card in the game. It was at this point that people started to quit because one major appeal of the game (playing your favorite ruler) was almost impossible to do competitively.

So only after I quit, did FoW make the correct decision to ban Reflect. Then after the Fourth Alice cluster set they basically did an overhaul of the entire game. They altered the card designs (moving the attack/defense stats to the side), changed target attack to precision, and turned all the instants into sorcery chants with quickcast. Now I gotta be fair. The game is much better than before. There is a somewhat diverse meta and no one ruler dominates it. Though the newly released Lilias Petal which can summon creatures from your SIDE DECK/BOARD might change that soon enough…

I made this post because I’m very conflicted. I love playing Force of Will (sometimes more so than Magic and Yugioh). However, it’s hard to justify buying cards, or focusing on a card game run by a company this inept. Now to be fair with the exception of Lilias, the game seems healthy and alot better than before. Perhaps the game can recover its player base. Or more likely they’ll just make another terrible decision and destroy the game all over again. I would hope for the former, but I definitely expect the later.

Lack of a Modern Knockoff 

One last gripe I have about Force of Will is that they don’t care at all about their eternal formats. Like imagine if Wizards of the Coast made a banlist for Modern and then never spoke about it again. That’s essentially what Force of Will did. They created a format call Wanderer with its own banlist, but it has done nothing to protect the value of the Grimm block cards. All of the cards that are no longer legal in their standard are completely worthless (which to be fair is one reason why the Millenia of Ages stuff is so cheap). This is the greatest weakness of Force of Will. Modern provides a format for players that want to use their cards long after they rotate. By failing to have a similar format, Force of Will can only lose more and more players after each rotation. But hay that’s just my fevered delusion at 3 AM. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

I’m not sure why I wanted to do this now, but those are my feelings on Force of Will. I do still plan to play it and own the cards. I’ve bought many cards from the newest sets and made a couple of decks. Though I do always think in the back of my mind that this game is essentially like burning money to amuse myself watching the fire it makes. What can I say though. Sometimes that fire is pretty to look at.


Thanks for reading as usual.


What Yugioh decks can compete against Zoodiacs?

Before I go any further I need to make a confession. I hate tier 0 formats (and this applies to every card games). I don’t like it when one deck is noticeable better and receives more representation than all other decks. I will admit that 1-deck formats can lead to very skill-based mirror matches, but at the cost of many players feeling locked out of the game (as the tier 0 deck is likely not budget). For that reason I have disdain for the upcoming Zoodiac (Zodiac Beast) archetype that is coming out in the US in February.


Zoodiac Briefly Explained


Bear witness to sadly the most powerful monster printed in years. If you don’t know at this point (which really makes me question what brought you here) Zoodiacs employ 1-card xyz monsters that gain effects based on their materials. Basically they use this guy to facilitate their combos by summoning more of itself from the deck, which you use to make more 1-card xzy monsters. I can’t explain it perfectly, but if look on Youtube the gameplay videos are there.


The Zoodiac Engine is splashable in virtually every deck and has dominated the ocg meta since its release a few months ago. You can see the effect of Zoodiac on this site here.

Basically this deck is overpowered and is poised to destroy our fragile tcg format (and get our beloved Speedroid Terrortop limited). It’s gotten so bad that some stores in Japan are banning the use of the deck in their tournaments (credit to this blog for that news). So bar  another adjusted banlist hopefully killing this deck on release, how can we beat Zoodiacs here in the TCG? I’ll separate this into decks that can beat Zoodiac going first and decks that can beat Zoodiac going second. This is going to be a quick ramble of my thoughts and this list is by no means perfect. Also please assume that every deck I mention has opened optimally going first or second.

Let’s get started.


Decks that can beat Zoodiac going First 


The turn 1 board of Darklaw, Bahamut Shark and Toadally Awesome can prevent Zoodiac from going off unless they have the specific out (generally a Kaiju+Raigeki). Without the graveyard both Zoodiac Tigress/Malmorat stop working, which greatly hinders their plays.

Domain Monarchs

Now it’s true that this deck has been hounded by the banlist. Monarchs are now, more than ever before a pile of bricks. The thing is though, if you actually summon a Monarch with Domain up and they don’t have an out for it, they will lose. No xyz monsters means no plays. This has a similar effect on most other meta decks too. Btw I’m not saying you should play Domain, but I am saying is you could do alot worse.



