Yugioh April 1st 2017 TCG Banlist Reaction: Is Zoodiac PePe 2.0?

Tfw you try to get your guest writers to do this post for you, but then they’re all busy so you gotta do it yourself.

Anyway, the TCG FINALLY after almost a 6 months got its new banlist. Heads rolled, money was lost, people cried and once again we were forced to bow before the tyrant Komeny.

As you’ve likely already seen and heard opinions about it, let me add my own thoughts to the discussion table:


Majespecter Unicorn – Kirin: And so ends the rain of terror of the one of the best Pendulum monsters ever printed. To be fair, I think Kirin had passed his prime. He used to be a key card in Magician decks, but of late Kirin has only seen play in Metalfoes decks. Despite his lack of current play Kirin was stil a powerful card, that

  • Stunts most removal
  • Lets you reuse pendulum monster effects after bouncing them (See SkullCrobatJoker)
  • Disrupts the opponent
  • Is terrible in its own archetype…
  • Can be Pendulum-summoned back if Kaiju’d
  • Protects itself innately…


You know what…

Screw this card, good riddance. RIP Bunbuku though

The Tyrant Neptune: This card is part of an FTK combo with the Lyrical Luscina fusion monster. It’s interesting that the TCG preemptively banned it, but it’s not that surprising given how much Konami hates FTKs.

Vanity’s Emptiness: Best thing to ever happen. This card has stolen games, caused salt and been relevant for way too long. It’s generally the last piece to any unbreakable board (because don’t let the memes fool you, almost nobody actually plays Ra Sphere Mode). I am very glad to see it go.


Maxx “C”: Whelp I will say that this is a reasonable hit. Maxx C in this day and age has become one of the most powerful cards to open with. If you have an established board plus Maxx C your opponent basically has 2 options:

  • Kill you through Maxx “C”/Take the Maxx “C” Challenge (which seldom works)
  • Pass their turn and die

I will miss this card. There was a time when Maxx “C” was a counter to unfair special summon spam decks, but now its just another card to provide an unfair card advantage while preventing plays. That being said limiting Maxx “C” to 1, just makes it infinitely sackier if you actually open it. I could see it getting banned some day.

Rescue Cat*: Rescue Cat has been errata’d to be once per turn and to negate the effects of the monsters that it summons. This still reads essentially as a 1-card xyz or synchro (as there are a billion beasts that it can summon at this point). Whether or not that’s broken still remains a question.

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier*: Brionac is now once per turn. Once again if this is broken or not I don’t know.

Brain Control*: Brain Control with its errata to only take monsters that can be normal summoned is terrible. It won’t see any play and will likely go to 3 in no time.

Future Fusion*: This card can mill all of the Infernoids in the user’s deck to the graveyard..

It’s been errata’d to not send until the following turn, but its ceiling is still too high. It will be banned again eventually (I think so at least).

Imperial Order*: Oh boy no more spell cards. Sure you have to pay the 700 life on both standby phases and you can’t turn it off manually, but it’s still an overpowered effect. I see it being re-banned or at the least getting Anti-Spell Fragrance limited to curb spell hate down the road. Actually maybe that’s wishful thinking since once pendulums dies, anti-spell dies with them. Speaking of Pendulums…



Wisdom-Eye Magician: Thank goodness they’re giving Pendulums support before nerfing them to death in Link Format. This won’t do anything except maybe help sell the last pendulum set they’re releasing. I doubt that will happen though.

Zoodiac Ratpier:


Really? This quick?

So you basically can’t build the best deck in yugioh anymore huh? This isn’t as bad as the adjusted ban list, BUT let’s see here.

Perhaps no deck in Yugioh can remain tier 1 (or 0). That being said it’s pretty clear that no deck can be tier 0 for very long these days.

Interrupted Kaiju Slumber:

  • Conceptually one of the strongest cards ever printed (Dark Hole that summons a 3300 beater and can search more Kaiju)
  • Surprising that we would get this hit so soon (It was just hit in OCG)
  • Reasonable since everyone is more or less siding Kaijus to combat established boards.



Sangan*: Errata makes it unplayable. I guess it can finally search Tour Guide again though (long live the power couple)


So all in all, I have but one thing to say about this list…


Norden confirmed as the new Dante

Dodges the ban list yet again…

Thanks for reading as always.


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