Yugioh Philadelphia Regional, 5/5/18 Tournament Report, True Draco Deck Profile, The Last Hurrah of True Draco???

I went to the Philadelphia Regional today and finished x-2 after 9 rounds playing True Draco. Right off the bat this regional report is not going to be as amazing as my last two, BUT this was a good regional over all.

In my opinion…

Sort of…

Anyway I’m gonna also turbo through this because I’m very tired.

Deck Profile:

True Draco… just like the last two times…


Put simply this build was incorrect…

In my fear over the prevalence of Altergeist and Pendulum FTK I forgot to focus on the mirror match and normal Pendulum Magicians. I do think however this build was close to perfect and I only bricked (Opened an unplayable hand) 4 games all day. The big difference in my build were the 3 copies of Typhoon in the main deck. Literally my nod to the Pendulum FTK deck…

Which I didn’t play against all day…



Round 1: Vs The Weather Painters 

I did not know what any of my opponent’s cards did, but as I learned what they did I kept  getting more and more frustrated that I didn’t completely obliterate this guy. He seemed very casual and new so my natural nice guy mode took over and I almost punted the game twice . Rest in Peace the Amano I discard to Twin Twister when I couldn’t pop his backrow due to The Weather Painter Aurora…

Still beat him though…

Win 2-0


Round 2: Vs True Draco (Mirror Match)

My opponent and I played the same list except he ran Cosmics over Typhoons. Those gave him game 1 rather easily. Game 2 I almost punted again when I got too excited over seeing I had game and I forgot to search Ignis before attacking…

The devil’s luck gave me game 2 despite that misplay, but Game 3 he beat me with Zaphion the Timelord…

Loss 1-2


Round 3: Vs Trickstars

Game 1 beat him handily. Game 2 I somehow stabilize with Master Peace at 400 life. He doesn’t find Lilybell in time and we squeaked out an undeserved win.

Win 2-0

Round 4: Vs ABC Knightmare

Game 1 he opens all hand traps, but I manage to land Ignis to beat him. Game I cherries his Dragon Buster forcing him to just end on Saryuya/Dweller. I play through both over the course of 2 turns and beat him.

Win 2-0


Round 5 Vs Zefra

Game 1 I win (thanks vague understanding of Zefra). Game 2 I actually synchro summon Scarlight to out his board, but I could not finish him. Regrettably I misplay during in hisensuing 8 minute turn and he runs over my suddenly 0 atk Scarlight due to Utopia Beyond with the 1900 atk Zefra. Game 3 I had Anti-spell though so it was pretty free.

Win 2-1


Round 6 Vs BA Dinos

My opponent didn’t play a Dinosaur card until roughly turn 30 of our 20 minute game 1. I ended with 5 cards in deck as I combated the good old Cir Dante loop until I finally found Amano. Game 2 I popped his Overtex easily with Apocalypse effect in game and he just couldn’t recover.

Win 2-0


Round 7: Vs Trickstars Again

Somehow I once again stablize against Trickstar at 400 life and steal the win game 1. Game 2 I brick with Triple Card of Demise and get beaten down by scapegoat into link monsters. Game 3 we grind back and forth, but I take it. This guy proved to me that Trickstar can destroy Draco thanks to well-timed Heavy Storm Dusters, Droll&Lock Birds and Scapegoats.

Win 2-1


Round 8: Vs Pendulum Magicians 

I opened Typhoon. Heritage, Triple Amano game 1…

In hindsight I wasted too much time trying to figure out what to Typhoon when I realistically couldn’t play out of that hand. Game 2 I punt the game lose my Spell/Trap Master Peace to Mystical Beast Jackal’s negation…

Loss 0-2


Round 9: Vs Mekk Knight Invoked

Game 1 open Master Peace, double Maiden, he ogres my Diagram. Then I draw card of Demise for on the following turn…

Game I make yet another punt and side to go second, but choose to go first. Luckily the single copy of Imperial Iron Wall I sided him prevented him from actually doing anything. Game 3 I side in every single floodgate and grind him out slowly.

Win 2-1


Final Thoughts: 

My friend and I dropped at this point to avoid having to fill out invite paperwork again. After which I went home tired, bitter and weirdly apathetic.

Like I went in wanting to get top 8, but I left likely around 40th. That being said my technical play was awful and I made way too many mistakes today. On the plus side though. I played a different deck allmost each round of this regional. I consider that an example of a good format. Despite the problems of Pendulum FTK and Draco, the format is somehow diverse and the games of Yugioh are sometimes back and forth. Lowkey I just need to learn to chill out. Almost all of my problems today came from getting overly worked up.

Anyhow, thanks for reading as always.

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