If you have a turn 1 ABC Dragon Buster backed by a Solemn/Dimensional Barrier/Vanity’s you can beat Zoodiac easily.

Barrier Statue Stun/Darklord Nurse Burn

To be fair this deck could beat virtually any meta deck going first with the drawback that it’s arguably the worst deck in the game at going second. The tiny Barrier Statues can’t out an established board without a lucky mirror force activation. Darklord Nurse Burn suffers from the same problem. It can auto-win going first, but if you go second you will probably just lose (because they can pop/negate your Nurse and suddenly your deck doesn’t work).


If you get out your turn 1 board of D/D/D King Siegfried and Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon you can likely beat Zoodiac. Additional props if you have a relevant trap to back them up also.

Any deck that can run the Artifact Engine and manage to open Sanctum each game

If you can drop Artifact Scythe on Zoodiac before they have a board, they are effectively stunned. Scythe is a perfect way to prevent the deck from going off and pressure their life total. Of course not every deck can jam in the artifact engine nor consistently open it going first. However, if you can add artifacts they are great at countering Zoodiac if they don’t have an established board.


Decks that can beat Zoodiac going Second


Never underestimate the ability of Water to break literally board. With a good hand and a skilled player Mermail has one of the highest ceilings in the game.

Infernoids with Lawn mowing Next Door

The raw power of Infernoids to break boards is absurd (Ununcu by itself by cracks the Zoodiac board though it will also die to Drancia in the process). The addition of Lawn Mowing/The Grass is Tastier gives the deck what it lost when Reasoning was hit: The ability to put multiple Infernoids in the graveyard using 1 card. Infernoids with a full graveyard can break any board by simply forcing every negate/pop effect the opponent has.

Yosenju Kaiju

Interrupted Kaiju Slumber is a solid out to the turn 1 Zoodiac board. For this reason Zoodiac Kaiju was (and still it) a popular variant of the deck. Yosenju Kaiju with its access to multiple boardwipe effects has some play against Zoodiac for that reason.

In fact now that I think about…

Any deck that can run Kaiju Slumber alongside Dark Hole and Raigeki

The one good thing about Zoodiac is that its boards  generally do not float. If you wipe their board they are actually set back in terms of resources. Furthermore, unlike the OCG we have Raigeki which is a great way to destroy their board. Again I’m not saying any deck can run some boardwipes and have a chance against Zoodiac. What I am saying is that by running Kaijus and boardwipes you have a slightly better chance.




This is not a complete guide to beating Zoodiac. Unfortunately, if the OCG has taught us anything it’s that the best way to beat Zoodiac is to play another variant of Zoodiac (since Malmorat by itself enables most of the deck’s plays). This will be the dominant deck and despite the admitted “you’ll win if you do next approach of this post” the sheer volume of Zoodiac players will still choke out the people playing rogue. There is still hope though! Like Konami making Zoodiacs low rarity so everyone can play tier 0 without breaking the bank!

Or far more likely Malmorat will be a secret rare and cost $60, Drancia will be an Ultra Rare costing $20-30 and the rest of the deck being $1 rares or commons. Add to that Pot of Desires and Dimensional Barriers and you have one of the most expensive Yugioh decks since full power PePe. Well just in case the former happens I have an MX Saber Invoker ready…

Thanks for reading as usual.

Credit to the following sites and blogs:

  • Yugioh Wikia
  • Road of the King
  • Kensir096.blogspot
  • Youtube

How to build 25 Yugioh decks in one year

Happy New Years Everyone

As we enter the new year I wanted to reflect on the decks I built over the course of the year.

2016 was a good year for deck creation. There have been a lot of decks/archetypes that can be made for very little money. So in hopes to make this post not a self-congratulatory slap on the back for every deck mentioned I will:

  • Tell you how much it cost to build at the time/Most Expensive Card
  • What sets the cards came in
  • How strong the deck is/Is it fun to play

So with that in mind, let’s get started.



Apologies for the potato quality photo.

Abyss Actors:

  • Cost: $10 (Abyss Actor Wild Hope $1)
  • Set: Destiny Soldiers
  • Competitive/Fun?: Abyss Actors are a decent splash in Metalfoes. They have a powerful spell that destroys your opponent’s face-up cards that cannot be responded to. I liked the deck for its goofy artwork. As far as pendulum decks go it’s not terrible, is overshadowed by more consistent decks.


