Elder Entity Norden has finally been BANNED! (Yugioh June 12th Banlist Reaction)

Apparently, the only force capable of getting me to post is the ban hammer.


The only thing that really matters 


I have been calling for a ban of Elder Entity Norden for years. It would take Zoodiac variants winning all 32 spots of YCS Pittsburgh last weekend to finally seal the coffin of this blight on the game though. Fusion Substitute broke Norden in Zoodiac by letting them recycle his use (which invalidated limiting him to 1 copy per deck). Norden has been the key piece in degenerate combos since his printing. This is one of the best ban lists in ages just for this one hit. I am biased I admit. I’ve personally thought Norden deserved a ban so much that I never bought another copy after selling it with my ABC deck.



Speedroid Terrortop

Terrortop is one of the best one-card combo starters in the game. A lone terrortop leads to more plays than any one card should, especially without using your turn’s normal summon. This darn toy while loved by all, deserves to finally be shelved.

That Grass Looks Greener

When grass actually resolves, it generates enough card advantage to win games by itself. I like that Grass made playing more than 40 cards a viable option, but the blowout potential of this card is just too great. It engendered a brief period where people played 60 card decks just to make their opponent’s copies of grass dead. No one card should affect deck design this much. Limiting grass to 1 per deck is yet another good hit.



  • Performapal Skull Crobat Joker
  • Wisdom-Eye Magician
  • Pendulum Call

All of these are just Konami letting full-power pendulum decks be a thing before the rule changes of Link Format kills the mechanic. I’m certain that devoted Pendulum Magician fans are happy that they get one last hurrah with their deck though.

And that’s it. I think these hits were great. I generally hope that they beat back Zoodiac. The deck feels like the new Burning Abyss. Limiting Ratpier to 2 did nothing to stop the deck. Zoo also just seems better than everything else that the game has to offer. Anyway, that’s enough of my bias/salt.


Where you belong old man!

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