When Zoodiac Finally Dies (Yugioh in the Promise Land) OCG April 1st Banlist Reaction

In hindsight, what if this banlist was all an elaborate joke to fool Yugioh players? I mean an April 1st banlist, that’s just inviting trolling. Anyway, let’s react and stuff:

You can view the list here (though I’ll list all the changes below anyway)

Oh before we get started remember that the OCG is almost 2 formats and multiple packs ahead of us. We won’t see a banlist like this until likely the Winter of this year.



The Tyrant Neptune (Unlimited to Forbidden): This card was being used in an FTK combo with Lyrical Luscina Independent Nightingale. Konami hates FTKs (especially burn FTKs). It’s easy to see why this card got banned.

Zoodiac Drident (Unlimited to Forbidden): The first hit to tilt all viewers is the banning of the Zoodiac boss monster. This has killed the deck’s top end threat. Without Drident, the deck can no longer effectively react on the opponent’s turn.

Zoodiac Barrage (Unlimited to Forbidden): So this was the card I think deserved to get hit. Zoodiac Barrage essentially gave you access to 6 copies of Ratpier. Since that little bugger is a 1-card combo to swarm the board this needed to be stopped. Furthermore, virtually all of the Zoo variants abused Barrage’s destruction effect in a manner not originally intended (one would hope). Barrage also allowed you to keep going after your normal summon or first special summon was disrupted. All in all it was the most infuriating in the Zoodiac deck, which I fully support being banned.


Witch of the Black Forest (Forbidden to Limited, Text Change): We don’t know what the errata is, but it’s likely the exact same as Sangan. That much beloved furball is at 3 in OCG and no one plays him. We can assume Witch will share the same fate.

Zoodiac Ratpier (Unlimited to Limited): Now this was unfair. Without Ratpier, Zoodiac goes from being a consistent, powerful deck to a bizarre entourage of fringe use trash monsters. I mean Throughblade and Whiptail are good, but they don’t come close to what Ratpier does. Now to be fair, I think limiting Ratpier was completely reasonable. It’s just that its limitation alongside banning Barrage/Drident is just incredible overkill.

Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow (Unlimited to Limited): It’s been a long time since a Blackwing graced the banlist. After watching a few link summoning combo videos online I can safely say that Gofu is more broken than ever perform. Thank goodness they limited it.

Interrupted Kaiju Slumber (Unlimited to Limited): From a card design standpoint Kaiju Slumber is absurd. It takes the one of the best cards in the game (Dark Hole) and essentially adds get a 3300 attacker. The fact that you have to summon a weaker Kaiju to your opponent’s field generally doesn’t matter since you just theoretically wiped their board. To play devil’s advocate for a minute, like with Brilliant Fusion Kaiju slumber forces you to play multiple non-synergistic cards. If you open multiple Kaiju, even if you summon both to the field the kaiju slumbers in your deck become dead. However, even with that Kaiju are a polarizing subject in Yugioh. Many (like myself) believe they’re a godsend preventing unbreakable boards, while others think they’re ruining the game. Anyway, Kaiju Slumber is still dumb and it’s being banned is reasonable.


Elemental HERO Stratos (Limited to Semi-Limited): We’ll never have Stratos free. If you think he will be, you’re lying to yourself.

Armageddon Knight (Limited to Semi-Limited): It’s a good card. It’s a combo piece. I’m sure there are ways to break it, but Dark Synchro is probably dead in Link format (I’d assume).

Fairy Tail – Snow (Unlimited to Semi-Limited): This card is broken. With this card limited, it pretty much nerfs Lawnmowing/Lightsworn decks. Snow is very powerful as it provides both disruption and a body. Try killing your opponent through a Fairy Tale Snow… try even making a board through a Fairy Tale Snow. Good hit Konami.

Goyo Guardian (Limited to Semi-Limited): Who cares… Literally who cares…

Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer (Limited to Semi-Limited): This card is powerful, but Pendulums are dead now so it doesn’t matter.

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (Limited to Semi-Limited): It’s a good day to get back this iconic card with an errata that doesn’t make it unplayable.

Fire Formation – Tenki (Limited to Semi-Limited): It’s ok, killing Zoodiac had to come  with killing Yosenju, Fire Fist and literally all other Beast-Warrior decks.

Brain Control (Limited to Semi-Limited): With the errata, it’s unplayable.


Artifact Moralltach (Semi-Limited to Unlimited): Bring back this mans in TCG, he’s no longer broken. Artifacts are literally just him, Scythe and maybe Lancia. I don’t even think it’ll see play at 3.

Magician of Faith (Semi-Limited to Unlimited): We all love her, we’ll all never play her. Nuff said.

D/D Lamia (Semi-Limited to Unlimited): I guess D/D/D had to be freed? I don’t think this matters, but I guess it’s here.


And that’s the list. I feel bad for Zoodiac. The deck is totally dead after being tier 1 for months. Like Dragon Rulers, Nekroz and Burning Abyss it’s going to fade into Yugioh history.

Zoo Prison smol

Thanks for reading as usual.


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