  • Cost:$15 (Lunalight Panther Dancer $3)
  • Set: Shining Victories
  • Competitive/Fun?: Lunalights have potential as a splash engine in the upcoming Zoodiac deck. As it stands the deck is just a cheesy OTK deck that uses an Apoqliphort Towers style boss monster (that attacks twice). Of course I just got them for the artwork. Don’t judge me pls…


  • Cost: $10 (Starving Fusion Dragon $11)
  • Set: Invasion: Vengeance
  • Competitive/Fun?: This deck is not even remotely finished. There are like 10+ other Predaplants and fusion monsters that will hopefully come out in Fusion Enforcers.


  • Cost: $30 (Kozmojo $11)
  • Set: Premium Gold (Mostly)
  • Competitive/Fun?: Kozmo has been powercreeped. It’s kind of crazy, but I’d stand by that. Still it’s a really fun deck and I’d recommend it if you have the cash for it. This is likely the cheapest that the cards will ever be.

Zushin Turbo

  • Cost: $6.75 (Stumbling $2)
  • Set: Dragons of Legend 3
  • Competitive/Fun?: Ignoring that 1st word, if you want to stall in a maddened attempt to summon another Apoqliphort Towers knockoff that by no means ends the game then this is the deck for you. It’s really bad, like really really bad, but I get to play Bunilla and that alone makes it enjoyable. Though my strongest memory is the time my Zushin got negated by my opponent’s “Do a Barrel Roll”.


  • Cost: $4 (Dinomist Charge $0.25)
  • Set: Breakers of Shadow
  • Competitive/Fun?: Dinomists are perfectly acceptable as a pendulum deck. With the right build you can drop Toadally Awesome or Cyber Dragon Infinity. Sadly this deck has been pretty much forgotten.

Chumley Huffington’s Koala Deck

  • Cost: $5 (Master of Oz $2)
  • Set: Soul of the Duelist
  • Competitive/Fun?: Hahhaha. As far as being fun, who could be more fun to play as than Chumley? I haven’t a clue. I mean Master of Oz has 4200 attack! That kills almost every boss monster in the game. Much respect.

Pure Paleos (Without Toad)

  • Cost: $10 (Barrier Statue of Torrents $3)
  • Set: The Dark Illusion/Invasion: Vengeance
  • Competitive/Fun?: This deck would be meta if I actually added Toadally Awesome and the frog package. Paleos are a really good deck that is very fun to play. Thy managed to make an all-trap deck viable in 2016. Color me impressed.

Full Power Dragon Rulers, but Big Eye and Dracossack are replaced by #7 Lucky Straight

  • Cost: $0
  • Set: Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy
  • Competitive/Fun?: This deck is banned. I only built it because I had the cards lying on my floor. If you want to relive the 2013 format though this is the deck for you. It also costs alot less than Spellbooks!

Digital Bugs

  • Cost: $3 (#20 Giga-Brilliant $1)
  • Set: Shining Victories
  • Competitive/Fun?: Digital Bugs are one of the most fair and balanced decks printed in years. This deck couldn’t been printed as XYZ monsters first were released… and it still would’ve been too weak. I like it for that reason. These bugs are what I wish more xyz decks were like. Not generic, hard to abuse, and decently flavorful.


  • Cost: $20 (Satellar Knight Deneb $5)
  • Set: Duelist Alliance/New Challengers/Invasion: Vengeance
  • Competitive/Fun?: Tellarknights with Ties of Brethren (which this deck is) could be viable if you’re really lucky. With the new xyz, you can make Triverr turn 1 which is honestly pretty good. You could do a lot worse as far as decks go.

Fleur Synchrons:

  • Cost: $30 (Tag Force 5)
  • Set: Yugioh Tag Force 5
  • Competitive/Fun?: Pffttt. This deck is just a bad homage to that one girl from Yugioh 5Ds, that managed to draw with Yusei and then never be relevant again.

Tech Genius

  • Cost: $20 (T.G. Hyper Librarian $3)
  • Set: Extreme Victory
  • Competitive/Fun?: Powercreeped as hell. This deck used to be a pretty good though. It took a game off my full power Nekroz deck too. It’s pretty cool all things considered.

Flower Cardians

  • Cost: $10 (Flower Cardian Pine $0.95)
  • Set: Dragons of Legend 3/Invasion: Vengeance
  • Competitive/Fun?: This deck could be competitive. This could be the most powerful archetype ever created since almost every card reads draw 1 card. HOWEVER, the problem with these cards is that Cardians don’t make any sense. Half of them can’t be normal summoned. All of them pretty much fail if you fail to draw another Cardian. So as a result you have to play almost a monster mash deck which conflicts with the Cardian spells that stack your deck to actually enable your draws. So as a result you get the one of the most brick prone decks ever created. Also the cards are all a wall of text so unless you actually figure out, which is which your turn will take 10 minutes if if you whiff on your draws.


  • Cost: $8 (Vanadis of the Nordic Ascendant $3)
  • Set: Legendary Collection 5Ds
  • Competitive/Fun?: This deck will never be remotely competitive bar some broken legacy support that cheats Odin onto the field and makes his protection effect work on both player’s turn (and then he’d still get Kaiju’d). This deck is not that fun, without a lot of work. I just threw all the cards with Nordic in their name and my most basic play was either the standard Nordic Valkryie into Odin play or set a Noric play Nordic Lights pass. Not that much fun, but still nice in terms of artwork.


  • Cost: $30 (3 Structure Decks)
  • Set: Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck
  • Competitive/Fun?: If the heart of brick is on your side, Domain Monarchs can still win games to this day. What happened is I built full power monarchs, played it for 2 weeks and got sick of it. Then by the end of the year I reacquired all of the cards from the structure 2 twice. For that reason I keep it around.

St. Joan+Fire Princess Deck

  • Cost: $5 (Fire Princess $1)
  • Set: Legendary Collection Yugi’s World
  • Competitive/Fun?: What is competitive? This deck is an homage to the old combo of Fire Princess with Marie the Fal- I mean Darklord Marie to burn the opponent for 500 every turn. It plays all the old stun cards and honestly should not fight against any modern yugioh deck.

Nurse Burn

  • Cost: $15 (Gift Card $5)
  • Set: Destiny Soldiers
  • Competitive/Fun?: So Nurse Reficule the Fall- I mean Darklord Reficule used to be a $20 video game promo. However, with the release of Destiny Soldiers, she got her named changed to Darklord, which makes her searchable! Basically this deck is play Nurse, set some combination of Gift Cards/Tri and Guesses, then kill your opponent in their standby phase by burning them for 9000 damage. It’s not fair, and it’s not actually that bad either. The only thing holding back this deck is that it’s powerless going 2nd.

Full Power Rescue Cat, but the Synchros are All Unicorns

  • Cost: $10 (Lightning Tricorn Ultimate Rare $2)
  • Set: Duelist Revolution
  • Competitive/Fun?: This deck is also banned 🙂 I think I watched too many cross-banlist duels on Youtube and thus made banned decks with the hope of having my own cross-banlist duels.

2 Gate Guardian Decks

  • Cost: $17 (Gate Guardian $6.50)
  • Set: Metal Raiders
  • Competitive/Fun?: I’ve played this against more meta yugioh decks that I should have. Labyrinth Wall has not aged well, but using Sacred Sword to banish a gate guardian part to draw 2 makes me happy.


You thought we were done?

Gladiator Beasts:

  • Cost: $12 (Gladiator Beast Laquari $2)
  • Set: Gladiator’s Assault
  • Competitive/Fun?: War Chariot is a good card. Games where you have it are fun. Otherwise this is another deck that has aged to being unplayable. Luckily, the anime showed new support so maybe it will actually get legacy support someday.


  • Cost: $5 (Cubic Fusion Guy $0.75)
  • Set: Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack
  • Competitive/Fun?: I… haven’t actually played this deck… ever. I read the cards, sleeved up the deck, put it in the corner of my room and promptly forgot about it. The reason being the deck seemed very awful since every card read: “have the cubic seed or I can’t be played”. The boss monsters were absurd tossing around 3000 burn damage for free, but the little ones bummed me out to much to play it.


  • Cost: $8 (B.E.S. Covered Core $1)
  • Set: Rise of Destiny
  • Competitive/Fun?: So I built these because I like the artwork. Apparently they released a field spell that makes all the B.E.S. ships into Kozmo ships. This means that some day my dream of B.E.S. vs Kozmo may someday come true.

Toons (Without Kingdom)

  • Cost: $8 (Comic Hand $1.50)
  • Set: Dragons of Legend 3
  • Competitive/Fun?: If Toon Kindgom ever gets reprinted this deck would be a lot better. Still if you actually Comic Hand your opponent’s dude it can lead to some quick laughs. My favorite so far has been Toon #77 The Seven Sins.

Evil Heroes:

  • Cost: $15 (Dark Fusion $3)
  • Set: Jaden Yuki Duelist Pack 3
  • Competitive/Fun?: This was made for nostalgia. It’s arguably the worst variant of Heroes to exist (unless you count Neo Spacians). The fusions have no major payoff and you have to run the vanilla OG E-Heroes. However, the jankness of that is what makes the deck fun to play.

Force of Will?

What the heck are you doing here?! Oh yeah I got sucked back into you against my better judgement after a buddy offered me 2 of the recent starters decks at a major discount. As virtually all of the cards in this game aren’t worth any money I threw some decks together. That being said since I don’t know much about the game anymore so I’ll just give a quick overview.

Valentina 3.0 Blue+Black Control

Overview: They fused Pricia and Valentina together. That’s all I needed to hear to want this card and as a result want to build this deck. It plays like the Esper Dragon deck of Khans standard which I really liked (though all I did that format was play Mono-Red). Basically to put it in a Magic perspective Valentina 3.0 makes all Darkness spells lower a creature’s toughness equal to the CMC of the spell you cast. This makes Space Anamoly (already the most powerful kill spell in this game imo) become eons better. Pretty much you kill your opponent’s dudes until you can drop a Dragon in the form of Pricia herself or a Leviathan, Lord of the Sea to kill the opponent. It loses to J/Ruler decks, but other than that it’s been alot of fun.

Lunya the Liar Girl Red-White Aggro

Overview: I tweaked the red starter deck to make this. It’s not awful, but I don’t think it’s strong enough to combat the meta (or at least what I’ve seen). The one plus is that you can abuse Demonflame with Lunya’s innate ping ability to kill any enemy creature (Lunya deals 100 damage to a resonator whenever you attack/Demonflame destroys any resonator dealt damage the turn it’s cast).

Mono Black Dark Alice Shadows:

Overview: I am constantly impressed by how well this deck does. Dark Faria is really good card and this deck swarms really well. It’s far better than most tribal decks in my experience and I honestly think it could be a decent deck if I actually modified the ratios and cut the janky cards.

Valentina 1.0 Control

Overview: So one of my problems with FoW is that it cares about its legacy format even less than Magic does. All they did was ban my favorite J-Ruler and then proceed to never think of it again. Anyway, this deck is all of the original terrible Valentina support alongside my 2 favorite rotated cards: Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant and Sign to the Future. It’s not a good deck, but it gives me good memories.

Blue/Green Valentina 2.0 (Are you seeing a theme here yet?)

Overview: This deck is all of the flavor Valentina cards that do very little to help her core strategy. On the plus side though if you actually flip her she has the regalia to abuse all of the god arts thanks to Rewriting Laws (the only reason I bothered to splash Green btw) so that’s pretty fun.


Magic the Gathering

Basically over the course of 2016 I tried every one of these cards as an Commander/EDH general (technically Tariel was on January 1st, but I see it as close enough). For some reason I’m never satisfied when I play Commander so I keep switching generals and decks. Of all of these I would say Atraxa and Tasigur where the best (no surprises there).


Card Games I never actually play

I don’t really know what to say. I’m surprisingly ok with buying cards, sleeving them up and then never actually using them. That being said I’d lying if I said I like playing Weiss Schwarz or Cardfight Vanguard (especially in comparison to Ygo, MTG or Fow). These are pretty much for collecting purposes if anything.

And that’s it. I hope some aspect of this was useful to you… like at all. It should at least let you see just how cheap it can be to build a yugioh deck. Other than that I hope it was at least a tolerable post. Basically the main takeaway is to pick up the cheap archetypes that come in every set, that no one cares about and thus cost next to nothing. Repeat this and at the same time pick up every deck core you can.

Thanks for reading as usual.